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Bell Geospace Spreads Wings With New Basler BT-67 Aircraft

We have exciting news this week as Bell Geospace has invested in a new aircraft. This aircraft is the Basler BT-67 produced by Basler Turbo Conversions. This utility aircraft provides a long-range fuel tank that allows for the aircraft range to reach 2140 nautical miles. Bell Geospace has purchased this new utility aircraft in order to expand its worldwide and technical capacity. Bell states that “The Basler BT-67 has proven to be an efficient and reliable platform for conducting our FTG surveys, and has yielded some of our most successful surveys to date. This is already a very promising purchase and an intelligent investment from Bell Geospace that will hopefully launch more of their ideas and innovative efforts in the aerospace world.

One of the Bell aircraft parts that makes this investment so valuable is the FTG instrument, also known as the Tensor Gravity Gradiometer. On top of this, the aircraft has magnetic sensors. With these improvements on the Basler BT-67, they will be able to “acquire FTG data in a range of often challenging conditions due to the stability and endurance of this fixed wing platform.” Whether this plane is overland or offshore, this function will still persist. This will allow for a much faster return time for Bell Geospace to gather data and deliver the data to their customers. The time will be reduced and will allow for a much more effective system for Bell.

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