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Airbus Introduces ACJ350 XWB with Easyfit Outfitting

Airbus is introducing a brand new corporate-jet version of their popular A350 XWB airliner outfitted with their Easyfit provisions for cabins. This new aircraft will further expand Airbus’ corporate jet family by offering an aircraft that can deliver even more comfort, capacity and capabilities. Christened the ACJ350 XWB, the aircraft features 270 m2/2,910 ft2 of cabin space in the -900 version with the ultra-long variant able to fly up to 25 passengers at 10,800 nm/20,000 km or 22 hours thus making it the most modern and capable corporate jet offered on the market. XWB stands for Extra Wide-body and the ACJ350 delivers Extra of everything. Extra comfort coupled with innovative technology, efficiency and the added bonus of being extra easy to outfit.

The issue with wide-bodied aircraft lies in the fact that creating cabins that meet the demanding certification rules are challenging and especially so when they are installed with fuselage made of carbon fiber. To remedy this Airbus has decided to pre-equip the carbonfibre fuselage for the ACJ350 with hundreds of attachment points to greatly simplify the work of cabin-outfitters all the while working hand in hand extensively with cabin outfitters to ensure a smooth and seamless completion of the cabins. John Leahy believes that one of Airbus’ greatest strengths is the ability to offer modern and efficient aircraft that are able to cater to and adapt to the ever-growing and ever-changing needs of its customers.

Easyfit is just another example in a long list of options that Airbus has offered to the public in order to acclimatize to the demands. Beyond the standard creature comforts, the ACJ350 also offers enhanced protection of fly-by-wire controls, extensive use of weight and maintenance-saving materials and time and cost-saving centralized maintenance. Additionally, the ACJ350 XWB delivers a standard on-board navigation system (OANS) similar to a GPS along with runway overrun prevention system (ROPS) which is a tool to aid pilots in preventing runway excursions that often occur in challenging weather. Airbus has already begun delivering A350-900 back in December of 2014 and with the A350-1000 currently in development with an expected airline service date of 2017, Airbus has already won over 800 orders from more than 40 different customers worldwide.

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