NSN Manufacturer Hug Electronics Corp

Hug Electronics Corp NSN Parts Catalog

CAGE Code: 07595

ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has an extensive inventory of over 2 billion new and obsolete parts applicable with the aerospace and defense industries. Within our inventory are 1N735A, 1N3030A, 1N2982A, TX1N987, 1N4414B from Hug Electronics Corp.

We are dedicated to sourcing the best product and ensure all our parts such as Semiconductor Device Diode, Semiconductor Device Diode, Semiconductor Device Diode, Semiconductor Device Diode, Semiconductor Device Diode come with the correct certs. We provide competitive quotes calculated by our expert team. We take every step to ensure the validity and certifications of all our parts. With an inventory of NSNs like 5961008785266, 5961009672048, 5961004006270, 5961007672346, 5961010963192 and a supply chain that covers the U.S, Canada, and the U.K, we are confident that we can streamline and simplify your parts purchasing.

1N735A 5961-00-878-5266 RFQ
1N3030A 5961-00-967-2048 RFQ
1N2982A 5961-00-400-6270 RFQ
TX1N987 5961-00-767-2346 RFQ
1N4414B 5961-01-096-3192 RFQ
10A200B2 5961-00-087-6963 RFQ
TX1N2984RB 5961-00-432-8975 RFQ
AZ13 5961-00-817-8124 RFQ
1N4750A 5961-00-850-0563 RFQ
1N4756A 5961-00-788-9888 RFQ
AS3189 5961-00-421-6258 RFQ
1N2817B 5961-00-470-9239 RFQ
1N2984B 5961-00-689-9088 RFQ
JAN1N968B 5961-00-261-6390 RFQ
1N3688B 5961-00-912-6446 RFQ
1N2818A 5961-00-057-6041 RFQ
2N3233 5961-00-837-6443 RFQ
TX1N982B 5961-00-181-0664 RFQ
1N4746A 5961-00-948-5977 RFQ
1N3016A 5961-00-990-9870 RFQ
1N4733 5961-00-110-7841 RFQ
1N3038A 5961-00-062-0173 RFQ
1N1736A 5961-00-681-8035 RFQ
1N4737A 5961-00-225-9616 RFQ
1N3682 5961-00-901-2863 RFQ
1N2828B 5961-00-058-9449 RFQ
1N2836B 5961-00-652-8722 RFQ
1N1320 5961-00-577-6086 RFQ
TX1N3001B 5961-00-517-6337 RFQ
1N1804A 5961-00-682-9013 RFQ
2N3232 5961-00-954-9337 RFQ
2N4347 5961-00-102-0367 RFQ
TX1N3014B 5961-00-493-5229 RFQ
1N3685 5961-00-728-5309 RFQ
1N1322A 5961-00-833-6383 RFQ
0N037A 5961-00-642-8706 RFQ
2N3237 5961-00-840-7951 RFQ
1N4731A 5961-00-018-9193 RFQ
1N3830A 5961-00-898-0504 RFQ
1N4752A 5961-00-083-3302 RFQ
1N3017B 5961-00-499-7247 RFQ
1N3015B 5961-00-156-0566 RFQ
1N1741A 5961-00-754-7310 RFQ
2N3441 5961-00-902-9414 RFQ
1N959A 5961-00-400-1992 RFQ
1N2833B 5961-00-899-5568 RFQ
TX1N979B 5961-00-761-7214 RFQ
TX1N984B 5961-00-415-5993 RFQ
1N1368A 5961-00-752-0183 RFQ
1N745 5961-00-067-6684 RFQ
AV8065 5961-00-081-3867 RFQ
1N3032B 5961-00-852-5170 RFQ
1N4738A 5961-00-989-9522 RFQ