NSN Manufacturer Holmes Carl E Co

Holmes Carl E Co NSN Parts Catalog

CAGE Code: 00891,2R185

ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has an extensive inventory of over 2 billion new and obsolete parts applicable with the aerospace and defense industries. Within our inventory are CH003, M332D8TN1, B4H10PP, S3W10X2PLE, SA25XX4EC1A from Holmes Carl E Co.

We are dedicated to sourcing the best product and ensure all our parts such as Rectifier Metallic, Rectifiermetallic, Rectifier Metallic, Absorber Overvoltage, Rectifier Metallic come with the correct certs. We provide competitive quotes calculated by our expert team. We take every step to ensure the validity and certifications of all our parts. With an inventory of NSNs like 6130000701397, 6130008597870, 6130006132312, 5920007381131, 6130009692730 and a supply chain that covers the U.S, Canada, and the U.K, we are confident that we can streamline and simplify your parts purchasing.

CH003 6130-00-070-1397 RFQ
M332D8TN1 6130-00-859-7870 RFQ
B4H10PP 6130-00-613-2312 RFQ
S3W10X2PLE 5920-00-738-1131 RFQ
SA25XX4EC1A 6130-00-969-2730 RFQ
E36-Z2TN1 6130-00-836-4779 RFQ
S332H8TN3 6130-00-553-7417 RFQ
SA25XX3ECIA 6130-00-099-6528 RFQ
SE25HX4EC1A 6130-00-111-3301 RFQ
C45455 6130-00-572-5760 RFQ
R331B6TB1 6130-00-071-8048 RFQ
A332B1TB1 6130-00-654-3287 RFQ
A452B4TB1 6130-00-795-4792 RFQ
S3Y30PL 6130-00-860-3420 RFQ
CH004 6130-00-635-7432 RFQ
K402D5TB1 6130-00-992-8424 RFQ
K332H15TB1 6130-00-778-6386 RFQ
M5D5-1 6130-00-725-1569 RFQ
D25XX5PP 5920-00-409-3631 RFQ
K262B2TN1 6130-00-836-4780 RFQ
SD-1658 6130-00-756-3889 RFQ
M362D3TB1 6130-00-798-5510 RFQ
M45H13TB1 6130-00-702-7713 RFQ
A33B2FN1 6130-00-545-8975 RFQ
A332D8TB1 6130-00-647-2310 RFQ
M332D4TB2 6130-00-647-2319 RFQ
C331B4FB1 6130-00-410-0910 RFQ
G4X4PPE 5920-00-738-1128 RFQ
SD1692 6130-00-500-3078 RFQ
SD2744 6130-00-654-3285 RFQ
E362D5TB1 6130-00-635-5078 RFQ
SD3818 6130-00-539-8330 RFQ
362D7TN1 6130-00-118-8062 RFQ
5S332H7QN5 6130-01-129-0937 RFQ
C362B4TN1 6130-00-080-7666 RFQ
SA25XX6ECIA 6130-00-055-3330 RFQ
SE25HX8EC1A 6130-01-014-8677 RFQ
CH010 6130-00-287-1972 RFQ
C36D8TN1 6130-00-836-0115 RFQ
A262Z5TN1 6130-00-635-3403 RFQ
E362Z1TB1 6130-00-647-2298 RFQ
CH001 6130-00-314-3975 RFQ
SD-3593 6130-00-635-3475 RFQ
SD3808 6130-00-333-5625 RFQ
B43868 6130-00-725-1569 RFQ
SD1058 6130-00-780-2938 RFQ
K36-B7TN1 6130-00-583-9473 RFQ
82994 6130-00-756-3889 RFQ
SD2709 6130-00-118-8062 RFQ
K362D7TN1 6130-00-118-8062 RFQ
J261B1TB1 6130-01-044-9440 RFQ
W262D2TB3 6130-00-797-7588 RFQ
55-41A 6130-00-702-7713 RFQ
4M85SR60Z1-1C 5961-01-313-5514 RFQ
C4H30PP 6130-00-583-3848 RFQ
K362Y7TB1 6130-00-774-9320 RFQ