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CAGE Code 19647 - Online NSN Parts Sourcing

CAGE Code 19647 is assigned to Caddock Electronics Inc and includes the parts MP312-13K-1PCT, MK132-43R2, MM215-4703G, TF020R-1002-TC10PPM, MG721-69.8K-PCT listed below. At ASAP Distribution, we have over 6 billion new and obsolete parts within our inventory including the parts within the CAGE Code. All our parts are of the highest quality and only come from top manufacturers such as Caddock Electronics Inc.

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 19647

Part Number's List for CAGE Code 19647

MP312-13K-1PCT 5905-01-139-5320 RFQ
MK132-43R2 5905-01-097-4628 RFQ
MM215-4703G 5905-01-069-9419 RFQ
TF020R-1002-TC10PPM 5905-01-310-3078 RFQ
MG721-69.8K-PCT 5905-01-506-4889 RFQ
MK132-7501F 5905-01-105-4883 RFQ
MK132-2200-2PCT 5905-01-105-8830 RFQ
MK132-47R5F 5905-01-105-6234 RFQ
8502 5905-01-212-6660 RFQ
MK132-27R0F 5905-01-176-1616 RFQ
2830632-D-2001 5905-01-251-3900 RFQ
MS245-115KILOHMS 5905-01-294-7555 RFQ
MG721 5905-00-831-8598 RFQ
MG745N417K1PCT 5905-01-393-8664 RFQ
MK132-1201F 5905-01-280-9126 RFQ
MS244N1.96MEGOHMSPORM1PCT 5905-01-259-9755 RFQ
TG950-100M 5905-01-369-0140 RFQ
MM215-1472G 5905-00-269-3367 RFQ
MG650-887K1PCT 5905-01-411-0306 RFQ
MG785-999MEGOHMSPORM-1PCT 5905-01-006-8071 RFQ
MS260-98001F 5905-01-341-9437 RFQ
ML124-22100P0RM0 5905-01-154-4598 RFQ
MK132-39R2F 5905-01-214-3066 RFQ
MS220N1131 5905-01-258-8195 RFQ
MG710-2005D 5905-00-006-7387 RFQ
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