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Paladin – IT Hardware Parts Catalog

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Part No Description RFQ
4938 paladin tools 4938 ultimate telco technician tool kit RFQ
9731 paladin rg59 compression bnc connectors, 50 pack RFQ
901378 paladin dataready pro kit (901378) RFQ
901081 paladin coaxready deluxe kit, with cutter, crimper, dies, coax check tester RFQ
PA1903 paladin 6-way rj11 modular adapter RFQ
902577 NA RFQ
901014 paladin cutter, pvc (864) RFQ
1115P wire stripper/cutter RFQ
3560 paladin propunch 110 - 5 pair RFQ
PA1256 paladin coaxial stripper - lc cst 8 11 213 RFQ
PA9512G plug cord RFQ
4575 paladin surepunch krone lsa punchdown tool, cut-only blade RFQ
1828.1 paladin cable tie gun RFQ
9611 paladin sealtite pro cat5 ""f"" waterproof connectors, rg6 cable, 20-pack RFQ
3574 paladin surepunch pdt with bix cut-only (scissors type) blade RFQ
4574 paladin tools 4574 sure punch pdt blade bix style RFQ
PA9546 paladin twisted pair modular connectors, rj45, we ss, 8p8c cat5 round cable, solid, 10-pack RFQ
4572 paladin surepunch 110 reversible blade RFQ
70057 paladin 30-20 awg wire stripper RFQ
PA2061 paladin rj-45 we ss die for crimpall 1300 series and 8000 series crimpers RFQ
PA4924 tool kit ultimate fiber (includes bag) RFQ
4932 paladin ultimate technician tool kit RFQ
1780 NA RFQ
PA70007 paladin datashark network tool kit RFQ
1317 paladin cct 58-59 crimp tool RFQ
3579 paladin surepunch pdt with both 110 & 66 reversible cut & punch blades RFQ
4935 paladin tools 4929 ultimate data/voice pro 2.kit RFQ
PA1645 tool RFQ
PA4573 paladin surepunch 66 reversible blade RFQ
3596 paladin surepunch pro punchdown tool with 110 reversible blade (cut and punch punch only) and light RFQ
PA1112 paladin am12 utp stp data cable stripper cutter RFQ
PA1545 paladin utc 86 we crimper RFQ
4801 paladin crimpall data pack RFQ
3561 paladin propunch 110 - 4 pair RFQ
PA1388 paladin rj-45 crimper RFQ
1116 paladin tools 1116 data surestrip RFQ
9614 paladin sealtite pro cat5 ""f"" waterproof connectors, rg6 cable, 100-pack RFQ
1576 paladin data link id and cable-check RFQ
901039 paladin premise service kit (901039) RFQ
PA901053 paladin dataready kit RFQ
901066 paladin lan pronavigator network cable testing kit RFQ
8045 paladin crimpall rj-45 and cat5 ""f"" crimper RFQ
32-600200 paladin m66 and 110 style punch down tool RFQ
1530R paladin utc 864 we crimper RFQ
3571 paladin surepunch pdt with 110 66 combination cut-only blade RFQ
9549 paladin rj-45 we ss modular plugs, 100 pack RFQ
PA1328 paladin 1300 series crimper and die tool for cat5 ""f"" rg59 and rg6 RFQ
3590 paladin surepunch pro - punch down tool, handle (no blade) and light RFQ