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Leviton – IT Hardware Parts Catalog

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Part No Description RFQ
61110-JW6 leviton extreme cat6+ quickport connector, white, 150-pack RFQ
N5300 leviton lightspace network interface device, 530 series, single RFQ
84009-40 NA RFQ
41084-FIF leviton quickport f-type adapter RFQ
42080-2IS leviton quickport single-gang 2-port wallplate, ivory RFQ
41084-SIZ leviton quickport st thread-lock fiver RFQ
41089-61P leviton 6 port ethernet box - RFQ
62460-20W leviton extreme 6+ standard patch cord, cat 6, white, 20ft RFQ
M3024-1UB leviton m3024-1ub midspan 24-port managed poe 1ru ac power conne RFQ
40066-M50 leviton split m block: 50-pair RFQ
836729 quickport 2-port RFQ
BT-368-CL (pkg qty: 250 pieces) boot RFQ
47650-EH leviton 47650-eh 10base-t network hub 5 port ac adaptor-ad-071a RFQ
41295-HDW leviton mos insert, hd-15 video connector, screw terminal, white RFQ
41644-W 1103 NA RFQ
49265-BKT leviton mounting bracket, 5"" channel RFQ
5F100-8MT leviton opt-x plate with st adapters, 8 pack , black RFQ
40982-W white duplx f-connect RFQ
41643-I leviton 3-port decora quickport insert RFQ
P-136-29-MSHA NA RFQ
4990 NA RFQ
41294-2BI NA RFQ
41108-RW5 leviton cat5 quickport 8-conductor connector, white RFQ
41080-6IP leviton quickport 6 socket faceplate ivory quickport 6-port RFQ
5G110-BI5 leviton gigamax 5e+ quickport connector quickpack, cat5e, 25 pack RFQ
41106-RG6 leviton quickport connect 6p6c grey RFQ
L01-5679-I leviton ivory commercial grade decora ac combination switch rock RFQ
003-1755-W leviton white commercial grade decora ac combination switch rock RFQ
61110-RW6 leviton extreme cat6 quickport snap-in connector, white RFQ
41D1R-HCM horizontal wire manager rack mount 1u RFQ
061-01447 leviton 061-01447 15 amp yellow industrial grade straight blade RFQ
HCM10-1SW universal dimmer v 2.0 single pole /3 way RFQ
5R960-N rack mount panel RFQ
6899-E NA RFQ
84016-40 NA RFQ
HCM06-1SW single pole /3 way RFQ
8827-CW4 NA RFQ
41642-I leviton quickport decora insert, ivory RFQ
40066-M25 25pair m block 66 clp RFQ
001-VPT24-1PZ leviton 001-vpt24-1pz white decora- 24 hour programmable timer RFQ
41085-MEC quickport multimode simplex sc fiber optic adapter module, phos RFQ
41291-1BI leviton blank module, 1 unit high, ivory RFQ
5W110-N leviton opt-x wall-mount enclosure RFQ
41291-1BW leviton quickport mos black module, 1u, white RFQ
41106-RI6 leviton voice grade quickport 6-conductor usoc connector, ivory RFQ
RS232-RJ45 DB25 NA RFQ
41106-RW6 leviton voicegrade quickport 6-conductor usoc snap-in connector RFQ
2321 NA RFQ
L01-6633-PLI leviton l01-6633-pli ivory residential grade incandescent suresl RFQ
41085-R18 NA RFQ
41080-1WP leviton quickport 1 socket faceplate RFQ
DRK0D-1LA almond light switch RFQ
061-4720C leviton 061-4720c industrial grade locking plug RFQ
41089-1WP leviton 1-port surface mount unloaded RFQ
R51-05241-00I leviton commercial grade 3-way ac combination switch toggle RFQ
41AB6-1F4 extreme 6+ 110-style wiring block, wall mount w/ legs, cat 6, 96 RFQ
41644-I leviton 4-port quickport decora insert, ivory RFQ
70530FR connector RFQ
49910HE2 leviton herman miller 2-port quickport modular furniture faceplate with id window, black RFQ
41295-VMW leviton vga monitor mos module, 110-style termination, white RFQ
49910-SG2 leviton quickport modular furniture faceplate, 2-port, gray RFQ
6110-RI6 leviton cat6a extreme 10g quickport connector jack, ivory RFQ
42080-41P (lot of 4) quickport dual gang wallplate 4 port ivory RFQ
4711700.00 NA RFQ
41600-00I mini patch panel 25 pair telephone RFQ
61110-RV6 leviton extreme cat6 quickport connector, green RFQ
42080-1WS (lot of 5) quickport wallplate with id window, single gang, 1-po RFQ
35000286 NA RFQ
5G110-RC5 leviton gigamax 5e+ quickport connector, crimson RFQ
41085-MGC quickport multimode simplex sc fiber optic adapter module, phos RFQ
6110-RY6 leviton extreme 10g quickport connector, cat 6a, yellow RFQ
41290-HDW leviton multimedia outlet system hdmi insert RFQ
022-PJ1-W NA RFQ
41080-6BP 1-gang 6 device quickport wallplate RFQ
POWER SUM cat 5 48-port patch RFQ
47615-PTT leviton palm termination tool RFQ
47605-14P leviton structured media center, premium hinged cover with trim ring for series 140, white RFQ
5G110-BE5 leviton gigamax 5e+ quickport connector quickpack, cat5e, black, 25-pack RFQ
5G108-BL5 leviton gigamax cat5e quickport connector quickpack, 25-pack, blue RFQ
41291-2QG leviton 2-port quickport module RFQ
40836-BW NA RFQ
40701-BW 1 port flush mount wallplate RFQ
80714-E leviton blank wall plate, black RFQ
41084-00W leviton quickport module blank insert RFQ
5G108-R05 leviton gigamax cat5e quickport 25-pack RFQ
41083-RI6 NA RFQ
4720-C NA RFQ
41644-W leviton quickport 4 socket decora style insert RFQ
41089-1IP leviton quickport surface mount housing, 1-port, ivory RFQ
41109-RWS category 5 quickport connector, cat 5, white RFQ
47616-DSB leviton dsl filter expansion board with bracket RFQ
41108-RC5 NA RFQ
40981-W white single f-connect RFQ
100-RTF01-10X leviton 100-rtf01-10x illumatech quite step electro-mechanical r RFQ
40839-SIS leviton quickport snap-in module with 3.5mmm stereo jack, female to screw terminal, ivory RFQ
16400 dhc wall controller RFQ
102-41091-1WN quickport midsize wallplate, single gang, 1-port, white RFQ
5G108-RT5 1103 NA RFQ
42777-1EA leviton surface mount backbox, single gang, black RFQ
40834-I leviton hdmi feedthrough quickport connector, ivory housing RFQ
CAT- 41600-001 NA RFQ
41080-2IP leviton quickport 2 socket faceplate ivory quickport 2-port RFQ
15-222-69 NA RFQ
80781-I leviton 1 socket coax faceplate RFQ
492RU-HFO leviton horizontal slotted duct, 2ru RFQ
165-2413-0 leviton 165-2413-0 industrial grade locking connector RFQ
DRKDD-1LA amlmond light switch RFQ
42080-1TS leviton quickport wallplate w id window, single gang, 1-port, light almond RFQ
41084-FTF leviton quickport f-type adapter RFQ
4108W-0SP leviton wp wallphone sg ss RFQ
41084-SGZ leviton 41084-sgz : grn zir slv snap connector simplex RFQ
830-C5811 NA RFQ
41DR2-200 gigamax 5e 110-style wiring block, rack mount, cat 5e, 200-pair RFQ
41080-2WP leviton quickport single-gang 2-port wallplate RFQ
41087-2EP leviton 2-port quickport duplex RFQ
4108W-1SP leviton quickport telephone wall jack RFQ
40735-RYW leviton 1-port rca type insert l RFQ
029-4 NA RFQ
A-1499-1/C-IV electricord / leviton 6-outlet wall outlet adaptor RFQ
Y1519300004 NA RFQ
D6721-20E leviton duraport industrial, 20ft RFQ
031-5243-I leviton ivory commercial grade 3-way ac combination switch toggl RFQ
065-01547 leviton 065-01547 15 amp yellow industrial grade straight blade RFQ
80781-W leviton coaxial faceplate f-connctr wall plt white RFQ
5F100-PLT leviton blank fiber adapter panel for use with fiber enclosures, plastic, black RFQ
5G596-U12 leviton gigamax 96-port patch panel RFQ
L01-6643-I leviton l01-6643-i ivory residential grade incandescent 3-way to RFQ
80714-I leviton blank faceplate RFQ
40982-I leviton 40982-i video faceplate ivory duplx f-connect RFQ
41108-RE3 (lot of 22) category 3 quickport connector, cat 3, black RFQ
005-40831-OBA f-type quickport snap-in adapter, gold-plated (almond) RFQ
012-48211-6A/NEW new leviton 012-48211-6a 1x6 passive audio module white RFQ
5F100-BLK opt-x blank plate, metal, black RFQ
5R2UL-F06 leviton opt-x 500i 2ru flush mount fiber distribution splice enclosure for 6 adapter plates or mtp modules RFQ
41646-W leviton quickport 6 socket decora style insert RFQ
80714-W leviton blank faceplate RFQ
000-40833-BIR quickport binding post adapter with red strip (ivory) RFQ
41106-RL6 NA RFQ
41080-2GP leviton single-gang quickport 2-port RFQ
5RCMP-KIT leviton cable clamp kit, single grommet RFQ
5R730-N comm. circuit acc. RFQ
500-5F100-8ST st 8-pack plate zirconia sleeve RFQ
43081-2L4 leviton special wallplate, angled RFQ
62DSC-M01 leviton fiber patch cable, sc-sc, 62.5 125, multimode, duplex, 1m RFQ
40981-T lt almond single f-cnnct RFQ
49232 A48 NA RFQ
41080-6EP NA RFQ
62460-10W leviton extreme 6+ standard patch cord, cat 6, white, 10ft RFQ
5G596-U96 leviton gigamax 5e 96-port patch panel RFQ
41108-KB5 category 5 compliant RFQ
69587-U48 leviton 48-port patch panel, 2u RFQ
61110-BY6 leviton extreme ca66 quickport connector quickpack, yellow, 25-pack RFQ
41647-I 1103 NA RFQ
010-40833-BIE quickport gold plated binding post insert - ivory/black stripe RFQ
4925K-E24 NA RFQ
41296-MMW leviton quickport multimedia outlet system (mos) six-port surface mount box RFQ
41106-RA6 voice grade quickport connector-ivory RFQ
41643-GY leviton quickport decora insert, 6-port, gray RFQ
5F100-6ZC loaded plate duplex sc 6 pack - zirc sn blue san 103 RFQ
D6721-15E leviton cat5e patch cable, 12ft RFQ
49484-B48 NA RFQ
5F100-8ST opt-x 8-pk plate with st adapters, phosphor bronze sleeve, 8 fib RFQ
065-2323 leviton 065-2323 industrial grade locking connector RFQ
49231A96 NA RFQ
5G108-RY5 yellw quickport cat5e jck leviton gigamax 5e channel-rated keystone jack RFQ
49255-D48 leviton empty patch panel, 48-port RFQ
6910G-U24 leviton patch panel 24-port 10ghz, loaded RFQ
47611-5PT leviton 47611-5pt RFQ
48689 leviton 48689 kiddy cop child-resistant 4-outlet adapter new in RFQ
41290-SMW leviton quickport mos wallplate, single-gang, white RFQ
5G108-RI5 leviton gigamax cat5e quickport channel-rated connector ivory ivory quickport cat5e jck RFQ
6293-WI decora home control RFQ
4625A-26-I type 625a2 modular jack surface mount, 6 conductor RFQ
69270-U24 leviton cat6 patch panel, 24-port RFQ
625A2 phone wall jack, type 625a2, single surface mount, ivory, 4 cond RFQ
5R740-N NA RFQ
59484-B12 NA RFQ
41643-00B quickport decora 3-port insert, multimedia style, box mount RFQ
5F100-BPP black dust cover plate RFQ
6599 NA RFQ
80714-GY leviton 1-gang blank RFQ
5G108-RA5 gigamax 5e quickport connector, cat 5e, almond RFQ
41291-DBW leviton mos blank insert hd15 1u RFQ
40226-00S NA RFQ
061-2611 leviton 061-2611 industrial grade locking plug RFQ
41084-BGB leviton blank quickport insert, gray (10-pack) RFQ
49018-J48 leviton voice-grade pre-connected patch panel, 48-port, black RFQ
40959-T lt almond combo telephn RFQ
41108-RE5 NA RFQ
41085-MWC leviton quickport multimode simplex sc fiber optic adapter module, phos bronze RFQ
5F100-SC unloaded prepunched duplex sc/6-pack RFQ
41108-RW3 leviton quickport category 3 snap-in connector, white RFQ
69586-U89 leviton 12-port extreme 6+ patch block RFQ
49910-SE4 leviton 4-port standard faceplate, black RFQ
42080-3IS leviton single-gang quickport wallplate with id windows, 3-port, ivory RFQ
43115-75P leviton bulk velcro roll, 75ft RFQ
42080-3W (lot of 15) 3 port white RFQ
41642-W white quickport decora leviton quickport 2 socket decora insert RFQ
5G596-U48 leviton gigamax 5e universal 48-port patch panel cat 5e RFQ
112-5604-2WS leviton white residential grade decora 4-way ac quiet switch roc RFQ
41600-1 NA RFQ
49251-W62 leviton 2-position 3.5""h x 6.0""d hinged wall mount bracket RFQ
5G108-BI5 leviton gigamax cat5e quickport channel-rated connector ivory, 25-pack RFQ
D6721-10E leviton duraport cat6 industrial patch cord, black, 10ft RFQ
61110-BI6 leviton extreme cat6 quickport snap-in connector, ivory, 25-pack RFQ
41089-6WP leviton 6 port ethernet box - RFQ
61110-JI6 leviton extreme cat6+ quickport connector, ivory, 150-pack RFQ
41080-3IP leviton quickport single gang 3-port wallplate unloaded, ivory ivory quickport 3-port RFQ
61110-R06 leviton extreme cat6 quickport snap-in connector, orange RFQ
075-69586-U48 48 port patch panel RFQ
84065-40 leviton 5-gang blank wallplate, 302 ss RFQ
49265-HNG leviton duct cover hinge RFQ
42080-3IP leviton quickport wallplate with id window, dual gang, 3-port, ivory RFQ
40914-W NA RFQ
40959-I ivory combo telephone RFQ
49230-A48 48 PORT NA RFQ
41084-SGF (lot of 118)st thread-lock quickport fiber optic adapter, sm/mm, RFQ
40838-BA leviton cat5 jack RFQ
5361 2-pole, 3-wire, grounding single receptacle, brown RFQ
5F100-6QP leviton 6-port mounting plate quickport RFQ
41108-RW8 leviton voice grade quickport 8-conductor usoc connector, white RFQ
430C7 connector watertight pin and sleeve 480 volt ac 30 amp 3 phase 3 RFQ
165-2423-0 leviton 165-2423-0 industrial grade locking connector RFQ
42777-1WB leviton surface-mount back box, single gang, 1.45"" box depth, white RFQ
5262-SBU leviton 2-pole ; 3-wire grounding duplex receptacle; blue RFQ
41080-3WP leviton quickport 3 port faceplate RFQ
49252-PCM leviton rear and front horizontal patch cord organizer RFQ
42080-2TS leviton 2-port wall plate light almond RFQ
41646-W 1103 NA RFQ
40959-W white combo telephone RFQ
5R130-N leviton 24 port fiber patch panel u RFQ
6AS10-30G leviton cat 6a slimline 30ft green patch cord 6as10-30g RFQ
41085-SLB leviton quickport duplex lc adapter RFQ
49280QP0 patch panel zero-u vertigo RFQ
40830-BWE leviton quickport rca, gold-plated connector with black stripe, white RFQ
41291-2QW leviton mos insert, 2-port quickport adapter, 1 unit high, white RFQ
41108-R05 leviton 1-port mod jack, 110 8w8p, utp RFQ
49910-HI2 leviton quickport modular furniture faceplate, 2-port, ivory RFQ
41AB2-1F4 leviton 100 pair wall mount wiring base kit w c4 clips RFQ
FT-EA024VV018M leviton fiber trunk 24 fibers 50 125um cable RFQ
4706600.00 NA RFQ
5500-192 NA RFQ
LEVITON STRUCTURED M structured wiring encloser RFQ
5G108-RT5 leviton gigamax 5e channel-rated keystone jack RFQ
102-16R22-W connector - female panel receptacle cam type - white RFQ
49012-J24 leviton voice grade patch panel, 24-port, 1u, 8p2c jacks, 25-pair connector RFQ
5G110-RE5 gigamax 5 e RFQ
963586 wallmount faceplate box RFQ
47611-GT4 NA RFQ
61110-RL6 leviton extreme cat6 quickport snap-in connector, blue RFQ
40253-W leviton telephone wall phone jack, 6p4c, quick connect (white) RFQ
41290-DMW leviton mos wallplate, dual-gang, white RFQ
444RJ-31X surface mount jack RFQ
R51-05634-0IS leviton 15 amp ivory decora dual switch RFQ
5500-190 NA RFQ
41291-1BT leviton blank module insert RFQ
2611 NA RFQ
88014 leviton 1-gang no device blank wallplate, standard size, thermoset, box mount (white) RFQ
5G108-BO5 leviton gigamax cat5e quickport channel-rated connector orange 25-pack RFQ
42777-1WA surface mount box. single gang RFQ
41089-12W leviton quickport surface mount white RFQ
43108-8 leviton reclosable velcro tie wrap, black, 8in (25-pack) RFQ
41080-6WP white quickport 6-port leviton quickport single-gang 6-port wallplate, white RFQ
49253-LPM leviton low profile five-ring horizontal patch cord manager RFQ
41080-6GP (lot of 23) quickport single gang wallplate, 6 port RFQ
41089-4WP quickport 4 port surface mount housing - white RFQ
41291-1BG leviton mod 1 unit black gray RFQ
420 515 NA RFQ
41084-FWF leviton quickport f-type adapter, nickel plated, white RFQ
5976-GY leviton cover duplex receptacle RFQ
5G108-RW5 white quickport cat5e jck leviton gigamax 5e channel-rated keystone jack RFQ
5G584-U48 universal cat 5e patch panel 48 port 8p 8c, t568a/b RFQ
40214-00W leviton type 630a screw terminal jacks RFQ
49910-HG4 (lot of 10) mod furniture faceplate hm w/id window 4 pt RFQ
R42-CS415-2WS leviton white commercial grade 4-way ac quiet switch toggle RFQ
40949-W white telephone wallplate RFQ
5G584-U12 NA RFQ
5R3UM-F12 leviton rack mount enclosure opt-x 100 RFQ
200-275-T leviton 200-275-t commercial grade straight blade angle plug RFQ
40838-BW NA RFQ
HCM6-1SW unversal dimmer v2.0 single pole 3 way RFQ
49253-BCM leviton five-ring horizontal patch cord manager, 2ru, 4"" d-rings RFQ
61110-RI6 leviton cat6 quickport snap-in connector, ivory RFQ
41292-2BG leviton blank module mos gray RFQ
5F100-2IL leviton opt-x precision molded plate, 12 fiber, beige RFQ
5W120-00N leviton opt-x wall-mount enclosure, 12-fiber, (1) lock key RFQ
6S180-SH6 leviton shielded cat6 snap-in jack RFQ
012-5R130-N NA RFQ
41080-4WP leviton quickport single-gang 4-port wallplate, white RFQ