IT Hardware Manufacturer Intelligent Computer

Intelligent Computer - IT Hardware Parts Catalog

Part No Description RFQ
F.GR-0022-500E rapid image 7020 forensic with 1 x 3.5inch & 1 x 2.5inch drive caddies RFQ
F.GR-0010-060A set of 9 sata data/power cables RFQ
G-3100-000A ide 4 disk duplicator RFQ
F.GR-0024-000A adapter RFQ
CHA-4000-000A drive tray RFQ
CBPR-1005-000A cable RFQ
CBPR-0413-000B power cable RFQ
CSAR-0254-000A power supply RFQ
CHA-6019-900A ri 2.5 master caddy RFQ
CBLR-0401-000A sata cables RFQ
F.GR-0050-000A s4 dfss w/opt for exp box 3.0/stat RFQ
F.GR-0231-000A scsi adapter RFQ
F.GR-4200-000B im4000 pro 3.5inch host & drive caddy duplicator RFQ
CBPR-0412-000B power cable RFQ
F.GR-9103-000A disk cypher lab kit RFQ
F.G-3100-000A ide 4 disk duplicator RFQ
F.GR-0041-000A linkmasster option RFQ
CSAR-0146-000A power supply RFQ
F.GR-0021-951A ri window RFQ
F.GR-0037-000A solo-4 extended warranty RFQ
F.GR-0022-000E rapid image 7020 forensic with 2 x 3.5inch drive caddies. RFQ
CSAR-0223-000A express card RFQ
IBS-300 wedge, 3xdb9 i/f, no power supply RFQ
F.GR-4205-900C im wipepro expansion ready 2.5 host and drive caddy RFQ
PCAR-6027-000A compact flash adapter for im4000pro/wipepro/rapid image range RFQ
CBPR-0410-200A power cable RFQ
CSAR-0224-000A express card RFQ
F.G-0452-100A intelligent computer solutions drivelock firewire/usb RFQ
F.GR-9102-000A disk cypher field kit RFQ
F.GR-4206-000B sas/sata open tray drive dup RFQ
F.GR-0348-000A adapter RFQ
F.GR-0022-800E rapid image 7020 forensic with 2 x 2.5inch drive caddies. RFQ
F.GR-7414-000A sata 3.3v kit RFQ
F.GR-0015-000A cf adapter RFQ
F.GR-4203-900C im 4000 pro expansion ready 2.5 host & drive caddy RFQ
F.GR-4200-900C im 4000 pro expansion ready 3.5 host & drive caddy RFQ
3100-000A ide 4 disk duplicator RFQ
F.GR-4220-000B im 4000 pro x2 w/3.5 8-bay caddy RFQ
F.GR-4206-900C im 4000 pro expansion ready 2.5 & 3.5 open tray only - no caddy (with 8 sas cabl RFQ
IMAGE MASSTER 2000 ide 4 disk duplicator RFQ
PCAR-6016-000A sas/sata board RFQ
REAL/32 7.53 complete package with diskettes, box, manuals on 3.5 inch disket RFQ
F.GR-0012-000E 3002 scsi dup RFQ
IBS-300R wedge, 3xdb9 i/f, no power supply RFQ
F.GR-4204-900C im wipepro expansion ready 3.5 host and drive caddy RFQ
F.GR-0033-000A sas(sata) to ide (pata) adapter RFQ
F.GR-0023-900A esata kit RFQ
CBPR-0410-150A power cable RFQ
F.GR-4208-000B sas/sata drive duplicator RFQ
F.GR-0019-000D 6007sas duplicator RFQ
2000 IDE ide 4 disk duplicator RFQ
F.GR-0021-900B ri 2.5ich caddy host & caddy RFQ
IMSTERM imsterm for netware release 6.03, original diskette with license RFQ
F.GR-0021-950A ri light tower RFQ
F.GR-0039-100A sas to ide adapter RFQ
CBPR-0410-050A power cable RFQ
F.GR-4221-000B im 4000 pro x2 w/2.5 8-bay caddy RFQ
F.GR-4202-000A drive tray RFQ
CSAR-0100-000A scsi terminator RFQ
F.GR-0052-000A ics multi-output power adapter RFQ
F.GR-0021-800B 3.5inch host & drive caddy for sas/sata for im4000pro/wipepro RFQ
CSAR-0268-000A usb card reader RFQ
F.GR-0021-953A ri/4000pro 3.5 ide 8 channel host + rive caddy RFQ