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Part No Description RFQ
50000054 K NA RFQ
30000462-8PORT NA RFQ
50000070E NA RFQ
50000097B NA RFQ
50000069G NA RFQ
50000070 B NA RFQ
30003392-02 digiboard card mw RFQ
300001424 NA RFQ
30000354-4PORT NA RFQ
50000293 c/con 16port rj45 box RFQ
30001894-03 NEW NA RFQ
30001874 NA RFQ
50000254V NA RFQ
50000309-02D NA RFQ
50000412-01(NEW) new digiboard 50000412-01 datafire pci ncr bri host adapter RFQ
30000354-NEW NA RFQ
50000309-03A NA RFQ
50000309-03A I NA RFQ
50000054 M NA RFQ
50000166 NA RFQ
30002902-01 pci/8r 8-port async adapter RFQ
50000309-02A NA RFQ
30002342-02 NA RFQ
30002354-02 parts/bd/pci/xem 256kb multiport serial card RFQ
30000642-8PORT NA RFQ
50000179-NEW NA RFQ
30000514 NA RFQ
30000614C NA RFQ
15-06-0061 NA RFQ
50000431-02 8port c/con-8-aix db25 RFQ
30000464G controller, 1xdb78s pin i/f connector RFQ
50000069F NA RFQ
50000300 NA RFQ
50000202L NA RFQ
30000462-COM/4I RS42 NA RFQ
30002104-01 NA RFQ
50000324 NA RFQ
300-6130-1-ND NA RFQ
50000054 digi ports/16em module rj-45 RFQ
30000622 NA RFQ
30000352-NEW NA RFQ
50000069 NA RFQ
50000293 C NA RFQ
30001214 NA RFQ
30000462 NA RFQ
50000296 NA RFQ
50000043 NA RFQ
50-22228-01 NA RFQ
30001212 NA RFQ
50000293F NA RFQ
30000554 NA RFQ
50000175 NA RFQ
30001284 NA RFQ
50000167 box pc/8emp rj45 RFQ
50000218 NA RFQ
16050511-8 PORT NA RFQ
50000070 NA RFQ
30001532 NA RFQ
50000123 digi com/8i rs232 16c450 isa RFQ
50000350 pc 2e isa card walt RFQ
30001892 NA RFQ
50000200 NA RFQ
50000250 NA RFQ
50000323 acceleport 8r isa card mw RFQ
30001602 NA RFQ
30000822 NA RFQ
30000494-COM/4I RS42 NA RFQ
50000249A NA RFQ
50000010 NA RFQ
50000019 NA RFQ
300-6142-1-ND NA RFQ
145098-1-ND NA RFQ
30000674 digi controller board 30000642 RFQ
50000128 NA RFQ
50000179-OPEN BOX NA RFQ
50000053 NA RFQ
30001472 NA RFQ
50000325 c/x 16port rj45 rackmount hub RFQ
30001624 digi isa acceleport pc/8e RFQ
160-1223-1-ND NA RFQ
30001624-4PORT NA RFQ
50000126 NA RFQ
30000472 NA RFQ
3400X NA RFQ
50000097 NA RFQ
30001872 NA RFQ
30001574 NA RFQ
16050722-2 PORT NA RFQ
30002382-03 128 port async card pci RFQ
30000642-4PORT NA RFQ
50000055H NA RFQ
50000051 NA RFQ
50000459 ports/16em rj45 RFQ
30002024-02 NA RFQ
30001752 digiboard pc/4e isa RFQ
30000464-4PORT NA RFQ
30001622 digi isa acceleport pc/8e RFQ
50000097 I I NA RFQ
50000052 NA RFQ
340439-B21 shaw's supermarket digi accel pci card kit RFQ
30000464 NA RFQ
50000060-2 PIECES NA RFQ
30000644-8PORT NA RFQ
30001282 pc/xem host adapter board RFQ
150-1173-02 633 flex-t1 cfg interface card RFQ
30002124-02 NA RFQ
50000199 digiboard pc/8e ve isa ncr RFQ
30001534 digiboard card mw RFQ
30000784 NA RFQ
50000201 pc/16em eisa host adapter mw RFQ
50000294D NA RFQ
50000202 NA RFQ
30001894-03 NA RFQ
30003592-02 ras 8 pci card mw RFQ
30000345 NA RFQ
30002224-02 RS422 8 NA RFQ
30001414 digi c/x2 isa hpst adapter RFQ
30000794 NA RFQ
16/EM digiboard digichannel pc/16em 16 serial ports RFQ
50000192 NA RFQ
50000102 NA RFQ
30001752-02 NA RFQ
30003592-04 REV A acceleport ras 8 pci 8wan card RFQ
30000474 NA RFQ
30000492 RS422 NA RFQ
50000260 W NA RFQ
50000070D NA RFQ
50000070 D NA RFQ
50000254-02 NA RFQ
50000202S NA RFQ
50000031 digichannel nc con-16 network concentrator w tcp i RFQ
50000320G NA RFQ
50000260 X NA RFQ
50000293G NA RFQ
30001894-NEW NA RFQ
30001624-8PORT NA RFQ
50000179P NA RFQ
50000309-02 NA RFQ
30000642 NA RFQ
50000260-02 D NA RFQ
50000266 NA RFQ
50000097C NA RFQ
50000060 NA RFQ
30000602 NA RFQ
50000249 NA RFQ
50000213 I NA RFQ
50000342 pc/8e eisa internal RFQ
143526-006 NA RFQ
30000474-4PORT NA RFQ
50000254 NA RFQ
50000117 NA RFQ
50000009 NA RFQ
50000097D NA RFQ
30000464 RS422 NA RFQ
15-06-0060 NA RFQ
30002222-02 RS422 8 NA RFQ
50000069E NA RFQ
50000202R NA RFQ
30000494 RS422 NA RFQ
50000139 digichannel pc/xi RFQ
50000060-KIT NA RFQ
50000168 NA RFQ
30000462 RS422 NA RFQ
30002252 NA RFQ
50000202-SEALED NA RFQ
50000203 NA RFQ
30002064 NA RFQ
50000320 epc/con-16 rj45 RFQ
30002342-01 NA RFQ
50000165 NA RFQ
30001022-01 NA RFQ
30000644 digiboard pc/8e 30000644 with RFQ
30001754-4 PORT NA RFQ
30000352 pc/8 16c550 adapter mw RFQ
50000217 NA RFQ
300001284 pc/xem host adapter RFQ
50000009H NA RFQ
30000604 NA RFQ
30001464-03 NA RFQ
50000010L NA RFQ
30001544 NA RFQ
50000097 B NA RFQ
16439061 NA RFQ
30001894-4 PORT NA RFQ
30001754 digi pc/4e isa acceleport RFQ
30002024 NA RFQ
30000644-4PORT NA RFQ
30001622-4PORT NA RFQ
30000472-4PORT NA RFQ
30000634 digiboard 30000634 rev. c isa digi control card- 30000624 rev. a RFQ
30000824 NA RFQ
16050707 NA RFQ
50000182 pc/8 16c550 adapter mw RFQ
50000180 NA RFQ
30000462-4PORT NA RFQ
50000213 digi 50000213 c/x2 isa hpst adapter RFQ
50000097 C NA RFQ
50000309-03 portserver ii cispr b RFQ
30001284 50000202 NA RFQ
50000309G NA RFQ
50000459-01 ports/16em, rj45 (with connecting cables) (no power supply) RFQ
50000052-NOPS NA RFQ
30000672 NA RFQ
30001282-SEALED NA RFQ
30001404 digiboard 128 port adapter RFQ
50000309-02C NA RFQ
30001422 NA RFQ
30001464 xem eisa adapter mw RFQ
50000166E pc/8em 8xdb25 expansion port RFQ
30002204 NA RFQ
50000323-05 acceleport 8r isa card mw RFQ
30000884 NA RFQ
30000782 NA RFQ
30000552 NA RFQ
50000065 NA RFQ
50000055-NEW NA RFQ
30001474 NA RFQ
5-580-01 C NA RFQ
50000269 NA RFQ
50000309-04 1p50000309-04 - 16-port server ii RFQ
50000340 8 ports cable RFQ
30000352-OPEN BOX NA RFQ
30001462 xem eisa adapter mw RFQ
15-06-0101 NA RFQ
30001752-02 4 PORT NA RFQ
50000293C NA RFQ
500000201 NA RFQ
30000352-8PORT NA RFQ
30000464 70000196 30 digiboard dbi com/8i pci 8-port isa adapter serial card controll RFQ
50000260-02 NA RFQ
30000554F NA RFQ
50000054F NA RFQ
30000944 NA RFQ
50000007 NA RFQ
50000121-COM/4I RS42 NA RFQ
50000295 NA RFQ
30001604 NA RFQ
50000041 NA RFQ
30001324 NA RFQ
50000041-B NA RFQ
50000178 NA RFQ
30000354 pc4 port mw RFQ
50000294 digi acceleport c-con 16-port rs-232 db-25 RFQ
30001284-SEALED NA RFQ
30002342-03 4PORT NA RFQ
50000179 pc/8 16c450 adapter RFQ
50000260S NA RFQ
30001954 NA RFQ
50000070B NA RFQ
1586019-2-ND NA RFQ
50000097 D digi c/con-16 rj45 hub RFQ
30000464-8PORT NA RFQ
150-1173-01 633 flex-t1 cfg interface card RFQ
150-1178-52 fractional rs 449 interface card RFQ
50000055 H NA RFQ
30000352-4PORT NA RFQ
500001078-01 ports 16/em 16 ports db25 serial hub w/cable RFQ
50000082B NA RFQ
50000309 portserver ii 16 rj45 RFQ
30002222 RS422 8 POR NA RFQ
30001894 NA RFQ
30001752 4 PORT NA RFQ
30002214 NA RFQ
30002904-01 pci/8r 8-port async adapter RFQ
50000260 portserver 16 port rj-45 ran RFQ
30001622-8PORT NA RFQ
50000117F NA RFQ
30001624B NA RFQ
50000070 C NA RFQ
50000211 c/x ha-eisa 128k RFQ
50000049 NA RFQ
50000166-NOPS NA RFQ
50000299 NA RFQ
50000055 NA RFQ
30001744 NA RFQ
50000216 NA RFQ
30000352-02 NA RFQ
30002344-01 NA RFQ
30000484 NA RFQ
50000054G NA RFQ
30000354-8PORT NA RFQ
30002342-03 acceleport xr 920 RFQ
30002254 NA RFQ
50000097 I NA RFQ
30000464-COM/4I RS42 NA RFQ
30002044 NA RFQ
30001412 digi 50000213 c/x2 isa hpst adapter RFQ
30000492-COM/4I RS42 NA RFQ
30000354-OPEN BOX NA RFQ
50000051 EQUIV NA RFQ
30000624 NA RFQ
30002352-03 pci xem host adapter rev g RFQ
50000054M NA RFQ
50000165F NA RFQ
16050722-RJ45 CONNEC NA RFQ
30001424 cx host adapter (internal) eisa RFQ