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Cisco – IT Hardware Parts Catalog

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Part No Description RFQ
73-7242-01 ws-x6348 RFQ
68-0928-02 A0 ws-x6348 RFQ
XENPAK-10GB-LR V01 xenpak-10gb-lr v01 cisco RFQ
WS-X6066-SLB-APC USE ws-x6066-slb-apc use cisco RFQ
WS-X6K-S2-MFSC2 ws-x6k-s2-mfsc2 cisco RFQ
WS-X6248-RJ-45 USED ws-x6248-rj-45 used cisco RFQ
X2-10GB-SR V04 x2-10gb-sr v04 cisco RFQ
800-24806 ws-x6148a-ge-tx RFQ
WS-X6348-RJ45V-R ws-x6348-rj45v, 48 port 10/100 rj-45 voice module RFQ
WSF6700CFC wsf6700cfc cisco systems RFQ
800-23213-01 ws-x6582-2pa RFQ
WS-X6K-S2-MSFC2 USED ws-x6k-s2-msfc2 used cisco RFQ
X2-10GB-LR V01 x2-10gb-lr v01 cisco RFQ
WS-X8541-CSR-RP ws-x8541-csr-rp cisco RFQ
10-2154-02 x2-10gb-lx4 10gb xpak transceiver RFQ
WS-X6516A-GBIC V02 ws-x6516a-gbic RFQ
X2-10GB-SR V02 x2-10gb-sr v02 cisco RFQ
WSA-WSP-1Y-S3 wsa premium sw bun 1yr lic key -500 RFQ
WS-X5530-RE ws-x5530-re cisco RFQ
73-9539-06 C0 ws-x6582-2pa RFQ
800-23775-07 xc 288 sts, 336 vt, 28 ds1, 3 ds3 module RFQ
44048.5NASA zoho manageengine netflow analyzer pro ed one installation licen RFQ
73-4368-03G0 ws-x6k-sup1a-2ge supervisor 1 mod RFQ
70438.8N zoho opmanager deluxe perpetual single installation license fee RFQ
XTC-28-3 xtc-28-3 RFQ
X210GBSRRF x210gbsrrf cisco systems RFQ
WS-X6K-SUP2-26E ws-x6k-sup2-26e RFQ
WSA-AMM-1Y-S8 wsa anti-malware (mcafee) 1yr lic k RFQ
WSC355024DCSMI wsc355024dcsmi cisco systems RFQ
WS-X6148-RJ-21 USED ws-x6148-rj-21 used cisco RFQ
WS-X5303-40 USED ws-x5303-40 used cisco RFQ
X2-10GB-LRN x2-10gb-lrn cisco RFQ
WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE+MSF ws-x6k-sup2-2ge+msfc2+pfc2 RFQ
WS-X6748-GE-TX (WITH ws-x6748-ge-tx (with cfc) RFQ
XENPAK-10GB-LR V03 xenpak-10gb-lr v03 cisco RFQ
WSC3560G24PSSRF wsc3560g24pssrf cisco systems RFQ
WS-X6K-SUP2A-2GE ws-x6k-sup2a-2ge cisco RFQ
44258.5N zoho manageengine netflow analyzer professional plus edition sin RFQ
ONS-XC-10G-39.7 xfp oc-192 / stm64 / 10ge 1539.77 100ghz lc (ships from mfg) (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) xfp o 100ghz lc RFQ
10-2036-03 xcvr 10.3gb 1310 sm lr RFQ
WS-X5530-E3 USED ws-x5530-e3 used cisco RFQ
WS-F6K-48X2-SPLTR-IM y-type splitter bar certified pre-owned im warranty (ships from mfg) (no returns or exchanges) (end user) cisco y-type splitter bar cpnt certified pre-owned im warranty RFQ
WS-X6748-GE-TX-3B ws-x6748-ge-tx-3b cisco systems RFQ
M73-3170-01 ws-x5530 supervisor engine 3-nffc RFQ
WS-X6724-SFP-3B ws-x6724-sfp-3b RFQ
WS-X6324-100FXMM-IM ws-x6324-100fx-mm 24pt enh qos certified pre-owned im warranty (ships from mfg) (no returns or exchanges) (end user) ws-x6324-100fx-mm 24pt enh qos perp certified pre-owned im warranty RFQ
XENPAK-10GB-LW-JTS xenpak module for smf, 1310-nm sc duplex connector RFQ
800-04778-02 ws-x6101-oc12-mmf multimode oc-12 atm RFQ
PRP-2-IM xr12000 performance router proc certified pre-owned im warranty (ships from mfg) (no returns or exchanges) (end user) xr12000 performance router procctlr certified pre-owned im warranty RFQ
X2-COVER x2 slot cover/blank/filler RFQ
WSC296024TTL wsc296024ttl cisco systems RFQ
73-7242-02 A0 ws-x6348 RFQ
73-8006-03 C0 ws-x6k-sup2-2ge module RFQ
WSC3560E24TDS wsc3560e24tds cisco systems RFQ
WSC3560E48PDSF wsc3560e48pdsf cisco systems RFQ
RTX1500 yamaha vpn RFQ
800-05047-01 ws-x5540 - catalyst 5500/ 5000 supervisor engine RFQ
WSC6506EFAN wsc6506efan cisco systems RFQ
73-4356-05 ws-x6316-ge-tx 16-port 1000base-t RFQ
800-08710-01 BO xc RFQ
WS-X6548-RJ-45-R ws-x6548-rj-45, 10/100 rj-45 fast ethernet 48 port module RFQ
XENPAK-10GB xenpak-10gb- cisco RFQ
WSC494810GEE wsc494810gee cisco systems RFQ
XENPAK-10GB-LR USED xenpak-10gb-lr used cisco RFQ
WSC3560E48PDS wsc3560e48pds cisco systems RFQ
WS-X5530-E2 (CT) ws-x5530-e2 (ct) cisco RFQ
XR-12K-MSB xr 12000 multi-service blade RFQ
73-6866-02 ws-x6524-100fx-mm 24-port 100fx RFQ
800-04776-02 ws-x6101-oc12-mmf multimode oc-12 atm RFQ
WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE-R ws-x6k-sup2-2ge, catalyst 6500 supervisor 2 engine RFQ
800-06466-02 ws-x6k-sup2-2ge m.card RFQ
WSX4548GBRJ45 wsx4548gbrj45 cisco systems RFQ
M73-2282-13 ws-x5530 supervisor engine 3 mod RFQ
WS-X6K-SUP-2GE ws-x6k-sup-2ge cisco RFQ
XTC-14 xtc-14 compatible with the ons 15327 RFQ
WS-X5530 USED ws-x5530 used cisco RFQ
M73-7300-03 ws-x6516-gbic 16-port gigabit RFQ
800-06588-03 D0 xcvt card snuxzw0bab RFQ
WS-X6416-GBIC USED ws-x6416-gbic used cisco RFQ
XFP-10GER-OC92IR xfp-10ger-oc92ir RFQ
WS-X5324-RJ45 ws-x5324-rj45 cisco RFQ
MEM-X45-SUP6-E x45-sup6-e memory RFQ
WS-X6224-100FX-T ws-x6224-100fx-t cisco RFQ
CAGE_NUTS_50 x50 cage nuts RFQ
BC17-035-3 x RFQ
X.21 DTE x.21 dte RFQ
800-04108-04 ws-x6248-rj-45 48 port 10/100 base-t ethernet switching module RFQ
WSC3750E24TDSD wsc3750e24tdsd cisco systems RFQ
X2-10GB-LX4 V01 x2-10gb-lx4 v01 cisco RFQ
WS-X5530-E3A-RE ws-x5530-e3a-re cisco RFQ
800-04932-01 ws-x5530-e2 RFQ
WS-X5483 ws-x5483 cisco RFQ
WSSVCWLAN1K9 wssvcwlan1k9-cisco RFQ
AS52-CC-DM ws-x6k-s2u-msfc2 RFQ
WS-X6908-10G-2T-B2 ws-x6908-10g-2t 6900 8pt w/dfc4 req x2 module (11/14) RFQ
WS-X6704-10GE-B2 ws-x6704-10ge 4pt 10gb xenpak module (11/14) RFQ
800-06951-01 xcvt RFQ
LFH002-003.C X21DTE x21 cable RFQ
800-18578-02 xcvt RFQ
WSC296048TCS wsc296048tcs cisco systems RFQ
WSC3560V2-24PS-S wsc3560v2-24ps-s RFQ
44008.5NVOIP zoho manageengine netflow analyzer professional edition single i RFQ
800-04900-01 ws-x5534-e1-gesx supervisor engine iii fsx RFQ
WSC3750E48PDS wsc3750e48pds cisco systems RFQ
WS-X6K-SUP1-PFC ws-x6k-sup1-pfc cisco RFQ
CN41CDBCAA ws-x6348 RFQ
WS-X6704-10GE-3B ws-x6704-10ge w/ dfc3b RFQ
X2-10GB-LR V03/V04 x2-10gb-lr transceiver module 10gbase-lr x2 module RFQ
XFP-10GB/S-SX xfp-10gb/s-sx cisco RFQ
WS-X5530-E3-RE ws-x5530-e3-re cisco RFQ
X2-10GB-LX4 V03 x2-10gb-lx4 v03 cisco RFQ
M73-318505 ws-x5380 network analysis module RFQ
WSC2950G24EIDC wsc2950g24eidc cisco systems RFQ
WS-X6248-TEL ws-x6248-tel= cisco RFQ
UCS-CPU-E5-2665C xeon e5-2665 8c 2.40ghz 20mb RFQ
WS-X5380-R ws-x5380, catalyst network analysis module 5000 series RFQ
X2-10GB-LR V03 x2-10gb-lr v03 cisco RFQ
X2-10GB-LR V04 x2-10gb-lr v04 cisco systems RFQ
WSC3750E48PDEF wsc3750e48pdef cisco systems RFQ
73-8006-09 B0 ws-x6k-sup2-2ge RFQ
800-06255-02 ws-x6416-gbic 16 port gigabit ethernet RFQ
WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE-R ws-x6k-sup1a-2ge, catalyst 6000 supervisor engine 1a RFQ
WS-X5380 USED ws-x5380 used cisco RFQ
CAB-X21-MT(U) x21 cable, dte, male, 10feet RFQ
WS-X6066-SLB ws-x6066-slb cisco RFQ
ONS-XC-10G-30.3 xfp oc-192 / stm64 / 10ge 1530.33 100ghz lc (ships from mfg) (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) xfp o 100ghz lc RFQ
73-2598-06 ws-x5509 supervisor engine 2 mod RFQ
XENPAK-10G-LX4 xenpak 10gb mmf, sc duplex mod RFQ
800-26358-** V01 xr 12000 10-slot chassis with 2 ac power supplies RFQ
WSC4948ERF wsc4948erf cisco systems RFQ
XFP-10GER-OC192SR xfp-10ger-oc192sr RFQ
DJ1404041 xlr1104fx-a 4 port 100base-fx ethernet interface module RFQ
WSX45SUP6E wsx45sup6e cisco systems RFQ
WS-X6500-SFM2-R ws-x6500-sfm2, cisco 6500 series switch fabric module 2 RFQ
WS-X6148X2-48AF ws-x6148x2-48af cisco RFQ
72-1427-01 A0 x.21 dtc cable RFQ
CN8I2ASAAA ws-x6348 RFQ
CAB-X21MT-C x21 cable RFQ
L-ZIG-NRE-DEV ziggo core 2.2 nre, cisco e-delivery, 2-3 days lead-time RFQ
M73-6184-07 ws-x6416-gbic 16-port gigabit gbic RFQ
70438.8M zoho opmanager deluxe perpetual annual maintenance and support f RFQ
WS-X6248-TEL-R ws-x6248-tel, catalyst 6000 48 port 10/100 module RFQ
WS-X6302-MSM-R ws-x6302-msm catalyst 6500 multilayer adapter RFQ
74-4511-02 y-cable protn module ons 15454 RFQ
WS-X5540 ws-x5540= cisco RFQ
WS-X6182-2PA USED ws-x6182-2pa used cisco RFQ
WS-X6K-CPT-FL128 ws-x6k-cpt-fl128 cisco RFQ
WS-X6148A-GE-X ws-x6148a-ge-x RFQ
X6248 ws-x6248-rj-45 cisco catalyst 6000 - expansion module - 48 ports RFQ
WSX401310GE wsx401310ge cisco systems RFQ
CAB-X21MT x.21 cable dte male 10 feet db-60 male - db-15 male - 10ft RFQ
73-3869-07 ws-x6182-2pa flexwan module RFQ
RT58I yamaha broadband voip router rt58i RFQ
XFP10GLROC192SR xfp10glroc192sr cisco systems RFQ
73-8006-08 ws-x6k-sup2-2ge module RFQ
WSC6509E wsc6509e cisco systems RFQ
73-7309-01 ws-x6348 48port inline RFQ
M73-2598-06 ws-x5509 supervisor engine 2 mod RFQ
73-318505 ws-x5380 network analysis module RFQ
WSC6K9SLOTFAN2 wsc6k9slotfan2 cisco systems RFQ
800-06225-02 ws-x6416-gbic RFQ
M73-4368-03G0 ws-x6k-sup1a-2ge supervisor 1 mod RFQ
XFP-10G-MM-SR-JTS xfp optic (lc connector). 850nm, 300m over mmf. RFQ
WSC3512XLEN wsc3512xlen RFQ
WS-X5509-R ws-x5509, supervisor engine ii dual port 100base-tx mii RFQ
M73-3244-09 ws-x6248-rj-45 48-port ether module RFQ
73-4961-02 B0 ws-x6k-sup1a-2ge RFQ
73-2282-13 ws-x5530 supervisor engine 3 mod RFQ
10-2014 xenpak-10gb-sr RFQ
XCM-M-512MB xcm-m-512mb redback sms 10000 xcm connection manager module RFQ
73-7300-03 ws-x6516-gbic 16-port gigabit RFQ
WSA-S170-K9 wsa s170 web security appliance w/ (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) eu req wsa s170 web sec appl w/ s/w RFQ
XENPAK-10GE-SR xenpak-10ge-sr RFQ
CN7183YBAA ws-x6408a-gbic RFQ
WS-X5304-15 ws-x5304-15 cisco RFQ
X2-10GB-SR/NS x2-10gb-sr/ns cisco RFQ
WS-X5302-EU-RE ws-x5302-eu-re cisco RFQ
WS-X640BA-GBIC ws-x640ba-gbic cisco RFQ
WS-X5534-E1-GESX USE ws-x5534-e1-gesx use cisco RFQ
XFP-10GER-192IR-JTS xfp-10ger-192ir-jts RFQ
M73-8232-01 ws-x6408a-gbic 8-port gigabit RFQ
68-1071-02 ws-x6k-sup1a-2ge RFQ
WS-X6824-SFP-2T-A1 ws-x6824-sfp-2t 24pt 1gb fiber w/dfc4 (11/14) RFQ
CP-7925G-CI925ZDA zcover 7925g charger RFQ
LFH002-003 x21 dte cable RFQ
WS-X6K-S2U-MSFC ws-x6k-s2u-msfc2 catalyst 6500 RFQ
XENPAK-1XGE-LR xenpak 10ge plugable optic module, 10base-lr,10km reach RFQ
73-6184-07 ws-x6416-gbic 16-port gigabit gbic RFQ
XENPAK-10GB-ER V02 xenpak-10gb-er v02 cisco RFQ
73-8006-05 A0 ws-x6k-sup2-2ge module RFQ
73-4688-03 A0 ws-x6324-100fx-mm RFQ
800-34706-01 ws-x6708-10ge RFQ
72-1427-01 x.21 cable, dce female to smart RFQ
10-2093-01 xcvr1.25gb 1490 tx1310 RFQ
M73-6866-02 ws-x6524-100fx-mm 24-port 100fx RFQ
74-6321-02 x2 to sfp+ adapter RFQ
XCRP-E1-SSU xcrp-e1-ssu RFQ
15327-XTC-28-3-T xc 576 sts 672 vt 28 ds1 3 ds3 RFQ
13M8298 x306 system board RFQ
X210GBSR x210gbsr cisco systems RFQ
XENPAK-10GB-ER+ (CT) xenpak-10gb-er+ (ct) cisco RFQ
73-3170-03 ws-x5530 supervisor engine iii card RFQ
73-8232-01 ws-x6408a-gbic 8-port gigabit RFQ
WS-X5506-R ws-x5506, supervisor engine ii dual 100base-fx module RFQ
WS-X6408-GB ws-x6408-gb RFQ
WS-X6248-RJ45-R ws-x6248-rj45, 48 port 10/100 rj-45 module RFQ
72-1100-01 A0 x.21 dte cable RFQ
CNSTWLRCAB ws-x6k-sup2-2ge RFQ
WS-X5536-E1-GELX USE ws-x5536-e1-gelx use cisco RFQ
800-26358 xr 12000 10-slot chassis with 2 ac power supplies RFQ
WS-X6948-RJ45 ws-x6348-rj45 cisco catalyst 6000 48-port 10/100 enh qos RFQ
M73-4356-05 ws-x6316-ge-tx 16-port 1000base-t RFQ
JD097C-3RD x240 10g sfp+ sfp+ 3m dac cable RFQ
WS-X5302-R ws-x5302, catalyst 5000 route switch module RFQ
CAB-X21-MT-C x21 cable, dte, male, 10feet RFQ
CISCO MCS-7845-I2-C1 x3850 media convergence server RFQ
WSC4948 wsc4948 cisco systems RFQ
13M8300 x306 system board RFQ
WS-X6K-SUP2-2GEMSF ws-x6k-sup2-2ge+msfc2+pfc2 RFQ
XFP-10GER-OC192IR V0 xfp-10ger-oc192ir v0 cisco RFQ
WS-X6548-RJ45 ws-x6548 RFQ
X2-10GB-SR-V3 x2-10gb-sr-v3 cisco RFQ
XENPAK-10G-SR xenpak-10g-sr RFQ
73-3170-05 A0 ws-x5530-e2a supervisor engine iii -nffc RFQ
73-4087-05 B0 ws-x6224-100fx-mt RFQ
SSAS20K9-COSLI20 wsg r2.0 application software rtu per sami crypto (ships from mfg) (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) wsg r sami crypto RFQ
WS-X6348-R ws-x6348, 6000 series 48 port 10/100 en switch module RFQ
73-6704-09 ws-x6k-sup2-2ge supervisor engine 2 RFQ
WS-X6248-RJ ws-x6248-rj 48 port blade RFQ
CWB-CAB-ETH-S-RJ45 yellow ethernet straight trought rj45 1.5m RFQ
WS-X6608-EI ws-x6608-ei RFQ
ONS-XC-10G-52.5 xfp - oc-192 / stm64 / 10ge 1552.52 100ghz lc (ships from mfg) (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) xfp - 100ghz lc RFQ
H0101CIB_080100-R5 zte RFQ
10-1838-03 xcvr 10gbe lan 1310nm RFQ
800-06816-02 A0 ws-x6348 RFQ
WS-X6408-GBIC USED ws-x6408-gbic used cisco RFQ
RTX1100 yamaha switch RFQ
XFP-10G-MM-SR V01 xfp-10g-mm-sr v01 cisco RFQ
WS-X6748-GE-TX V02 ws-x6748-ge-tx v02 cisco ws-x6748-ge-tx v02 cat6500 catalyst 48 RFQ
M73-6704-09 ws-x6k-sup2-2ge supervisor engine 2 RFQ
ACC2662 yagi mount RFQ
ONS-XC-10G-42.1 xfp oc-192 / stm64 / 10ge 1542.14 100ghz lc (ships from mfg) (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) xfp o 100ghz lc RFQ
X2-FILLER x2 slot cover/blank/filler RFQ
WSC3750E24TDS wsc3750e24tds cisco systems RFQ
WS-X5410 USED ws-x5410 used cisco RFQ
73-8006-08 A0 ws-x6k-sup2-2ge module RFQ
WS-X6148-GE-TX USED ws-x6148-ge-tx used cisco RFQ
SRT100 yamaha switch RFQ
74-4248 x5 300gb hd x2 3.2ghz - 4gb dr RFQ
WS-X5534-E1-GESX-RE ws-x5534-e1-gesx-re cisco RFQ
10-2012-02 xfp oc192/stm64/10ge 1310nm sr RFQ
WS-X6148-GE-45AT ws-x6148-ge-45at cisco 48pt poe+ ge module for 65xx RFQ
WX-X3500-XL wx-x3500-xl cisco gigastack gigabit interface converter (gbic) m RFQ
X2-10GB-T x2 10gbase-t pluggable transceiver (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) x2 10 transceiver RFQ
WSC3750G16TDE wsc3750g16tde cisco systems RFQ
WSA-AMM-1Y-S3 wsa anti-malware 1yr lic key - 500- RFQ
XENPAK-10GB-LR-C xenpak-10-gb-lr 10gbase-lr RFQ
WS-X6148-RJ45V USED ws-x6148-rj45v used cisco RFQ
73-7300-05 A0 ws-x6516-gbic module RFQ
WS-X6248-RJ-45-RE ws-x6248-rj-45-re cisco RFQ
WS-X6381-IDS-R ws-x6381-ids, catalyst 6000 intrusion detection module RFQ
WS-X6724-SFP( 2) ws-x6724-sfp( 2) RFQ
M73-3869-07 ws-x6182-2pa flexwan module RFQ
WS-X5534-E1-GESX ws-x5534-e1-gesx= cisco RFQ
ONS-XC-10G-51.7 xfp - oc-192 / stm64 / 10ge 1551.72 100ghz lc (ships from mfg) (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) xfp - 100ghz lc RFQ
WS-X6K-SUPA1A-2GE ws-x6k-supa1a-2ge RFQ
10-2143-01 xcvr 1.25gb/s 850nm catalyst 4500 RFQ
800-06353-01 ws-x6248a-tel 48 port 10/100 base-t fast ethernet switching modu RFQ
X2-10GB-LRM V01 x2-10gb-lrm v01 cisco RFQ
MCS-7835H-2.4-EVV1 xeon 2.4ghz processor 1gb sdram, two 36gb u320 scsi RFQ
XFP-10GLR-OC-1925SR xfp-10glr-oc-1925sr RFQ
44258.5M zoho manageengine netflow analyzer professional plus edition ann RFQ
WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE (MS ws-x6k-sup1a-2ge (msfc1) RFQ
XFP-10GLR-OC192IR xfp-10glr-oc192ir cisco RFQ
CISCO2621XM-RPS-DC xm router redundent pwr RFQ
WS-X6526-GBIC ws-x6526-gbic cisco RFQ
XENPAK-10GB-ER USED xenpak-10gb-er used cisco RFQ
XFP-10GB-ER-C xfp, 10gbe, er, lc, compatible RFQ
XENPAK-10GB-LX4 V01 xenpak-10gb-lx4 v01 cisco RFQ
WS-X6148-FE-SFP (CT) ws-x6148-fe-sfp (ct) cisco RFQ
CAB-SS-X21MT-10M x.21 cable, dte male to serial, 10 metres RFQ
WS-X6548-GE-TX (*CT) ws-x6548-ge-tx (*ct) cisco RFQ
WS-X5530-E1-R ws-x5530-e1, supervisor engine iii base module RFQ
WS-X6148-RJ-45 USED ws-x6148-rj-45 used cisco RFQ
72-1440-01 A0 x.21 cable dte male to smart serial 10 feet RFQ
WS-X6K-S1A-2GE ws-x6k-s1a-2ge cisco RFQ
XFP-10GLR-OC192SR V0 xfp-10glr-oc192sr v0 cisco RFQ
WS-C6724-SFP ws-x6724-sfp w/ cfc RFQ
68-3597-01 B0 ws-x6148a-ge-tx v05 module 6509 48-pt ethern RFQ
XFP-10GLR-OC192LR xfp-10glr-oc192lr cisco RFQ
X2-BLANK-GRAY x2 slot cover/blank/filler gray RFQ
M73-7309-01 ws-x6348 48port inline module RFQ
X2-BLANK-WHITE x2 slot cover/blank/filler white RFQ
APP-JT1 x.21 applique w/1 connector RFQ
WS-X6K-S1-2GE ws-x6k-s1-2ge cisco RFQ
WS-X5530-R ws-x5530, supervisor iii engine 5500 series RFQ
WS-X5530-E3A-R ws-x5530-e3a, supervisor engine iii module with nffc iii RFQ
73-9539-06 A0 ws-x6582-2pa RFQ
DJ1404029 xlr1216tx-a 16 port autosensing 10base-t/100base-tx RFQ
WS-X6516-GE-TX USED ws-x6516-ge-tx used cisco RFQ