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Altiga Networks – IT Hardware Parts Catalog

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Part No Description RFQ
ALTI-T1E1-1 t1/e1 pri version a2 RFQ
FSN-AP300-AM01 ifusion ap300 smart station for iphone, white altigen communications ifusion smartstation, white RFQ
ALTI-IP600 black 10 button speaker with display (power supply sold separate RFQ
FSN-AP300-UK01 no stock, 2-4 days lt RFQ
AT510 altigen at510- altitouch 510 phone altigen at510- RFQ
ALTI-IP600H black 10 button speaker with display with headphone jack (power RFQ
FSN-AP300-AM01 044 NA RFQ
ALTI-IP705 altigen ip705 ip phone RFQ
IP720 altigen ip 720 display speakerphone charcoal RFQ
IP705 altigen ip705 phone RFQ
IPC-6908BP-25XB 8-slot capacity with processor card and power supply RFQ
FSN-AP300-AM02 044 NA RFQ
AT510-12360 altigen altitouch 510 series display phone - charcoal at510 c-s RFQ
390/A1216-0000-10 charcoal speaker with display / no base stand RFQ
ALTITOUCH 510 altigen altitouch 510 (at510) RFQ
ALTI-IP720 altigen communications ip720 voip phone 15 backlit ke RFQ
IP705 C STOCK altigen communications ip 705 series lcd phone - charcoal (alti- RFQ
ALTI-MAX1000-ACM ships same or next-day* & available online -- max1000 acm server RFQ
ALTI-TATT-12 analog trunk board with 12 fx0 ports (loop start only) RFQ
FSN-AP300-AM02 ifusion ap300 smart station, black altigen communications ifusion smart station, black RFQ
IP710 CSTOCK altigen communications ip 710 series lcd phone - charcoal (alti- RFQ
ALTITOUCH 500 altigen communications altitouch 500 display telephone RFQ
ALTI-CD0012UD-SPH001 12 extension RFQ
CVPN3005 vpn concentrator model c5 RFQ
ALTI-CD0408UD-SPH001 4 trunk 8 extension RFQ
ALTI-M004 altigen analog tunk card RFQ
ALTI-TTIP voip board (30-ports g.711 or 12-ports g.723 / g.729) RFQ
ALTI-MAX1000-A3-1465 altigen max1000 ip-pbx with alti-m0404 RFQ
ALTI-IP710 altigen ip710 ip phone RFQ
ALTI-CD0012UD alti-cd0012ud voice interface card RFQ
IP600 sounddpoint ip600 phone RFQ
PT390 ALTIGEN C STOC altigen communications altitouch pt390 charcoal phone c stock RFQ
ALTI-TTT1-1 alti-ttt1-1 altigen's triton voip RFQ
MSC-IPXXPOE altigen poe module for ip phones RFQ
TD06 ATGN-IP705-06 altigen ip 705 ip phone RFQ
ACP-4000BP-00X chassis 4u w/ bp & processor with momentary switch (no power sup RFQ
ALTIGEN PT390 altigen communications altitouch pt390 power touch charcoal phon RFQ
152-1134-001 t1 board RFQ
PT390 altitouch pt390 power touch charcoal phone w/ac adpt RFQ
ALTI-TTAS-12 alti-ttas-12 extensions pci board RFQ
AT510-4534 altigen altitouch 510 series display phone - charcoal at510 RFQ
FSN-AP300-UK02 no stock, 2-4 days lt RFQ
ALTI-MAX1000-A altigen max1000 ip pbx base system RFQ
AT-510 altitouch 510 phone RFQ
601-0082-01 NA RFQ
ALTI-CD0804UD alti-cd0804ud altigen quantum voic RFQ
IP710 altigen ip710 voip ip phone RFQ