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Programmers Development Systems Board Level Electronic Components

All parts of Programmers Development Systems including TMDSCCS-ALLF03, TPS75525EVM, ADP1048DC1-EVALZ, DS91C176EVK/NOPB, DEMOJM etc are available on our website. All these electronic components are manufactured by the top brands like Texas Instruments, Analog Devices Inc, National Semiconductor, Freescale Semiconductor, Integrated Device Technology. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor stocks large parts used in the electronic industry.

Programmers Development Systems Manufacturers

Part Number's List for Programmers Development Systems

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
TMDSCCS-ALLF03 texas instruments code composer studio ide v4.x code composer studioö ide tis embedded processors - - RFQ
TPS75525EVM texas instruments eval mod for tps75525 1 - single 2.5v 3.3v 5a 3a 2.8 ~ 5.5v positive fixed -40¦c ~ 125¦c fully populated board tps75525 tps75733 RFQ
ADP1048DC1-EVALZ analog devices inc daughtercard adp1048 power management power factor correction no adp1048 - RFQ
DS91C176EVK/NOPB national semiconductor kit eval rj45-sma ds91c176 txrx interface m-lvds transceiver - ds91c176 - RFQ
DEMOJM freescale semiconductor kit demo for jm mcu family mcu mcf51jm128 mc9s08jm60 base board daughter cards documentation and software RFQ
IDT82EBV5585 integrated device technology board eval for for 82v5585 * - idt82v5585 - RFQ
ISL6420BEVAL1Z intersil corporation eval board 1 for isl6420b - - - - - - - - - - - RFQ
LP3905SD-30EV national semiconductor board evaluation lp3905sd-30 dc/dc step down with ldo 4 non-isolated - 1.2v 1.875 2.8v 2.8v 600ma 600ma 100ma 100ma 3 ~ 5.5 v buck 2mhz fully populated board lp3905 RFQ
EVAL-AD7723CBZ analog devices inc board evaluation for ad7723 1 16 1.2m serial parallel ¦vref 475mw @ 1.2msps -40¦c ~ 85¦c ad7723 board cd RFQ
27937 parallax inc memory stick datalogger memory data logger yes other vnc1l-1a saves data to a usb flash drive headers for easy connections RFQ
OMSGY-40520-DEV-UPG omron electronics inc ind upgddev oldtonew sg 4k tg - - - - RFQ
ISL28107SOICEVAL1Z intersil corporation eval board for isl28107 soic 1 - single general purpose single-ended 0.32 v/¦s - 40ma -40¦c ~ 125¦c 210¦a 4.5 v ~ 40 v ¦2.25 v ~ 20 v fully populated board isl28107 RFQ
VDSP-SHARC-PC-FULL analog devices inc visualdsp++ for ide tools sharc visual dsp++ö idde sharc« processors - - RFQ
NU-LB-M051 nuvoton technology kit eval numicro m051 mcu m051ö series m052/m054/m058/m0516 board cable cd RFQ
101-0910 rabbit semiconductor software web download rabbit exp rabbitweb module dynamic c 9 - - RFQ
Z86E4400ZDF zilog z8 44-pqfp to 18-dip adapter socket module - pqfp zilog emulators/programmers RFQ
IPR-NIOS altera ip nios ii megacore renew megacore - renewal license RFQ
EVAL-AD7688CBZ analog devices inc board eval for ad7688 1 16 500k dsp microwireö qspiö serial spiö ¦vref 3.75mw @ 100ksps -40¦c ~ 85¦c ad7688 board RFQ
CDB3318 cirrus logic inc board eval for cs3318 vol ctrl audio volume control no cs3318 8 single-ended analog inputs and outputs usb or rs232 interface RFQ
SN65LVDS17EVM texas instruments evaluation module for sn65lvds17 interface lvds buffer/repeater - sn65lvds17 - RFQ
101-1177 rabbit semiconductor rcm4300 dev kit universal mpu module rcm4300 rabbitcore module dev. board ac adapter cable and dynamic c« cd-rom RFQ
TMDSDSK5510 texas instruments dsp starter kit for tms320c5510 dsp tms320c55x family evaluation board power supply cable software and documentation RFQ
LFTHNET freescale semiconductor hardware 0.8mm 64-pin qfp programming adapter - RFQ
JESD-204A-E3-U lattice semiconductor corporation ip interface data-logic ecp3 - - - - RFQ
ACICE0201 microchip technology mplabice 8p 300 mil adapter adapter plug mplaböice RFQ
ISL62881CGPUEVAL2Z intersil corporation eval board for isl62881c dc/dc step down 1 non-isolated - 0 ~ 1.5 v 26a 4.5 ~ 20 v buck 300khz fully populated board isl62881c RFQ
EVAL-ADCMP600BRJZ analog devices inc board eval for adcmp600 sot23-5 comparator single no adcmp600 cmos & ttl compatible outputs RFQ
CY3690 cypress semiconductor corp socket adapter for cy25100 socket adapter cy3672 cy25100zcf RFQ
MED-FILT-P2-U1 lattice semiconductor corporation ip core median filter ecp2 conf - - - - RFQ
TLV320AIC3212EVM-U texas instruments eval module for tlv320aoc3212-u audio codec no tlv320aic3212 - RFQ
NCP1013LEDGEVB on semiconductor board eval 5w univ led driver 700ma 1 isolated 8.6v short-circuit protection 85 ~ 265vac board ncp1013 RFQ
SER24-35OVT/NOPB national semiconductor board eval ds90c241 interface serializer no ds90c241 - RFQ
M38K09RFS renesas electronics america emulator mcu for 38k0 group in-circuit emulator system 38k0 38k2 - RFQ
AS5045 PB ams board program as5045 zif socket as5000 programmer as5045 RFQ
DC1488A-A linear technology board dac ltc2634-12 4 12 - microwireö serial spiö 4.2¦s voltage 0¦c ~ 70¦c board ltc2634-12 RFQ
LM7705MMEVAL national semiconductor board eval for lm7705mm dc/dc negative inverter 1 non-isolated - -230mv 26ma 3 ~ 5.25 v inverting - fully populated board lm7705 RFQ
SD002EVK national semiconductor board evaluation lmh0002 interface digital cable driver - lmh0002 - RFQ
ACICE0407 microchip technology cable flex for ice 4000 flex cable ice4000 RFQ
MCP2140DM-TMPSNS microchip technology board demo for mcp2140 interface irda yes mcu 8-bit mcp2140 irda controller with pic18f mcu and temp sensor temp RFQ
AS1323-27 EB ams board eval as1323-27 dc/dc step up 1 non-isolated - 2.7v 100ma 0.7 ~ 2 v boost - fully populated board as1323-27 RFQ
EK-V7-VC707-CES-G xilinx inc virtex-7 vc707 eval kit fpga virtex«-7 vx485t-2 board cables flash drive power supply software RFQ
ISL62383HIEVAL1Z intersil corporation evaluation board for isl62383hi dc/dc step down with ldo 3 non-isolated - 1.05v 1.5v 5v 15a 15a 100ma 5.5 ~ 25 v buck - fully populated board isl62383 RFQ
AE-Q64-HC908-1 phyton inc adapter socket 64-qfp to 40-dip socket module - qfp chipprog-48 chipprog-g4 RFQ
LP3996SD-3030EV national semiconductor board evaluation lp3996sd-3030 2 - dual 3v 3v 300ma 150ma 2 ~ 6 v positive fixed -40¦c ~ 85¦c fully populated board lp3996 RFQ
KSZ8851SNL-BBE-EVAL micrel inc board eval mac/phy for ksz8851 interface ethernet controller (phy and mac) no ksz8851snl 1 port 100base-tx/10base-t RFQ
ETHER-10G-P2-U3 lattice semiconductor corporation ip core 10gb eth mac ecp2 conf - - - - RFQ
AFBR-0978Z avago technologies inc kit eval txrx 650nm fe interface ethernet no afbr-5978z supports 10mbps & 100mbps RFQ
27963 parallax inc solutions cubed: memkey keypad encoder basic stamp« RFQ
LM2735XSDEVAL national semiconductor board eval lm2735 1.6mhz 6llp dc/dc step up 1 non-isolated - 12v 500ma 3 ~ 5.5 v boost 1.6mhz fully populated board lm2735 RFQ
HS2168ECN61H renesas electronics america pcb adapter 144tqfp user interface cable h8s/2168 RFQ
EVAL6928D stmicroelectronics board eval l6928 step down reg dc/dc step down 1 non-isolated - 0.6 ~ 5.5 v 800ma 2 ~ 5.5 v buck 1.4mhz fully populated board l6928 RFQ
TPS61031EVM-208 texas instruments eval mod for tps61031 dc/dc step up 1 non-isolated - 3.3v 1a 1.8 ~ 5.5 v boost - fully populated board tps61031 RFQ
STEVAL-IFS012V2 stmicroelectronics eval daughter stts75 8-tssop temperature -55¦c ~ 125¦c i¦c ¦0.5¦c 2.7 v ~ 5.5 v no daughter board for steval-ifs012v1 stts75 RFQ
NCP2809BGEVB on semiconductor eval board for ncp2809b class ab headphones 2-channel (stereo) 135mw x 2 @ 16 ohm 2.2 v ~ 5.5 v - fully populated ncp2809 board RFQ
DAC121C08XEB/NOPB national semiconductor board eval for dac121c081/5 1 12 - serial 6¦s voltage -40¦c ~ 125¦c board dac121c081/5 RFQ
EVAL-AD7910CBZ analog devices inc board evaluation for ad7910 1 10 250k serial 0 ~ vdd 12.5mw @ 250ksps 5 v -40¦c ~ 85¦c ad7910 board cd RFQ
M53017KIT freescale semiconductor kit voip development system audio voice recognition yes mcf53017 can transceiver ethernet phy or dual phy RFQ
MCB2140UME keithley instruments board eval mcb2140 + ulink-me mcu lpc214x evaluation board and real view mdk-arm tools RFQ
CYWBDVK002AB cypress semiconductor corp board dev antioch interface peripheral controller no - - RFQ
ADP1752-1 5-EVALZ analog devices inc board eval ad1752 1.5v 1 - single 1.5v 800ma 1.6 ~ 3.6 v positive fixed -40¦c ~ 125¦c fully populated board adp1752-1.5 RFQ
EVDI430YI ixys integrated circuits division board evaluation ixdi430yi power management fet driver (external fet) - ixdi430yi - RFQ
DK-S6-CONN-G-J-XP1 xilinx inc dev kit connectivity spartan 6 fpga spartan«-6 fpga xc6slx45t-fgg484 board cables documentation software - power supply not included - RFQ
LME49722MABD national semiconductor board evaluation for lme49722 2 - dual audio single-ended 22 v/¦s - 28ma -40¦c ~ 85¦c 12.3ma ¦2.5 v ~ 18 v fully populated board lme49722 RFQ
DG-ACC-POE digi international kit poe application power management power over ethernet (poe) - lm5070 12v add-on module for jumpstart kits RFQ
RDK-194 power integrations kit ref design for lnk406eg 500ma 1 non-isolated 28v dimmable with standard triac dimmer power factor correction 90 ~ 265vac board lnk406eg RFQ
ADC08200EVAL national semiconductor board evaluation for adc08200 1 8 200m parallel 0 ~ 3.6 v 210mw @ 200msps -40¦c ~ 105¦c adc08200 board RFQ
DC1495A linear technology board demo lt2940 power management current monitor no lt2940 differential inputs RFQ
MCP2515DM-BM microchip technology board demo for mcp2515/51 interface can controller yes mcu 8-bit mcp2515 mcp2551 stand alone can controller with spi RFQ
BQ24115EVM texas instruments evaluation module for bq24115 power management battery charger no bq24115 1 2 3 cell li-ion/ li-pol up to 2a 5 ~ 16 v input RFQ
DM330013 microchip technology microstick dspic33f/pic24h board dsc/mcu dspic33f pic24h board cable connectors samples RFQ
DC1629A linear technology board delta sigma adc ltc2472 2 16 250 1k serial spiö ¦vref - 0¦c ~ 70¦c ltc2472 board RFQ
SW006015 microchip technology c compiler mplab c32 compiler pic32 - - RFQ
MQXCF51CN-P freescale semiconductor tech support mqx prem 12 month tech support - - - RFQ
OMSGY-40521-RT omron electronics inc ind rt embd s g pkg 4k tags - - - - RFQ
IDT89KTPES24T3G2 integrated device technology kit system dev for pes24t3g2 * * * * RFQ
ATSTK600-SC12 atmel stk600 qfn-32 socket card avr socket adapter stk600 RFQ
EVAL-ADXL001-500Z analog devices inc board eval adxl001-500 accelerometer 1 axis ¦500g analog 3.3 mv/¦/s 3.135 v ~ 6 v no board adxl001-500 RFQ
Z8F64210100ZDV zilog adapter ice z8 encore 64k 44plcc * z8 encore!ö RFQ
DBF871 rf solutions board daughter icepic daughter board icepic and icepic 2 emulator system RFQ
EVAL-AD7492CBZ analog devices inc board evaluation for ad7492 1 12 1m parallel 0 ~ 2.5 v 15mw @ 1msps 5 v -40¦c ~ 85¦c ad7492 board cd RFQ
HFBR-0539Z avago technologies inc kit eval pof 12mbd profbus 650nm interface fiber optics no hfbr-1515bz hfbr-2515bz dc ~ 12mbd ttl RFQ
TRF1122EVM texas instruments trf1122evm - - - - RFQ
ADC121S705EB national semiconductor board evaluation for adc121s705 1 12 1m serial ¦vref 11.5mw @ 1msps -40¦c ~ 105¦c adc121s705 board RFQ
ATAVRQTOUCHX atmel board eval capacitive touch touch capacitive 1 slider 1 wheel 2 buttons usb - 5v usb yes mcu 8-bit board at90usb1287 atxmega128a1 RFQ
ADC11C170LFEBC national semiconductor board eval for adc11c170 1 11 170m - - 747mw @ 170msps -40¦c ~ 85¦c adc11c170 board software RFQ
IRDC3870 international rectifier board eval reg supirbuck dc/dc - - - - - - - - - - - RFQ
IS-DEV KIT-1 nkk switches smartswitch development kit 1 switches with programmable display - smartswitchölcd display lcd display module 2 tact switches with flash memory RFQ
LM4675SDBD national semiconductor board evaluation lm4675sd class d 1-channel (mono) 2.7w x 1 @ 4 ohm 2.4 v ~ 5.5 v -40¦c ~ 85¦c fully populated lm4675 board RFQ
SMSX-84CQ-ACTEL microsemi soc adapter module 84cqfp - - RFQ
ADS6443EVM texas instruments ads6443evm 1 14 80m serial parallel 2 vpp 300mw @ 80 msps -40¦c ~ 85¦c ads6443 board RFQ
NUTINY-SDK-100 nuvoton technology board evaluation nuc100 series mcu nuc100 series board cable RFQ
TMDSCNCD2808 texas instruments daughter card tms320f2808 daughter card tms320f2808 RFQ
AD8051AR-EBZ analog devices inc board eval for ad8051ar 1 - single voltage feedback - - - - - - - bare (unpopulated) board 8-soic package RFQ
BQ24305EVM texas instruments evaluation module for bq24305 power management battery charger no bq24305 1 cell- li-ion/ li-pol 1a 4.5 ~ 26 v input RFQ
AT91SAM7S-EK atmel kit eval for arm at91sam7s mcu at91sam7s board cable dvd RFQ
AD9238BCP-65EBZ analog devices inc board eval with ad9238bcp-65 2 12 65m parallel 2 vpp 640mw @ 65msps -40¦c ~ 85¦c ad9238-65 board RFQ
EVL6562A-400W stmicroelectronics board eval for l6562ax power management power factor correction no l6562a 400w 400v out 90 ~ 265vac in RFQ
ISL6256AEVAL1Z intersil corporation evaluation board for isl6256a - - - - RFQ
EVAL-AD7940CBZ analog devices inc board evaluation ad7940 1 14 100k serial 0 ~ vdd 17mw @ 100ksps & 5 v -40¦c ~ 85¦c ad7940 board RFQ
TPS62361BEVM-655 texas instruments eval module for tps62361b-655 dc/dc step down 1 non-isolated - 0.5 v ~ 1.77 v 3a 2.5 ~ 5.5 v buck 2.5mhz fully populated board tps62361b RFQ