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Programmers Development Systems Board Level Electronic Components

Programmers Development Systems Manufacturers

Part Number's List for Programmers Development Systems

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
QB-MINI2-K0R/KG3L renesas electronics america kit demo 78k0r kg3l upd78f1014 mcu upd78f1014 78k0r/kg3-l board minicube2 RFQ
28122 parallax inc kit whats a micro:parts only parts kit board of education full kit RFQ
PCM18XR1 microchip technology module proc for pic18f4550/2550 processor module ice2000 RFQ
STM32100B-MCKIT stmicroelectronics evaluation board with 16 mbyte s power management motor control yes mcu 32-bit l6390 stgp10nc60kd stm32f100 3-ph pmsm motors RFQ
AT91CAP9A-STK atmel kit starter for at91cap9a mcu at91cap9 board cd RFQ
AT91SAM9G20-EK atmel kit eval for at91sam9g20 mcu mcu at91sam9g20 board cables cd power supply RFQ
STEVAL-MKI071V1 stmicroelectronics board demo mems ly330alh gyroscope 1 axis ¦300¦/sec analog and digital 3.752mv/¦/s 5v usb yes mcu 8-bit board ly330alh RFQ
HW-V5-ML501-UNI-G-J xilinx inc evaluation platform virtex-5 fpga xc5vlx50ffg676 ml501 platform dvi adapter and compactflash card RFQ
PCA4738L-160A renesas electronics america dev 38000 series 160d0 package p programming adapter 38000 series RFQ
SN65LVDS122EVM texas instruments eval mod for sn65lvds122 interface lvds crosspoint switch/multiplexer - sn65lvds122 - RFQ
MB201A2V-01 advanced linear devices inc 5 1/2 dig dvm board - - - - RFQ
AD9512/PCBZ analog devices inc board eval for ad9512 timing clock distribution - ad9512 - RFQ
SI3050DC1-EVB silicon laboratories inc daughtercard daa si3050/si3018 telecom data acquisition arrangement (daa) - si3050 - RFQ
HW-V5-PCIE2-UNI-G xilinx inc kit dev pciexpress gtx virtex5 fpga virtexö-5 fpga board cd RFQ
SK-AX2-CG624-KITBTM microsemi soc adapter board skt cg624-fg896 - - RFQ
UPMP-F960-EMIF-EK silicon laboratories inc kit dev udp for c8051f960 mcu c8051f960 board RFQ
TPS54326EVM-540 texas instruments eval module for tps54326-540 - - - - - - - - - - - RFQ
OM-64520-RT-SPUPG omron electronics inc control room rt tag upg - - - - RFQ
TPS61251EVM-517 texas instruments eval module for tps61251-517 dc/dc step up 1 non-isolated - 5.5v 300ma 2.3 ~ 6 v boost 3.25mhz fully populated board tps61251 RFQ
STEVAL-PCC003V1 stmicroelectronics board eval usb stusb03e/st72f63b interface usb 2.0 slave yes mcu 8-bit stusb03e st72f63b low speed (1.5mbps) RFQ
AC300023 microchip technology dspic33f ac induction motor ac induction (acim) motor dspicdem (dm330 023) dspic33f RFQ
LFE2M50E-P4-EVN lattice semiconductor corporation board eval pci express ecp2m50 fpga lfe2m50e board cable power supply RFQ
CA166 keithley instruments kit compiler 166 mcu family compiler 166 mcu family - - RFQ
EKT-LM3S9D90 texas instruments kit eval lm3s9d90 code red tools mcu lm3s9d90 board cables cd debugger RFQ
FS-9073 digi international kit dev a9m2440 for windows ce mcu module a9m2440 module developer base board mcu module jtag booster power supply cables and software RFQ
LM5032EVAL/NOPB national semiconductor eval board for lm5032 dc/dc step up 1 non-isolated - 48v 4a 18 ~ 45 v boost - fully populated board documentation lm5032 RFQ
SI5375-EVB silicon laboratories inc board eval for si5375 timing clock buffer / driver / receiver / translator yes mcu 8-bit si5375 - RFQ
TPA5051EVM texas instruments eval module for tpa5051 audio audio processing - tpa5051 - RFQ
LM20125EVAL national semiconductor board eval 5a powerwise lm20125 dc/dc step down 1 non-isolated - 1.2v 5a 2.95 ~ 5.5 v buck 500khz fully populated board lm20125 RFQ
IDT82EBV2048 integrated device technology board eval for for 82v2048 telecom line interface units (lius) - idt82v2048 t1/j1/e1 liu RFQ
TPS62120EVM-640 texas instruments eval module for tps62120-640 dc/dc step down 1 non-isolated - 1.2 ~ 5.5 v 75ma 2 ~ 15 v buck 800khz fully populated board tps62120 RFQ
STEVAL-ILL018V4 stmicroelectronics board eval led lb w55m led board - RFQ
ADS8363EVM texas instruments eval module for ads8363 - - - - - - - - - RFQ
DEMOTS488S stmicroelectronics board demo for ts488 class ab headphones 2-channel (stereo) 130mw x 2 @ 16 ohm 2.2 v ~ 5.5 v -40¦c ~ 85¦c fully populated ts488 board RFQ
CY3210-PSOCEVAL1 cypress semiconductor corp kit eval psoc w/miniprog1 mcu cy8c miniprog programmer eval board sample cable and software RFQ
BQ24080EVM texas instruments evaluation module for bq24080 power management battery charger no bq24080 1 cell- li-ion/ li-pol 1a RFQ
EVAL-AD976CB analog devices inc board eval for ad976 1 16 100k parallel ¦10 v 100mw @ 100ksps -40¦c ~ 85¦c ad976 board cd RFQ
BQ24314EVM-251 texas instruments bq24314evm-251 power management battery charger - bq24314 - RFQ
AE-Q64-HC908-1 phyton inc adapter socket 64-qfp to 40-dip socket module - qfp chipprog-48 chipprog-g4 RFQ
LNBH24DEMOBOARD stmicroelectronics demo board for lnbh24 special purpose dc/dc lnb 2 non-isolated - - - 8 ~ 15 v - - fully populated board lnbh24 RFQ
IB050Q120T53N1-CB vicor corporation 1/4 brick ibc 36-60vin 53a eval dc/dc step down 1 isolated 650w 12v 53a 36 ~ 60v buck 1mhz fully populated board ib050q120t53 RFQ
M3A-0037G01 renesas electronics america dev evaluation board for m66591g * * m66591 * RFQ
CY3210-MINIPROG1 cypress semiconductor corp board demo miniprog1 mcu psoc mcus (except cy8c25/26) eval. board miniprog programmer cable and software RFQ
IS-INT DEV KIT-5C nkk switches smartswitch int developmnt kit5c switches with programmable display - is15sbfp4rgb 2 lcd switches pc board with flash memory RFQ
HS36014ECH61H renesas electronics america emulator pcb adapter 64-qfp user interface cable h8/36014 h8/36024 RFQ
FS-997 digi international kit dev 7u module lxnetes linux mcu connectcore 7u module hardware software and lxnetes linux RFQ
SI2404FT10-EVB silicon laboratories inc board eval si2404 + si3010 24pin telecom data acquisition arrangement (daa) - si2404 - RFQ
LM2852Y-1 2EVAL national semiconductor board eval lm2852y-1.2 dc/dc step down 1 non-isolated - 1.2v 2a 2.85 ~ 5.5v buck 500khz fully populated board lm2852 RFQ
EVAL-ADCMP580BCPZ analog devices inc board eval for adcmp580bcp interface comparator - adcmp580 - RFQ
AD8007AKS-EBZ analog devices inc board eval for ad8007aks 1 - single current feedback - - - - - - - bare (unpopulated) board sc-70-5 package RFQ
DEMOBOARD-U4091BM atmel board demo for u4091bm telecom phone ic corded no u4091bm dtmf speech circuit tone-ringer voice switch RFQ
ATSTK600-RC04 atmel stk600 routing card avr routing card stk600 RFQ
TSSEVB freescale semiconductor board evaluation touch sensing touch capacitive - usb - - yes mcu 8-bit board cable documentation 2 overlays - RFQ
HFBR-0555 avago technologies inc kit eval atm multimode 155mbit interface fiber optics no hfbr-5900 family atm multimode transceivers 155mbit RFQ
TPS7A6050EVM texas instruments eval module for tps7a6050 1 - single 5v 300ma 4 ~ 40 v positive fixed -40¦c ~ 150¦c fully populated board tps7a6050 RFQ
LMK02000EVAL-1 national semiconductor board eval with 245.76 vcxo timing clock distribution - lmk02000 - RFQ
TUNAG001 microchip technology module mems compass spi cm1015 magnetic digital compass - spi - 2.7 v ~ 4 v yes module cd cm1015 RFQ
XR16M780IM48-0A-EB exar corporation eval board for xr16m780-a 48tqfp - - - - RFQ
CY3201-01 cypress semiconductor corp mcu emulator pod for 8-dip emulation pod cy8c25122 RFQ
MHW-SOIC20/NOPB national semiconductor adapter debug/ice mstr 20-soic 20-soic probe target adapter cop8-im: metalink icemaster RFQ
ADS8484EVM texas instruments eval module for ads8484 - - - - - - - - - RFQ
UCC38050EVM texas instruments eval module for ucc38050 power management power factor correction - ucc38050 - RFQ
DP83848I-MAU-EK national semiconductor board evaluation dp83848i interface ethernet - dp83848i - RFQ
Z8F16800144ZCOG zilog kit dev for z8f642 mcu 44 pin mcu z8f642 hardware software and documentation RFQ
NCP5424EVB on semiconductor eval board for ncp5424 dc/dc step down 1 non-isolated - 1.5v 17a 3.3v 5v 12v buck 300khz fully populated board ncp5424 RFQ
EK33 cirrus logic inc evaluation kit for pa75cx 2 - dual power single-ended - - - - - - bare (unpopulated) board components heatsink - for assembly pa75cx RFQ
IE-78K0S-NS renesas electronics america board emulator 78k0s ice - - - RFQ
M68EM08AS/AZ60AE freescale semiconductor module emulation as-az mcu hc08 board RFQ
C8051F020DK silicon laboratories inc dev kit for f020/f021/f022/f023 mcu silicon laboratories c8051 f020/021/022/023 evaluation board power supply usb cables adapter and documentation RFQ
MA240016-2 microchip technology daughter board pic24hj plug-in module (pim) - pic24hj128gp504 explorer 16 (dm240001 or dm240002) RFQ
DAC084S085EB/NOPB national semiconductor board evaluation dac084s085 4 8 - serial 3¦s voltage -40¦c ~ 105¦c board dac084s085 RFQ
AC164338 microchip technology mod skt pic24f/dspic33f 28soic socket module - soic mplab« pm3 RFQ
XR16V654IQ-0A-EVB exar corporation eval board for xr16v654 100qfp - - - - RFQ
R0K561648S000BE renesas electronics america kit starter for h8sx/1648f mcu h8sx/1648 board cables cd power supply RFQ
ATSTK600-RC21 atmel stk600 routing card avr routing card stk600 RFQ
MCP6SX2DM-PCTLPD microchip technology board daughter pictail mcp6sx2 light current output - analog 850nm 2.5 v ~ 5.5 v no board cd samples mcp6001 mcp6s22 mcp6s92 RFQ
UCC28600EVM texas instruments eval module 120w for ucc28600 ac/dc primary side 1 isolated 120w 19.4v 6.2a 85 ~ 265vac flyback - fully populated board ucc28600 RFQ
OMSGY-03521-RT omron electronics inc ind rt embd g pkg 300 tags - - - - RFQ
TMDXEVM6467T texas instruments eval module for dm6467t dsp: video tms320dm6467 board RFQ
LFTQSJT freescale semiconductor hardware 0.5mm 120-pin qfp programming adapter - RFQ
ISL28113SOT23EVAL1Z intersil corporation evaluation board for isl28113 1 - single general purpose rail-to-rail 1 v/¦s - 22ma -40¦c ~ 125¦c 90¦a 2.4 v ~ 5.5 v ¦1.2 v ~ 2.75 v fully populated board isl28113 RFQ
NCP1337ADAPEVB on semiconductor board eval offline ctlr ncp1337a ac/dc primary side 1 isolated 60w 12v 5a 90 ~ 265vac flyback 130khz fully populated board ncp1337 RFQ
DM300019 microchip technology board demo dspicdem 80l starter mcu dspic30f dspic33f board cd sample part RFQ
ISL29101IROZ-EVALZ intersil corporation evaluation board for isl29101 light voltage output 10000lux analog 550nm 1.8 v ~ 3.3 v no board isl29101 RFQ
EVAL-ADMP421Z-FLEX analog devices inc board evaluation for admp421 audio mems omnidirectional microphone no admp421 digital output RFQ
SP1202S05RB-PCB/NOPB national semiconductor webench bare bd tcpl ia interface sensor to adc interface thermocouple no 8-msop package webench sensor designer thermocouple amp version 2 (instrumentation configuration) RFQ
HS0005PUU02H renesas electronics america dev e10a-usb 36pin interface cbl - - RFQ
AS1116 DB-RED ams board demo as1116 red * 8 non-isolated * 64 led driver with error detection spi 2.7 ~ 5.5 v board as1116 RFQ
XR16V654DIV-0A-EB exar corporation eval board for xr16v654d 64lqfp - - - - RFQ
EVAL-ADE7755ZEB analog devices inc board evaluation for ad7755 power management energy/power meter no ade7755 up to 240 vac 5 v supply monitors phase and neutral currents RFQ
ST7MDT10-TEB stmicroelectronics board target emulation emu3 emulation pod st7mdt10-dvp3 emulator RFQ
LM5113LLPEVB/NOPB national semiconductor board eval for lm5113llp dc/dc step down 1 non-isolated - 10v 10a 15 ~ 60 v buck 800khz fully populated board lm5113 RFQ
LMH6629SDEVAL/NOPB national semiconductor eval board for lmh6629sd 1 - single voltage feedback - 1600 v/¦s 1ghz 250ma -40¦c ~ 125¦c 15.5ma 2.7 v ~ 5.5 v fully populated board lmh6629 RFQ
THS4130EVM texas instruments eval mod for ths4130 1 - single differential differential 52 v/¦s 150mhz 85ma 0¦c ~ 70¦c 12.3ma 4 v ~ 33 v ¦2 v ~ 16.5 v fully populated board ths4130 RFQ
ISL6AHPEVAL1 intersil corporation eval board hip1011d/isl6118 power management hot swap controller no hip6006 isl6118 pci hot plug voltage bus control RFQ
DUAL-MOTOR-CONTROL-KIT microsemi soc kit eval smartfusion motor ctrl power management motor control yes other a2f200m3f-fgg484es brushless dc (bldc) & bipolar stepper motors RFQ
ISL54230EVAL3Z intersil corporation evaluation board isl54230 interface analog & digital switch no isl54230 4 x dpdt analog & usb switch RFQ
STEVAL-ISA033V1 stmicroelectronics board eval l5991/stp12nk80z ac/dc primary side 3 isolated 55w 13.8v 3.8v 25v 3a 350ma 200ma 88 ~ 300vac flyback - fully populated board l5991 stp12nk80z RFQ
DS25BR150EVK/NOPB national semiconductor board evaluation ds25br150 interface lvds transmitter/receiver - ds25br150 - RFQ
PI2121-EVAL1 vicor corporation board eval oring ctrlr pi2121 power management oring controller / load share no pi2121 - RFQ