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Video Board Level Electronic Components

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Part No Description RFQ
6000AC-120-NM VER 5 6000 ps 120 vac power supply RFQ
R9 270X GAMING 4G radeon r9 270x gaming 4gb gddr RFQ
6000AC-120 REV A 6000 ps 120v 60hz RFQ
9200-TX-0001 9200 atm , multiplexer each unit contains 1 22638-0002 pcb , 92 RFQ
5037700 270mbit/s asi /sdv switch v2.0. RFQ
N740-2GD5 geforce gt740 2gb gddr5 RFQ
N750TI-2GD5/OC geforce gtx750ti oc 2gb RFQ
6625-01-269-4934 NA RFQ
R5450-MD1GD3H/LP radeon hd5450 1gb pcie ddr3 RFQ
N740-2GD3 geforce gt740 2g ddr3 RFQ
22384-0001 REV D assy pcb asi enc/dec conn pnl RFQ
8152-00-11-00-11N RE lc sdi dual xpser, asi ,dc, e/oe/o,fc/pc module . includes 1 # RFQ
R7260X2GD5OC radeon r7 260x 2gb gddr5 RFQ
5905-01-226-5870 NA RFQ
6000AC-120-NM power sply RFQ
N750TI TF 2GD5/OC geforce gtx750ti oc 2gb RFQ
R7 265 2GD5 OC radeon r7 265 2gb gddr5 RFQ
N750-1GD5/OC geforce gtx750 oc 1gb gddr5 RFQ
20453-0101 REV.D vpg6000 chassis equipped w/qty 2 ps modules/qty 2 270 switches RFQ
113599 6000 ps 120 vac power supply RFQ
6000CH-02 empty chassis vpg6000, rev b RFQ
20453-0950 REV.B vpg6000 cabinet equipped w/qty 2 psu units/qty 4 270m bit switch RFQ
2042122101 NA RFQ
20453-0101 video products group vpg6000. with three switch 270 one asi-atm RFQ
22637-0001 REV A asi-atm back panel RFQ
012140 NA RFQ
6000 PS power supply: 6000 ps 120 vac, +/- 12dc. RFQ
22384-0001 REV C assy pcb asi enc dec conn pnl RFQ
6000CH-03 co/rem mod univ chas RFQ
R72502GD3OC radeon r7 250xt 2gb gddr3 RFQ
N760TF2GD5/OC geforce gtx760 oc 2gb gddr5 RFQ
20453-0101 REV 1 chassis equipped with /qty 2 ps units/qty 4 270 switches/qty 2 a RFQ
5950-01-235-6383 NA RFQ
9200TX-PROTO 9200 multiplexer RFQ
6000AC-120-NM REV A 6000ac-120-nm power supply 120vac net mng RFQ
R72402GD3LP radeon r7 240 2gb gddr3 RFQ
8802RX-1-00-10-020 R 8802 dec ,comp -1,fc/pc,dc ,no data both units include 1 eac RFQ
R72501GD5OC radeon r7 250xt 1gb gddr5 RFQ
6000 PS 120 VAC VER 6000 ps 120 vac power supply RFQ
R7 260 1GD5 OC radeon r7 260 1gb gddr5 RFQ
22587-0001 REV 1 asi-atm back panel RFQ
6000AC-120-NM REVB 6000ac-120-nm power sply RFQ
VPG 6000 module, model 6000 RFQ
22337-0001 fan face plate assy includes 6 fans and control card RFQ
22384-0001 assy,pcb,asi,enc/dec conn.pnl RFQ
6000AC-120 power supply 120v 60hz RFQ
6000AC-120-NM VER 2 power supply 120 vac net management RFQ
VL60224 NA RFQ
R5 230 2GD3H LP radeon r5 230 2gb ddr3 RFQ
N8400GS-MD1GD3H/LP geforce 8400gs 1gb ddr3 RFQ
ASSY 21061-0101 REV 6000 ps 120 vac power supply RFQ
R9270XGAMING2G radeon r9 270x 2gb gddr5 RFQ
R6450-2GD3H/LP radeon hd6450 2g ddr3 lp RFQ
8000980 NA RFQ
VL60360 NA RFQ