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Tux Board Level Electronic Components

Request a quote for Tux part numbers CV31D350,321-010-X7R102M,CC51HH270J,5910-01-369-9087,538-016-A5.5-18 any many more and our customer representative will help you to get the exact part at the reasonable price. 

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Part No Description RFQ
CV31D350 5910-00-403-8872 RFQ
321-010-X7R102M 321-010-x7r102m RFQ
CC51HH270J cc51hh270j RFQ
5910-01-369-9087 518-002a5.0-25 RFQ
538-016-A5.5-18 538-016-a5.5-18 RFQ
538-011-A2-8 538-011-a2-8 RFQ
CKR75BX122ZM m39014/16-0088 RFQ
CKR75BX331MM m39014/16-0079 RFQ
CC50CH8R0C cc50ch8r0c RFQ
CC20UJ5R0C cc20uj5r0c RFQ
CC50PH100C cc50ph100c RFQ
CC51LH270J cc51lh270j RFQ
518-000-G7-45 518-000-g7-45 RFQ
CV31A180 cv31a180 RFQ
CK60AW471M ck60aw471m RFQ
2450-003-X5RO-47 2450-003-x5ro-471m RFQ
2404-009-X5U0-15 2404-009-x5u0-15 RFQ
M39014/18-0328 5910-01-159-0676 RFQ
CK63AY103M ck63ay103m RFQ
5910-01-159-0676 m39014/18-0328 RFQ
374000X5F121J 374000x5f121j RFQ
518-002A5.0-25 5910-01-369-9087 RFQ
CC20UJ3R0C cc20uj3r0c RFQ
CC50LH100G cc50lh100g RFQ
CC50SH100G cc50sh100g RFQ
825-231-Z5U-104Z 825-231-z5u-104z RFQ
CC50CH100C cc50ch100c RFQ
538-038-A5.5-18 538-038-a5.5-18 RFQ
CK66AW562M ck66aw562m RFQ
CK63BX222M ck63bx222m RFQ
538-016-D9-35 538-016-d9-35 RFQ
CC51LH390G cc51lh390g RFQ
CC20UK2R0C cc20uk2r0c RFQ
801-547-P2G330G 283-0144-00 RFQ
CC50LH9R0D cc50lh9r0d RFQ
831-403-COHO-629 831-403-coho-629d RFQ
5910-00-403-8872 cv31d350 RFQ
538-003-A5.5-18 538-003-a5.5-18 RFQ
CC50CH6R0C cc50ch6r0c RFQ
CC50LH4R7C cc50lh4r7c RFQ
CC51CH150G cc51ch150g RFQ
CC50RH150G cc50rh150g RFQ
8101A115COG339C 8101a115cog339c RFQ
CC50LH120J cc50lh120j RFQ
CK61AW222M ck61aw222m RFQ
CV31A080 5910-00-498-5584 RFQ
CK70AX471K ck70ax471k RFQ
CC25UJ820J cc25uj820j RFQ
CC51CH220G cc51ch220g RFQ
512-000A1-3 512-000a1-3 RFQ
CC52TH820J cc52th820j RFQ
CC51LH330G cc51lh330g RFQ
CC20CH100D cc20ch100d RFQ
5910-00-498-5584 cv31a080 RFQ
CC27TH470J cc27th270j RFQ