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Taiwans Board Level Electronic Components

Request a quote for Taiwans part numbers 1 5KE30CA,P6KE91A,1 5KE8 2CA,P6KE16A,1 5KE82A any many more and our customer representative will help you to get the exact part at the reasonable price. 

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Part No Description RFQ
1 5KE30CA zze 1.5ke- 30ca 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE91A zze p6ke- 91 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE8 2CA zze 1.5ke- 08v2ca1500w5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE16A zze p6ke- 16 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE82A zze 1.5ke- 82 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE10A zze 1.5ke- 10 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE120CA zze p6ke-120ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE150A zze p6ke-150 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE170A zze p6ke-170 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE62CA zze p6ke- 62ca 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE20A zze p6ke- 20 a 600w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
P6KE120A zze p6ke-120 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE12CA zze 1.5ke- 12ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE120A zze 1.5ke-120 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE75CA zze p6ke- 75ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE300CA zze 1.5ke-300ca 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE400A zze 1.5ke-400 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE130CA zze p6ke-130ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE130A zze 1.5ke-130 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE30CA zze p6ke- 30ca 600w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
P6KE170CA zze p6ke-170ca 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE150CA zze p6ke-150ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE43CA zze p6ke- 43ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE200CA zze p6ke-200ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE13CA zze p6ke- 13ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
6A40 ag 6a 4 6a 400v diodo *tsc + RFQ
P6KE200A zze p6ke-200 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE36A zze p6ke- 36 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE180CA zze 1.5ke-180ca 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE7 5CA zze p6ke- 07v5ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE75A zze 1.5ke- 75 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE250CA zze p6ke-250ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE13A zze p6ke- 13 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE9 1A zze p6ke- 09v1 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE160A zze 1.5ke-160 a 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
KBU607G TSC ah kbu 607g 6a1000vdio.*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE130CA zze 1.5ke-130ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
KBU 807G ah kbu 807g 8a1000v di.*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE24CA zze 1.5ke- 24ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE8 2A zze p6ke- 08v2 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE62A zze 1.5ke- 62 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE200A zze 1.5ke-200 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE13A zze 1.5ke- 13 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE200CA zze 1.5ke-200ca 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE36A zze 1.5ke- 36 a 1500w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
1 5KE75CA zze 1.5ke- 75ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE7 5A zze 1.5ke- 07v5 a1500w5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE170A zze 1.5ke-170 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE300A zze p6ke-300 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE220A zze p6ke-220 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE110CA zze p6ke-110ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
TS4148RX 1206 af ts 4148rxg smd1206 *tsc.+ RFQ
P6KE8 2CA zze p6ke- 08v2ca 600w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
1 5KE9 1CA zze 1.5ke- 09v1ca1500w5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE20A zze 1.5ke- 20 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE62CA zze 1.5ke- 62ca 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE110CA zze 1.5ke-110ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
TSCBZV55C27 L1 ar bzv55 c27 sod80 zen.*tsc.+ RFQ
P6KE82A zze p6ke- 82 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1N4937 TSC ag 1n 4937 diodo *tsc + RFQ
P6KE220CA zze p6ke-220ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
BY254 TSC ag by 254 800v3a diodo*tsc + RFQ
P6KE43A zze p6ke- 43 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE400A zze p6ke-400 a 600w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
1 5KE110A zze 1.5ke-110 a 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
GPBDB106G ah db 106 g 1a 800v*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE10CA zze 1.5ke- 10ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1N5819 R0 ag 1n 5819 1a diodo *tsc + RFQ
P6KE110A zze p6ke-110 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE170CA zze 1.5ke-170ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE7 5A zze p6ke- 07v5 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE62A zze p6ke- 62 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE11CA zze p6ke- 11ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE20CA zze 1.5ke- 20ca 1500w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
1 5KE9 1A zze 1.5ke- 09v1 a1500w5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE11A zze p6ke- 11 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE43A zze 1.5ke- 43 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE13CA zze 1.5ke- 13ca 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE82CA zze p6ke- 82ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE8 2A zze 1.5ke- 08v2 a1500w5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE400CA zze p6ke-400ca 600w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
TS4148RYG 0805 af ts 4148ry smd 0805 *tsc.+ RFQ
P6KE75A zze p6ke- 75 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE56CA zze 1.5ke- 56ca 1500w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
P6KE24A zze p6ke- 24 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
KBL407G TSC ah kbl 407g 4a1000v dio*tsc + RFQ
BA159 ad ba 159 diodo *tsc + RFQ
1 5KE150CA zze 1.5ke-150ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE11A zze 1.5ke- 11 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE16A zze 1.5ke- 16 a 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE11CA zze 1.5ke- 11ca1500w 5% *tsc.* RFQ
BZV85-C18 133 aq bzv85 c18v zener *tsc.+ RFQ
P6KE130A zze p6ke-130 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE7 5CA zze 1.5ke- 07v5ca1500w5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE100A zze 1.5ke-100 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE51CA zze p6ke- 51ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE22CA zze 1.5ke- 22ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ