Taiwans - Board Level Electronic Components

Browse the below part numbers including P6KE400CA, 1 5KE82A, P6KE120CA, P6KE91A, P6KE170A by manufacturer Taiwans. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of Taiwans at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

Part No Description RFQ
P6KE400CA zze p6ke-400ca 600w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
1 5KE82A zze 1.5ke- 82 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE120CA zze p6ke-120ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE91A zze p6ke- 91 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE170A zze p6ke-170 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE13A zze p6ke- 13 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE36A zze 1.5ke- 36 a 1500w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
BA159 ad ba 159 diodo *tsc + RFQ
1 5KE10CA zze 1.5ke- 10ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE62CA zze 1.5ke- 62ca 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE110A zze 1.5ke-110 a 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE30CA zze p6ke- 30ca 600w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
1 5KE300CA zze 1.5ke-300ca 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE11A zze 1.5ke- 11 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
BZV85-C18 133 aq bzv85 c18v zener *tsc.+ RFQ
P6KE130A zze p6ke-130 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE56CA zze 1.5ke- 56ca 1500w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
P6KE7 5CA zze p6ke- 07v5ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE51CA zze p6ke- 51ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE75A zze 1.5ke- 75 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE62CA zze p6ke- 62ca 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
TS4148RX 1206 af ts 4148rxg smd1206 *tsc.+ RFQ
1 5KE12CA zze 1.5ke- 12ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
TS4148RYG 0805 af ts 4148ry smd 0805 *tsc.+ RFQ
6A40 ag 6a 4 6a 400v diodo *tsc + RFQ
P6KE170CA zze p6ke-170ca 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE180CA zze 1.5ke-180ca 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE16A zze p6ke- 16 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE110CA zze 1.5ke-110ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE250CA zze p6ke-250ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1N5819 R0 ag 1n 5819 1a diodo *tsc + RFQ
1 5KE16A zze 1.5ke- 16 a 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE220CA zze p6ke-220ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE400A zze p6ke-400 a 600w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
P6KE13CA zze p6ke- 13ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
BY254 TSC ag by 254 800v3a diodo*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE11CA zze 1.5ke- 11ca1500w 5% *tsc.* RFQ
1 5KE10A zze 1.5ke- 10 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE170CA zze 1.5ke-170ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE75CA zze 1.5ke- 75ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE100A zze 1.5ke-100 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE24A zze p6ke- 24 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE7 5A zze 1.5ke- 07v5 a1500w5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE82A zze p6ke- 82 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE150CA zze p6ke-150ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE130CA zze 1.5ke-130ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
TSCBZV55C27 L1 ar bzv55 c27 sod80 zen.*tsc.+ RFQ
P6KE75CA zze p6ke- 75ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE30CA zze 1.5ke- 30ca 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE20CA zze 1.5ke- 20ca 1500w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
1 5KE200CA zze 1.5ke-200ca 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE36A zze p6ke- 36 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE13A zze 1.5ke- 13 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE9 1CA zze 1.5ke- 09v1ca1500w5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE110CA zze p6ke-110ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE150A zze p6ke-150 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE9 1A zze p6ke- 09v1 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE7 5CA zze 1.5ke- 07v5ca1500w5%*tsc + RFQ
KBU607G TSC ah kbu 607g 6a1000vdio.*tsc + RFQ
P6KE200A zze p6ke-200 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE75A zze p6ke- 75 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE82CA zze p6ke- 82ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE200CA zze p6ke-200ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE24CA zze 1.5ke- 24ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE9 1A zze 1.5ke- 09v1 a1500w5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE170A zze 1.5ke-170 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE13CA zze 1.5ke- 13ca 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE8 2A zze 1.5ke- 08v2 a1500w5%*tsc * RFQ
KBL407G TSC ah kbl 407g 4a1000v dio*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE200A zze 1.5ke-200 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE120A zze 1.5ke-120 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE220A zze p6ke-220 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE110A zze p6ke-110 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE8 2A zze p6ke- 08v2 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE8 2CA zze p6ke- 08v2ca 600w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
P6KE11A zze p6ke- 11 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
GPBDB106G ah db 106 g 1a 800v*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE62A zze 1.5ke- 62 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE20A zze 1.5ke- 20 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE300A zze p6ke-300 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE22CA zze 1.5ke- 22ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE11CA zze p6ke- 11ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE62A zze p6ke- 62 a 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE20A zze p6ke- 20 a 600w 5%*tsc.+ RFQ
1 5KE8 2CA zze 1.5ke- 08v2ca1500w5%*tsc + RFQ
P6KE130CA zze p6ke-130ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1 5KE150CA zze 1.5ke-150ca 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE43A zze p6ke- 43 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE400A zze 1.5ke-400 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
1N4937 TSC ag 1n 4937 diodo *tsc + RFQ
P6KE120A zze p6ke-120 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE160A zze 1.5ke-160 a 1500w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE43A zze 1.5ke- 43 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ
KBU 807G ah kbu 807g 8a1000v di.*tsc + RFQ
P6KE43CA zze p6ke- 43ca 600w 5%*tsc * RFQ
P6KE7 5A zze p6ke- 07v5 a 600w 5%*tsc + RFQ
1 5KE130A zze 1.5ke-130 a 1500w 5%*tsc * RFQ