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Robert G Allen Co Inc Board Level Electronic Components

Browse the below part numbers including MF25C3322FT,RP10120FB,MF08D7150BB,MF25D2260BB,MFS25N100FI by manufacturer Robert G Allen Co Inc. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of Robert G Allen Co Inc at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

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Part No Description RFQ
MF25C3322FT res,axial,metal film,33.2k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
RP10120FB res,axial,wirewound,12 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
MF08D7150BB res,axial,metal film,715 ohms,200wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2260BB res,axial,metal film,226 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MFS25N100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
RP10220JB res,axial,wirewound,22 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D1690FB res,axial,metal film,169 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1213FT res,axial,metal film,121k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1781FB res,axial,metal film,1.78k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MNS10N101JI res,radial,wirewound,100 ohms,5% +/-tol,6347 case RFQ
MF25D5623FB res,axial,metal film,562k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25C1620BB res,axial,metal film,162 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1151FT res,axial,metal film,1.15k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RP10680JB res,axial,wirewound,68 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25T1000FB res,axial,metal film,100 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-15,15ppm tc RFQ
MF25D3010BB res,axial,metal film,301 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1620BB res,axial,metal film,162 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2050BB res,axial,metal film,205 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D4422FB res,axial,metal film,44.2k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
FB122R0J res,axial,wirewound,2 ohms,300wv,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D3481FB res,axial,metal film,3.48k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1400FB res,axial,metal film,140 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D3323FT res,axial,metal film,332k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
FPM501000FB res,axial,metal film,100 ohms,350wv,1% +/-tol,-500,200ppm tc RFQ
MF25C5110BB res,axial,metal film,511 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MF08D1962FB res,axial,metal film,19.6k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MCS15N100JC res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
TO8081002J res,pcb mount,thick film,10k ohms,300wv,5% +/-tol,3211 case RFQ
MYP06N1R0JNX300BZZ res,radial,wirewound,1 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF08D2371FB res,axial,metal film,2.37k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MBP30AR11KN res,radial,wirewound,110m ohms,10% +/-tol,75 case RFQ
MF25D3012FT res,axial,metal film,30.1k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25C7150BB res,axial,metal film,715 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MF25D33R2FT res,axial,metal film,33.2 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RP3470JB res,axial,wirewound,47 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF08D1002FB res,axial,metal film,10k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MVS07A100FC res,axial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D5622FT res,axial,metal film,56.2k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF50C2050FB res,axial,metal film,205 ohms,350wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MHS40A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D3322FB res,axial,metal film,33.2k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
CR32A1132FT res,smt,thick film,11.3k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc,1206 case RFQ
MF25D1052FB res,axial,metal film,10.5k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MSG02B100FI res,axial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol,6925 case RFQ
MF200C1001FB res,axial,metal film,1k ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2152FB res,axial,metal film,21.5k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
FA15101J res,axial,wirewound,100 ohms,300wv,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D1332FB res,axial,metal film,13.3k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25T9091FB res,axial,metal film,9.09k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-15,15ppm tc RFQ
MF25D4220FB res,axial,metal film,422 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D3012FB res,axial,metal film,30.1k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2741FB res,axial,metal film,2.74k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2150BB res,axial,metal film,215 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF08D1003FT res,axial,metal film,100k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2742FT res,axial,metal film,27.4k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RP11050FB res,axial,wirewound,105 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
MNG02A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol,4328 case RFQ
MRP22N1R0JNX220CZZ res,radial,wirewound,1 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MNS05N220JI res,radial,wirewound,22 ohms,5% +/-tol,5135 case RFQ
MF25D1000FB res,axial,metal film,100 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MLS30FN100KIX300CZZ res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,10% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D1540BB res,axial,metal film,154 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
CR21B333JT res,smt,thick film,33k ohms,150wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc,0805 case RFQ
MF25C5621FT res,axial,metal film,5.62k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MF08D2261FB res,axial,metal film,2.26k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D3162FB res,axial,metal film,31.6k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1333FB res,axial,metal film,133k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF08D9090BB res,axial,metal film,909 ohms,200wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1003FT res,axial,metal film,100k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2871FB res,axial,metal film,2.87k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF085112FB res,axial,metal film,51.1k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-500,200ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1331FB res,axial,metal film,1.33k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MNS02A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol,4328 case RFQ
MCS40N102KC res,radial,wirewound,1k ohms,10% +/-tol RFQ
MSS10A100FI res,axial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
MF08C2742FT res,axial,metal film,27.4k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
RP10750FB res,axial,wirewound,75 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
RB12120FB res,axial,wirewound,12 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
RP71000JB res,axial,wirewound,100 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D2151FT res,axial,metal film,2.15k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
WWS1S0BA1R00F res,smt,wirewound,1 ohms,50wv,1% +/-tol,2514 case RFQ
MF25D5111FT res,axial,metal film,5.11k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D6812FT res,axial,metal film,68.1k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
CR21A16R9FT res,smt,thick film,16.9 ohms,150wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc,0805 case RFQ
MF25D1273FB res,axial,metal film,127k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2612FB res,axial,metal film,26.1k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MPS10B100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
MF08D75R0FB res,axial,metal film,75 ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D61R9FT res,axial,metal film,61.9 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25C4021FT res,axial,metal film,4.02k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
CR32A2613FT res,smt,thick film,261k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc,1206 case RFQ
MF25C1781FT res,axial,metal film,1.78k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MXS05A100FC res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
CR10B512JT res,smt,thick film,5.1k ohms,50wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc,0402 case RFQ
MF25D1212FB res,axial,metal film,12.1k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF100C1000FB res,axial,metal film,100 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MSG02B910FI res,axial,wirewound,91 ohms,1% +/-tol,6925 case RFQ
RP2B100101B res,axial,wirewound,1k ohms,.01% +/-tol RFQ
MF25C7500FT res,axial,metal film,750 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MF25D6492FB res,axial,metal film,64.9k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25C4020BB res,axial,metal film,402 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MHS10A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
CR16B472JT res,smt,thick film,4.7k ohms,50wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc,0603 case RFQ
MYS22N100KIX300BZZ res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,10% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D2490BB res,axial,metal film,249 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RP1101JB res,axial,wirewound,100 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25C5900FT res,axial,metal film,590 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MF25C5623FB res,axial,metal film,562k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
RP10121JB res,axial,wirewound,120 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
RB11050FB res,axial,wirewound,105 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D6190FB res,axial,metal film,619 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D3303FB res,axial,metal film,330k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D6190BB res,axial,metal film,619 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
TO8201002J res,pcb mount,thick film,10k ohms,200wv,5% +/-tol,4017 case RFQ
MF25C2051FT res,axial,metal film,2.05k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
TO8501002J res,pcb mount,thick film,10k ohms,300wv,5% +/-tol,4113 case RFQ
MF25D3650FB res,axial,metal film,365 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RP2A1000JB res,axial,wirewound,100 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D15R4BB res,axial,metal film,15.4 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25C3010BB res,axial,metal film,301 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2613FB res,axial,metal film,261k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
FN10100J res,axial,metal oxide,10 ohms,300wv,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25C1870CB res,axial,metal film,187 ohms,250wv,.25% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MGS02A100JI res,axial,wirewound,10 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
REL80W100J res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1kwv,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D6812FB res,axial,metal film,68.1k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RP2C100JB res,axial,wirewound,10 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MPS05A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
KNS7W100JB res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MQS20A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D3321FT res,axial,metal film,3.32k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
SQ15W100J res,axial,wirewound,10 ohms,5% +/-tol,49 case RFQ
MF25D5110FT res,axial,metal film,511 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
CR16B560JT res,smt,thick film,56 ohms,50wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc,0603 case RFQ
MF25D4022FB res,axial,metal film,40.2k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D3482FT res,axial,metal film,34.8k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D3480BB res,axial,metal film,348 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF08D1873FB res,axial,metal film,187k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MPS15A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
RP31000JB res,axial,wirewound,100 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
CR32A1542FT res,smt,thick film,15.4k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc,1206 case RFQ
MLP30FN1R0JNX300CZZ res,radial,wirewound,1 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D3652FT res,axial,metal film,36.5k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RB12241JB res,axial,wirewound,240 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D1330BB res,axial,metal film,133 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RP7300JB res,axial,wirewound,30 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MXS03A100JC res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,5% +/-tol,9435 case RFQ
MF25D1002FT res,axial,metal film,10k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RB12470JB res,axial,wirewound,47 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
REL300W100J res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1kwv,5% +/-tol RFQ
MBS20A100KI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,10% +/-tol,49 case RFQ
RB12150FB res,axial,wirewound,15 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
CR32A75R0FT res,smt,thick film,75 ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc,1206 case RFQ
MF25D2873FB res,axial,metal film,287k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RP3270JB res,axial,wirewound,27 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
SQH40W9R1J res,radial,wirewound,9.1 ohms,5% +/-tol,75 case RFQ
REH400W100J res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1kwv,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D1272FB res,axial,metal film,12.7k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MPS10A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
FA11101J res,axial,wirewound,100 ohms,300wv,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D6810FB res,axial,metal film,681 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RB2100101B res,axial,wirewound,1k ohms,.01% +/-tol RFQ
RB110201B res,axial,wirewound,1k ohms,.01% +/-tol RFQ
RP15R056JB res,axial,wirewound,56m ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
RB10120JB res,axial,wirewound,12 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D2870BB res,axial,metal film,287 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MHS30A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
RP2512CB res,axial,wirewound,5.1k ohms,.25% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D1400BB res,axial,metal film,140 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RP10243JB res,axial,wirewound,24k ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D4221FT res,axial,metal film,4.22k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MARC1/2821JB res,axial,non-specified,820 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
RP15150JB res,axial,wirewound,15 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
RP3621JB res,axial,wirewound,620 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D3832FB res,axial,metal film,38.3k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RP31001JB res,axial,wirewound,1k ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MVS20A100FC res,axial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D1210BB res,axial,metal film,121 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D5362FB res,axial,metal film,53.6k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1401FB res,axial,metal film,1.4k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D3163FB res,axial,metal film,316k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D4020BB res,axial,metal film,402 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25C1210BB res,axial,metal film,121 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
FA15510J res,axial,wirewound,51 ohms,300wv,5% +/-tol RFQ
MSS07N200KI res,axial,wirewound,20 ohms,10% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D1102FT res,axial,metal film,11k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MSS05N510JI res,axial,wirewound,51 ohms,5% +/-tol,8737 case RFQ
MF25C8250FT res,axial,metal film,825 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MOS06A100KI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,10% +/-tol RFQ
MF25T1210FB res,axial,metal film,121 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-15,15ppm tc RFQ
SQH30W4R7J res,radial,wirewound,4.7 ohms,5% +/-tol,75 case RFQ
MF25D5901FB res,axial,metal film,5.9k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MHS20A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D1540FB res,axial,metal film,154 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D4640FB res,axial,metal film,464 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D6810BB res,axial,metal film,681 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MYP22N1R0JNX300BZZ res,radial,wirewound,1 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D20R5BB res,axial,metal film,20.5 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1000BB res,axial,metal film,100 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1693FB res,axial,metal film,169k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2050FB res,axial,metal film,205 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
CR21A2370FT res,smt,thick film,237 ohms,150wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc,0805 case RFQ
MF25D2150FB res,axial,metal film,215 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RP10123JB res,axial,wirewound,12k ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25C6191FT res,axial,metal film,6.19k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
REL600W100J res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1kwv,5% +/-tol RFQ
MOS12A100KI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,10% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D1780FB res,axial,metal film,178 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1000FT res,axial,metal film,100 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RP71002JB res,axial,wirewound,10k ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF08C1052FT res,axial,metal film,10.5k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MF08D1541FB res,axial,metal film,1.54k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
BNP2R2T100CF110X21 cap,al2o3,2.2uf,100vdc,10% -tol,50% +tol RFQ
MQS10A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
MPS03A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol,9435 case RFQ
MF25C5112FB res,axial,metal film,51.1k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MF25D4641FB res,axial,metal film,4.64k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2261FB res,axial,metal film,2.26k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
FA11131J res,axial,wirewound,130 ohms,300wv,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D1691FB res,axial,metal film,1.69k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2051FB res,axial,metal film,2.05k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF08D1003FB res,axial,metal film,100k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RB2R056JB res,axial,wirewound,56m ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
RP1/21R00AB res,axial,wirewound,1 ohms,.05% +/-tol RFQ
MF08C4022FB res,axial,metal film,40.2k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MBC40A1R0KI res,radial,non-specified,1 ohms,10% +/-tol,75 case RFQ
MF25D6490BB res,axial,metal film,649 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1963FB res,axial,metal film,196k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D3831FT res,axial,metal film,3.83k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D4222FB res,axial,metal film,42.2k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1780BB res,axial,metal film,178 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MDS05A100FC res,axial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol,3935 case RFQ
CR21A5361FT res,smt,thick film,5.36k ohms,150wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc,0805 case RFQ
MF25C2205FB res,axial,metal film,22m ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MBR30A101KI res,radial,metal oxide,100 ohms,10% +/-tol,75 case RFQ
RP10820JB res,axial,wirewound,82 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MYP12N1R0JNX300BZZ res,radial,wirewound,1 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25T1471FB res,axial,metal film,1.47k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-15,15ppm tc RFQ
RB101101JB res,axial,wirewound,1.1k ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D4020FB res,axial,metal film,402 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1870BB res,axial,metal film,187 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25C1540CB res,axial,metal film,154 ohms,250wv,.25% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
RB12050AB res,axial,wirewound,205 ohms,.05% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D2370BB res,axial,metal film,237 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
CR16B202JT res,smt,thick film,2k ohms,50wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc,0603 case RFQ
MF25D6811FT res,axial,metal film,6.81k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RB11000JB res,axial,wirewound,100 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
RP12050AB res,axial,wirewound,205 ohms,.05% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D5361FB res,axial,metal film,5.36k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MNS05N1R2JI res,radial,wirewound,1.2 ohms,5% +/-tol,5135 case RFQ
RP71001JB res,axial,wirewound,1k ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D1152FB res,axial,metal film,11.5k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1001FB res,axial,metal film,1k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25C3163FT res,axial,metal film,316k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
RP3101JB res,axial,wirewound,100 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MGG02A100JI res,axial,wirewound,10 ohms,5% +/-tol,6925 case RFQ
RB3512CB res,axial,wirewound,5.1k ohms,.25% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D4420FB res,axial,metal film,442 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RP15750JB res,axial,wirewound,75 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF08D8250FB res,axial,metal film,825 ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25C8250BB res,axial,metal film,825 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MF25C2493FT res,axial,metal film,249k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MBS30A100KI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,10% +/-tol,75 case RFQ
MF25D1211FB res,axial,metal film,1.21k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MQS03A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol,9435 case RFQ
AHTM100100J res,chassis mount,wirewound,10 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
TO8161002G res,pcb mount,thick film,10k ohms,300wv,2% +/-tol,4113 case RFQ
MF25D1872FB res,axial,metal film,18.7k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25C6813FT res,axial,metal film,681k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MBP40AR11KN res,radial,wirewound,110m ohms,10% +/-tol,75 case RFQ
MRP08N1R0JNX220CZZ res,radial,wirewound,1 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D5110BB res,axial,metal film,511 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF08D6190FB res,axial,metal film,619 ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D1001FT res,axial,metal film,1k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
RB12301JB res,axial,wirewound,300 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MYS06N100KIX300BZZ res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,10% +/-tol RFQ
KNS5W100FB res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
MNS05N1R5JI res,radial,wirewound,1.5 ohms,5% +/-tol,5135 case RFQ
MRS08N100KIX220CZZ res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,10% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D2R74FT res,axial,metal film,2.74 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MCS30N1R0KC res,radial,wirewound,1 ohms,10% +/-tol RFQ
RB10560JB res,axial,wirewound,56 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF25D1543FT res,axial,metal film,154k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25C3013FT res,axial,metal film,301k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2872FB res,axial,metal film,28.7k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
CR32A1821FT res,smt,thick film,1.82k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc,1206 case RFQ
MF25D2610BB res,axial,metal film,261 ohms,250wv,.1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MF25D2743FB res,axial,metal film,274k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc RFQ
MQS15A100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
R200G241JT 240 ohms 5% RFQ
MNS15B100FI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol,7951 case RFQ
CR32A1003FT res,smt,thick film,100k ohms,200wv,1% +/-tol,-100,100ppm tc,1206 case RFQ
MDR05A102JC res,axial,metal oxide,1k ohms,5% +/-tol,3935 case RFQ
MF25C1213FT res,axial,metal film,121k ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MFS15N100JI res,radial,wirewound,10 ohms,5% +/-tol RFQ
MF08C7150BB res,axial,metal film,715 ohms,200wv,.1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MF25C1000FT res,axial,metal film,100 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-50,50ppm tc RFQ
MFS30N1R0KI res,radial,wirewound,1 ohms,10% +/-tol RFQ
MVS10A100FC res,axial,wirewound,10 ohms,1% +/-tol RFQ
MVS07B8R2KC res,axial,wirewound,8.2 ohms,10% +/-tol RFQ