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R G Allen Board Level Electronic Components

Browse the below part numbers including CF1/4 220K OHM,CF1/2 3.6K OHM,CF1/4 10K OHM,CF2 27K OHM,MF1/4 120 OHM by manufacturer R G Allen. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of R G Allen at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

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Part No Description RFQ
CF1/4 220K OHM res,220k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 3.6K OHM res,3.6k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 10K OHM res,10k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF2 27K OHM res,27k ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 120 OHM res,120 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 330 OHM res,330 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 470 OHM res,470 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 1 MEG OHM res,1m ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 20K OHM res,20k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 4.7 MEG OHM res,4.7m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 162 OHM res,162 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 22K OHM res,22k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 820 OHM res,820 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 82 OHM res,82 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 15 OHM res,15 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 137 OHM res,137 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 274 OHM res,274 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 22 OHM res,22 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 560K OHM res,560k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 24K OHM res,24k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 270K OHM res,270k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 10K OHM res,10k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 100K OHM res,100k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 100K OHM res,100k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1 4.7K OHM res,4.7k ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 1.02K OHM res,1.02k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF2 0.47 OHM res,.47 ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 5.6 OHM res,5.6 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF2 7.5K OHM res,7.5k ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/2 10K OHM res,10k ohm,1/2watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 22.1K OHM res,22.1k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 9.1K OHM res,9.1k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 11K OHM res,11k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 2 MEG OHM res,2m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 12.7K OHM res,12.7k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 3.3K OHM res,3.3k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF2 82 OHM res,82 ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 270 OHM res,270 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 1.37K OHM res,1.37k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 115K OHM res,115k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 75 OHM res,75 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 2.7 MEG OHM res,2.7m ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/2 21K OHM res,21k ohm,1/2watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 180K OHM res,180k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 12 MEG OHM res,12m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 430K OHM res,430k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 51K OHM res,51k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/2 7.15K OHM res,7.15k ohm,1/2watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 5.6 MEG OHM res,5.6m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 128 OHM res,128 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 1.87K OHM res,1.87k ohm,1.4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 27 OHM res,27 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 150 OHM res,150 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 3.3 MEG OHM res,3.3mohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 43 OHM res,43 ohm,1/2 watt,cf,5% RFQ
MF1/4 1.1K OHM res,1.1k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 560 OHM res,560 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 1.1 MEG OHM res,1.1m ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF2 470 OHM res,470 ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF2 10 OHM res,10 ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 12 MEG OHM res,12m ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 2.4K OHM res,2.4k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 330K OHM res,330k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 237 OHM res,237 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1 820 OHM res,820 ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 16K OHM res,16k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 56 OHM res,56 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1 270 OHM res,270 ohm,1watt,metal film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 1.43K OHM res,1.43k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 390K OHM res,390k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 43K OHM res,43k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 3K OHM res,3k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1 1.5K OHM res,1.5k ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1 100 OHM res,100 ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 6.2K OHM res,6.2k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 3 MEG OHM res,3m ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 11.3K OHM res,11.3k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/8 4.7K OHM res,4.7k ohm,1/8watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 2.7 MEG OHM res,2.7m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 3.74K OHM res,3.74k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 220K OHM res,220k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 56K OHM res,56k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 249 OHM res,249 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 150K OHM res,150k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 34.8K OHM res,34.8k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 1.8K OHM res,1.8k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1 3.9K OHM res,3.9k ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 22K OHM res,22k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 910K OHM res,910k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 20K OHM res,20k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF2 6.8 OHM res,6.8 ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 47K OHM res,47k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 3K OHM res,3k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF2-39 OHM res,39 ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/16 36.5K OHM res,36.5k ohm,1/16watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 1 OHM res,1 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 121K OHM res,121k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1 51 OHM res,51 ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 200 OHM res,200 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 47K OHM res,47k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 1.8K OHM res,1.8k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 267 OHM res,267 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 374 OHM res,374 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 1 OHM res,1 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 1K OHM res,1k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/8 18K OHM res,18k ohm,1/8watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 220 OHM res,220 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 390 OHM res,390 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 15 OHM res,15 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 62 OHM res,62 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 12K OHM res,12k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 270K OHM res,270k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 330 OHM res,330 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 3.3 MEG OHM res,3.3m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 2K OHM res,2k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1 1K OHM res,1k ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 26.1K OHM res,26.1k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 3.24K OHM res,3.24k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 910K OHM res,910k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 3K OHM res,3k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 180 OHM res,180 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 13K OHM res,13k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 39K OHM res,39k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 1.5 MEG OHM res,1.5m ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 3.01K OHM res,3.01k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 1 MEG OHM res,1m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 24.3K OHM res,24.3k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 750K OHM res,750k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 4.12K OHM res,4.12k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF2 150 OHM res,150 ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 240 OHM res,240 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 120 OHM res,120 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1 10 OHM res,10 ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 220 OHM res,220 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 41K OHM res,41k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 1.5 MEG OHM res,1.5m ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF2 1.5K OHM res,1.5k ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 40.2K OHM res,40.2k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 1.1K OHM res,1.1k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 165K OHM res,165k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 120K OHM res,120k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
47M50-5X11 NA RFQ
CF1/2 82K OHM res,82k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 150 OHM res,150 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 14.7K OHM res,14.7k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 240 OHM res,240 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 39.2 OHM res,39.2 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 412 OHM res,412 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 4.2K OHM res,4.2k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF2 27 OHM res,27 ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 16K OHM res,16k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/8 100 OHM res,100 ohm,1/8watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1 47 OHM res,47 ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 47 OHM res,47 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 470 OHM res,470 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 33 OHM res,33 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 249K OHM res,249k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 15K OHM res,15k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 24 OHM res,24 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 510 OHM res,510 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 2K OHM res,2k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 120K OHM res,120k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 200K OHM res,200k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/2 4.99K OHM res,4.99k ohm,1/2watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 15K OHM res,15k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 16K OHM res,16k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 10K OHM res,10k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 17.4K OHM res,17.4k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 174 OHM res,174 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 226 OHM res,226 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 1.07K OHM res,1.07k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 43K OHM res,43k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 1.8 MEG OHM res,1.8m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
63MMY168K104 cap,.1mfd,63vdc,radial RFQ
CF1/4 27K OHM res,27k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 22K OHM res,22k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 242 OHM res,242 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 10 OHM res,10 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 13K OHM res,13k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 7.5K OHM res,7.5k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 20 OHM res,20 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 1.3 MEG OHM res,1.3m ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 100 OHM res,100 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 510 OHM res,510 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 10 MEG OHM res,10m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 23.2K OHM res,23.2k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 0 OHM res,0 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 9.1K OHM res,9.1k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1 10K OHM res,10k ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 12K OHM res,12k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 15K OHM res,15k ohm,1/4w,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 750 OHM res,750 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 39K OHM res,39k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 1 MEG OHM res,1m ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 5.1 OHM res,5.1 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 121 OHM res,121 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 390 OHM res,390 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 180K OHM res,180k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 750 OHM res,750 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 7.5K OHM res,7.5k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 536K OHM res,536k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 120 OHM res,120 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 820 OHM res,820 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 3.9 MEG OHM res,3.9m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 510K OHM res,510k ohm,1/2wwatt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 430 OHM res,430 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 270 OHM res,270 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 100 OHM res,100 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 5.6K OHM res,5.6k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/2 5.76K OHM res,5.76k ohm,1/2watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 20 MEG OHM res,20m ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 130 OHM res,130 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 3.3 OHM res,3.3 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 33.2 OHM res,33.2 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 4.7 MEG OHM res,4.7m ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 110 OHM res,110 ohm,1/2 watt,cf,5% RFQ
CF1/2 27K OHM res,27k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 47 OHM res,47 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 820K OHM res,820k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 220 OHM res,220 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 68K OHM res,68k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 680 OHM res,680 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/2 40.2K OHM res,40.2k ohm,1/2watt,metal flim,1% RFQ
MF1/4 226K OHM res,226k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1 2.7K OHM res,2.7k ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF2 15 OHM res,15 ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 3.3K OHM res,3.3k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 6.8 MEG OHM res,6.8m ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 560 OHM res,560 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF2 100 OHM res,100 ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF2 5.6K OHM res,5.6k ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1 750 OHM res,750 ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 147 OHM res,147 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 68 OHM res,68 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 29K OHM res,29k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 4.3M OHM res,4.3m ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 300 OHM res,300 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 2.43 MEG OHM res,2.43m ohm,1/4watt,metal film RFQ
MF1/4 200 OHM res,200 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF2 4.7K OHM res,4.7k ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 1K OHM res,1k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1 470 OHM res,470 ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 200K OHM res,200k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 39K OHM res,39k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1 15 OHM res,15 ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 30K OHM res,30k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 3.92K OHM res,3.92k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 12 OHM res,12 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 27.4K OHM res,27.4k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 180 OHM res,180 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 10 OHM res,10 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 39 OHM res,39 ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 130K OHM res,130k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF2 20K OHM res,20k ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 560K OHM res,560k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 680 OHM res,680 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/2 249 OHM res,249 ohm,1/2watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 82K OHM res,82k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 11.8K OHM res,11.8k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1 6.8K OHM res,6.8k ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 2.2 MEG OHM res,2.2m ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/4 51 OHM res,51 ohm,1/4 watt,cf,5% RFQ
CF1/2 1K OHM res,1k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 22 MEG OHM res,22m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MCC-104/50MT-Z5UX1R3 cap,.1mfd,50vdc,mono, RFQ
CF1/2 470K OHM res,470k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 3.3K OHM res,3.3k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 470K OHM res,470k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/2 1K OHM res,1k ohm,1/2watt,metal film,1% RFQ
MF1/4 18.2K OHM res,18.2k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 62K OHM res,62k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 910 OHM res,910 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 150 OHM res,150 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/2 620 OHM res,620 ohm,1/2 watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 33.2K OHM res,33.2k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 8.2 MEG OHM res,8.2m ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 15 MEG OHM res,15m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 107 OHM res,107 ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 3.9 MEG OHM res,3.9m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF2 1.8K OHM res,1.8k ohm,2watt,carbon film RFQ
CF1/2 8.2 MEG OHM res,8.2m ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 26.7K OHM res,26.7k ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 36K OHM res,36k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1 18K OHM res,18k ohm,1watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 1000 OHM res,1000 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 22 OHM res,22 ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF1/2 150K OHM res,150k ohm,1/2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
MF1/4 3.01 MEG OHM res,3.01m ohm,1/4watt,metal film,1% RFQ
CF1/4 68K OHM res,68k ohm,1/4watt,carbon film,5% RFQ
CF2 1K OHM res,1k ohm,2watt,carbon film,5% RFQ