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Premisys Board Level Electronic Components

Browse the below part numbers including 8815B REV CA,8920 REV D1,8010 REV A06,8215 REV A03,880060 by manufacturer Premisys. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of Premisys at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

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Part No Description RFQ
8815B REV CA cpu card cpu-3 xcon RFQ
8920 REV D1 interface card inf+m t1e1*8 RFQ
8010 REV A06 circuit board dsx-1/csu/cept (wan1) (wan2) RFQ
8215 REV A03 interface hsu 25895 RFQ
880060 NA RFQ
1000008906 REV B4 25w 20hz ring generator model no.8906 input-48vdc 1a 100vac 20hz RFQ
8129 REV A 2 interface fxs 25892 RFQ
8871 REV B0 adpcm 64 card RFQ
801060 E4 van, dual, t1/e1 eject RFQ
801060 REV E4 circuit board dep4bfubaa wan, dual, t1, e1, eject RFQ
2598004520 REV B0 cpu-5 xcon ss card depud20aab RFQ
881160 REV C1 acs frs ss RFQ
8840C REVB5 isdn 20126 RFQ
8901 power supply RFQ
8215 A6 interface hsu 25895 RFQ
8010 REV A02 circuit board wan module 25812 RFQ
8801 REV AG cpu card (v. 3.44) RFQ
81280918 REV 05 interface 25823 RFQ
8000 REVE4 circuit board RFQ
8819 REV D0 e&m 4*8 RFQ
89185235 integrated multiple access communication server empty RFQ
820260 REV C1 hsu 530/35 s60 deup37faab RFQ
801 REV A5 circuit board px module RFQ
881160 REV C2 acs frs ss depugy0aac RFQ
880060 D2 343 cpu, bcon, 256k2m ss RFQ
8800 C9 3.44 cpu bcon, 2-t1/e1 96+ dc RFQ
600008906 REV B7 25w 20hz ring generator model no.8906 input-48vdc 1a 100vac 20hz RFQ
820260 REV C3 hsu*2 530/35 ss deup37uaab RFQ
81130-A1 NA RFQ
6008920 REV A3 interface card 25816 RFQ
8920 REV A3 inf+m t1e1&8 RFQ
600008906 REV B8 25w 20hz ring generator model no.8906 input- 48vdc 1a 100vac 20h RFQ
8215 REV B3 hsu 4 port 530/35 RFQ
8902 power supply depqafy3ab RFQ
8220 D1 2.5 sru, 10pt, rs-232c RFQ
600801 dx module RFQ
4837 alarm module 81.4837 RFQ
8815B REV C7 cpu 25806 RFQ
8139 REV A00 circuit board fxo card RFQ
820260 REV C2 hsu*2 530/35 ss deup37uaaa RFQ
892660E0 REV E3 1/f, 2pt, t1, modem, ss RFQ
8212 REV AE circuit board hsu card RFQ
81280918 REV 06 interface 25823 RFQ
8212 REV AG hsu circuit board RFQ
8401 eac 25830 alarm card RFQ
6008220 REV A 03 interface card sru 25828 RFQ
600-8926 REV C2 interface inf+m t1&2 RFQ
8228 REV A0 interface b7r 20154 RFQ
8801 REV A13 cpu 25807 (v. 3.42) RFQ
821560 B1 2.2 hsu,4p,rs530,ss RFQ
8906 ring generator input: -48vdc 0.6a output: 100vac 20hz 150ma dep RFQ
8922 REV A3 interface inf 892220 RFQ
8138 REV A00 circuit board RFQ