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Microdot Board Level Electronic Components

Request a quote for Microdot part numbers D34031844-61B11,5935-01-055-6444,MCDMI15S8L5,087-0017-0670,1972777-018 any many more and our customer representative will help you to get the exact part at the reasonable price. 

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Part No Description RFQ
D34031844-61B11 NA RFQ
5935-01-055-6444 NA RFQ
087-0017-0670 NA RFQ
1972777-018 NA RFQ
MD63-06E18-91S(844) NA RFQ
09505730172 NA RFQ
095-0527-0053 connector RFQ
MD73-06E12-61P-4(354 NA RFQ
5935-01-217-7093 NA RFQ
083-0009-00R4 NA RFQ
908329-661 NA RFQ
11074236 NA RFQ
31-63 rf RFQ
11074232 NA RFQ
MD53-06E15-61P-N(670 NA RFQ
85243-035 NA RFQ
095-0085-3710 NA RFQ
908328-595PC NA RFQ
UG89A/U rf RFQ
909341-22 NA RFQ
B43EH-10S3 (041) connettore RFQ
094-9705-2003 NA RFQ
M83513/03-D11N NA RFQ
M83513/5-07 hardware RFQ
A43EF-12S-N(186) NA RFQ
094-9506-0011 NA RFQ
5935-01-099-0005 NA RFQ
B43EP10P3/099 connettore RFQ
85243-116 NA RFQ
11074230-2 NA RFQ
095-0085-2518 NA RFQ
D34017936-41B11 NA RFQ
416936-52 NA RFQ
MD63-02E9-19S-N NA RFQ
095-9685-1032 NA RFQ
908328-593PC NA RFQ
909358-2 NA RFQ
85243-100 NA RFQ
0416936-0036 NA RFQ
MD63-02E15-61P-4(844 NA RFQ
908328-611 NA RFQ
5935-00-160-4921 NA RFQ
908393-22 NA RFQ
96-0002-0091 NA RFQ
MD53-06E15-61P-N NA RFQ
D2207249-1 cable assembly RFQ
095-9092-1055 connector RFQ
17936-62E43 NA RFQ
MD63-02E15-61S-N(844 NA RFQ
095-9092-2025 NA RFQ
B43EP-10P-4/99 connettore RFQ
7681-55188-014 NA RFQ
988224-009 NA RFQ
MD63-06E12-37P-N(844 NA RFQ
6-1532030-4 NA RFQ
908328-841 NA RFQ
208F1-0285 microdot 208f1-0285 RFQ
MS122095 NA RFQ
5935-01-299-6639 NA RFQ
85243-119 NA RFQ
RMD53-06E9-19PN503 NA RFQ
D34031844-61CB3 NA RFQ
21-40003-105 NA RFQ
85243-101 NA RFQ
909341-22REVU NA RFQ
20-5053-05-021-0007 NA RFQ
208C08-0164 microdot 208c08-0164 RFQ
208F1-0190 microdot 208f1-0190 RFQ
2802052001 NA RFQ
908328-636 NA RFQ
095-0500-0008 cable assembly RFQ
908328-593 NA RFQ
0416936-0069 NA RFQ
5999-00-201-0818 NA RFQ
083-0807 NA RFQ
095-0086-3124 NA RFQ
095-9003-0024 NA RFQ
96-0002-91 NA RFQ
908328-594RG NA RFQ
909358-002 NA RFQ
208C08-0246 NA RFQ
MD63-02E15-61P-2(844 NA RFQ
095-9085-5102 NA RFQ
6150-01-303-3168 NA RFQ
20-5043-13-051-0600 connector assem RFQ
988224-1 NA RFQ
MS21208C08-20 NA RFQ
85243-120 NA RFQ
11074233-1 NA RFQ
094-7506-0020 military RFQ
6150-01-370-7865 NA RFQ
SP800215-8 cable assembly RFQ
095-9385-1023 NA RFQ
MS122119 NA RFQ
M83513/01-EN military RFQ
086-0362-00L6 NA RFQ
MD63-06E9-19P-N(844) NA RFQ
D340318444-52CB3 NA RFQ
MS122118 NA RFQ
086-0177-00N1 NA RFQ
85243-024 NA RFQ
096-0002-0087 hardware RFQ
206M6C-0120 microdot 206m6c-0120 RFQ
85243-010 NA RFQ
B43EH-10S2 (041) connettore RFQ
357-9335-00 NA RFQ
0416936-0052 NA RFQ
5935-01-500-8921 military RFQ
087-0017-0670REV1 NA RFQ
095-9087-8052 NA RFQ
B43EP10S-1 (099) connettore RFQ
85243-102 NA RFQ
A43EH-11P-1 (041) connettore RFQ
922719-112C NA RFQ
32-94 rf RFQ
410-0228-105 NA RFQ
908329-521 NA RFQ
MCDM1-37P6B7-12.0 NA RFQ
083-0808-00S6 NA RFQ
087-0017-0670REVD NA RFQ
32-66 rf RFQ
988224-001 NA RFQ
MD63-06E15-61P-N(844 NA RFQ
MD63-02E18-91P-N(844 NA RFQ
084-0027-00T2 NA RFQ
095-9616-2017 NA RFQ
5935-01-106-7354 NA RFQ
095-0086-3709 NA RFQ
208C4-0375 microdot 208c4-0375 RFQ
908328-594PC NA RFQ
1972777-18 NA RFQ
MD63-06E15-61S-N NA RFQ
D34017936-61F11 NA RFQ
32-11 rf RFQ
MD63-06E15-61S-2(832 NA RFQ
908328-593RG NA RFQ
095-0086-3730 NA RFQ
083-1113-00S6 NA RFQ
908329-556 NA RFQ
31-19 rf RFQ
095-9285-1104 connettore RFQ
MD63-06E18-91S-N NA RFQ
MD63-06E18-91S NA RFQ
908328-595RG NA RFQ
095-0086-3731 NA RFQ
208C4-0250 microdot 208c4-0250 RFQ
095-9091-3067 NA RFQ
K9005-06 microdot k9005-06 RFQ
5935-00-305-4866 NA RFQ
095-0085-3728 NA RFQ
032-0042-0001 military RFQ
11074231 NA RFQ
85243-24 NA RFQ
D34017936-71D44 NA RFQ
MD63-06E18-91S-N(844 NA RFQ
31-52 rf RFQ
095-0085-3727 NA RFQ
908329-662 NA RFQ
MD63-06E15-61P-N NA RFQ
095-0086-2533 NA RFQ
208C08-0328 NA RFQ
4081-55965-003 NA RFQ
33-36 rf RFQ
0416936-0035 NA RFQ
208F1-0380 microdot 208f1-0380 RFQ
095-9786-1096 connector RFQ
208C5-0312 microdot 208c5-0312 RFQ
1191-3CN0285 NA RFQ
621-8051-0600 connector assem RFQ
D34031844 NA RFQ
988224-9 NA RFQ
MD63-06E9-19P-N NA RFQ
096-0002-0011 NA RFQ
1972777-034 NA RFQ
MD63-02E9-19S-N(844) NA RFQ
M83513/01-DN connector RFQ
MD63-06E15-61S-2 NA RFQ
A43EF-12P-N(186) NA RFQ
2-1532024-4 NA RFQ
908329-21 NA RFQ
M83513/01-DC connector RFQ
B43EH10P-1 (041) connettore RFQ
MS21208C08-20/416936 NA RFQ
33-53 rf RFQ
095-9087-7189 connector RFQ
086-0101-00F5 NA RFQ
5935-00-116-9026 NA RFQ
908329-511 NA RFQ
M83513/5-02 hardware RFQ
908328-836 NA RFQ
095-9786-1128 connettore RFQ
908329-559 NA RFQ
416936-36 NA RFQ
MD63-06E18-91P-N(844 NA RFQ
096-0002-0009 hardware RFQ
33-44-A2-B2 rf RFQ
MS122159 NA RFQ
132-0500-0005 NA RFQ
096-0002-0091 NA RFQ
32-21 rf RFQ
31-52-27 NA RFQ
5999-00-201-0809 NA RFQ
MD53-02E15-61S-1(670 NA RFQ
5935-00-925-6220 NA RFQ
416937-2 NA RFQ
MD63-06E15-61S-4(844 NA RFQ
S209C04-0168 NA RFQ
D34031844-62CB4 NA RFQ
K8902-04 microdot k8902-04 RFQ
094-3404-0023 NA RFQ
85243-17 NA RFQ
5935-01-217-4056 NA RFQ
095-9086-3100 NA RFQ
MD63-06E12-37P-N NA RFQ
095-9603-2017 NA RFQ
33-44-A1-B2-C1 rf RFQ
101388016 cable assembly RFQ
086-0178-00N1 NA RFQ
908328-842 NA RFQ
D34017936-31C53 NA RFQ
416936-100 NA RFQ
16-30046-000 NA RFQ
094-9215-7003 connector RFQ
D34031844-46CB5 NA RFQ
7401 NA RFQ
095-9087-4000 NA RFQ
10694-599-4 connector RFQ
A43EP-12PN/186 NA RFQ
B43EH-10S-4 (041) connector receptacle elec. RFQ
11074233-3 NA RFQ
908328-601 NA RFQ
MD63-06E15-61S-N(844 NA RFQ
5935-01-075-7410 NA RFQ
MD63-06E15-61S-3(844 NA RFQ
094-8706-0004 connector assem RFQ
5935-01-134-8514 NA RFQ
0416936-0100 NA RFQ
MD63-06E15-61S-3 NA RFQ
D34031844-62CB3 NA RFQ
32-15 rf RFQ
095-9036-0046 NA RFQ
31-66 rf RFQ
096-0002-91 NA RFQ
908328-595 NA RFQ
5935-01-123-2861 NA RFQ
031-0024-0001 coax connector RFQ
095-9092-1053 connector RFQ
MD73-02E12-61S-4(354 NA RFQ
094-7404-0000 connector RFQ
31-21 rf RFQ
5999-01-407-0142 NA RFQ
85243-118 NA RFQ
5999-00-546-3626 NA RFQ
095-9091-3075 NA RFQ
1972777-34 NA RFQ
MS124695 NA RFQ
0N288701-5 NA RFQ
031-0059-0001 NA RFQ
988591-558 NA RFQ
D34017936-62E43 NA RFQ
5935-01-165-6965 NA RFQ
KT9000-08 microdot kt9000-08 RFQ
MD53-02E15-61S-N(670 NA RFQ
5995-01-076-2234 NA RFQ
MD63-02E18-91P-1(844 NA RFQ
MD63-02E18-91S-N(844 NA RFQ
MD63-02E15-61P-3(844 NA RFQ
0416937-0002 NA RFQ
5935-01-064-1088 NA RFQ
M83513/02-EN military RFQ
988592-616 NA RFQ
S209C04-0112 NA RFQ
M83513/04-G04C connector assem RFQ
32-14 rf RFQ
85243-101REV-B NA RFQ
416936-35 NA RFQ
D34031844-52CB3 NA RFQ
031-0050-0001 NA RFQ
094-7504-0020 military RFQ
51-49 rf RFQ
051-0389-0001 military RFQ
082-0464-00Y9 NA RFQ
086-0342-00N1 NA RFQ
5935-01-371-0190 NA RFQ
1149AS3659-2 NA RFQ
M83513/02-AN military RFQ
908329-506 NA RFQ