Lark - Board Level Electronic Components

Browse the below part numbers including MCX140-6-6MM, 3SD808-842, 18381, 4SD980-15-4CC, 17328 by manufacturer Lark. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of Lark at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

Part No Description RFQ
MCX140-6-6MM misc RFQ
3SD808-842 NA RFQ
18381 NA RFQ
4SD980-15-4CC NA RFQ
17328 filt cer bp 1 RFQ
MS805-499 NA RFQ
3SD2260-100-3CC NA RFQ
MC803-X237-5AS filter RFQ
N8797 NA RFQ
075-313592-024 NA RFQ
MS4.19-0.08-3SS NA RFQ
6SD811082 oem stock, 3 days to us RFQ
722133-001-003 NA RFQ
315-6084-001 NA RFQ
3SD22675X854CC NA RFQ
075-313592-019 NA RFQ
MS140-X20-5CC 140mhz RFQ
0542-0729 NA RFQ
075-313592-017 NA RFQ
5SD1910-X25-3CC NA RFQ
3SD2375-X300-5CC NA RFQ
3SD1265-15-4CC NA RFQ
5SD840-H10-2CC NA RFQ
PSD-075-313592-025 NA RFQ
XP395-000024-001 NA RFQ
5SD1910-X20-3CC NA RFQ
MC1054-53-4MM crystal RFQ
5S0929-X5-3CC NA RFQ
5SD1880-X60-5CC NA RFQ
5SD803-353 NA RFQ
5SD910.5-H9-3CC NA RFQ
5SD910.5-H9-4CC NA RFQ
5S02036.7-H14-2CC NA RFQ
8500-153 NA RFQ
3SD808-811 NA RFQ
6SD1195-X50-5CC NA RFQ
5SD0910.5-H9-2CC NA RFQ
8500-126 NA RFQ
18587 filt cer bp 2 RFQ
6SD434-18-2CC NA RFQ
5SD874.5-H10- 3CC NA RFQ
5SD0829.5-H10-3CC NA RFQ
3SD1090-10-3CC NA RFQ
5SD957-H6-2CC NA RFQ
45D2158-U100-4CC NA RFQ
8SDD803-421 NA RFQ
6SD1575-U40-4CC NA RFQ
LMS870-6CC inventory m RFQ
X3SD1578-U65-6CC NA RFQ
0542-0776 NA RFQ
X3SD2375-X300-5CC NA RFQ
3SD811082 oem stock, 3 days to us RFQ
XP395-000020-001 NA RFQ
55D1960-X60-5CC NA RFQ
ME185-0017-01 NA RFQ
5SD1910-X25-4CC NA RFQ
3SD1795-U60-3CC NA RFQ
5SD2036.7-X14-4CC NA RFQ
075-313592-014 nn RFQ
8500-601 NA RFQ
075-313592-025 NA RFQ
1017532-0001 NA RFQ
5SD872-H6-4CC NA RFQ
6SD770-14-4CC NA RFQ
5SD800-563 NA RFQ
HQ300-100-4AA used stock RFQ
5SD1910-X25-2CC NA RFQ
8SD490-H10-4CC NA RFQ
5SD840-H10-3CC NA RFQ
3SD1390-69-4CC NA RFQ
075-313592-022 nn RFQ
SM18807610AA misc RFQ
4SD2332-5-X35-3CC NA RFQ
5SD1872-H8-3CC NA RFQ
5SD829.5-H10-3CC NA RFQ
5SD829.5-H10-2CC NA RFQ
5SD829.5-H10-4CC NA RFQ
5SD875-X5-3CC NA RFQ
MS34-14-4-SS NA RFQ
395-000022-001 NA RFQ
PSD-075-313592-025/R NA RFQ
5SD840-H10-4CC NA RFQ
MSD800-238 NA RFQ
LHP-510-3AA filter RFQ
5SD940-X26-3CC NA RFQ
5SD2036.7-H14-3CC NA RFQ
075-313592-019/REV1A NA RFQ
3SD2385-136-4CC oscillator RFQ
5SD1910-X20-4CC NA RFQ
XP395-000022-001 NA RFQ
3SD1747.5-X75-3CC nn RFQ
0542-0773 NA RFQ
L01-0120 NA RFQ
TC1065543MM misc RFQ
FX630-13-4CC nn RFQ
395-000020-1 NA RFQ
HQ500-30-8AA NA RFQ
XP395-000022-1 NA RFQ
3SD2375-90-3CC NA RFQ
5SD1980-X20-3CC NA RFQ
075-313592-013 filt cer bp 1 RFQ
3SD249240-4CC NA RFQ
XMS1200-H600-5CC NA RFQ
5SD770-18-3CC NA RFQ
X4SD1958-U90-4CC NA RFQ
5SD1090-W10-4CC NA RFQ
XLMS160-3CC 160mhz RFQ
FX600567 NA RFQ
X3SD2375X3005CC NA RFQ
3SD2577-X50-5CC NA RFQ
MS800-60-5SS NA RFQ
8797 NA RFQ
MS1770-X360-7CC NA RFQ
X6SD1960-H200-6CC inventory m RFQ
TC23611194MM misc RFQ
4SD836-35-5CC NA RFQ
SSD1960-X60-5CC NA RFQ
5SD1025-X50-3CCL NA RFQ
XP395-000020-1 NA RFQ
3SD811083 oem stock, 3 days to us RFQ
STT075-313592-035-LF NA RFQ
5SD1842.5-X75-5CC NA RFQ
5SD-11-X5-3CC NA RFQ
3SD1320-15-4CC NA RFQ
3SD1910-90-3CC NA RFQ
722103-001-00 NA RFQ
PCS600150 NA RFQ
395-000024-001 NA RFQ
3SD1795-60-3CC inventory r RFQ
722054-001-000 NA RFQ
395-000022-1 NA RFQ
X4SD1090-U40-5CC NA RFQ
4SD1050-15-3CC NA RFQ
3SD2385-X80-4CC 2.4ghz RFQ
0542-0859 NA RFQ
4SD1050-20-3CC filter band pass cer smt t/r RFQ
MC140-X60-5MM misc RFQ
395-000020-001 NA RFQ
TC2335-X320-4MM filter RFQ
5SD881.5-X25-5CC filters RFQ
X5SD836.5-X25-5CC NA RFQ
8500-140 NA RFQ
722111-001-003 NA RFQ