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Lark Board Level Electronic Components

Request a quote for Lark part numbers 5SD840-H10-3CC,3SD1795-60-3CC,3SD2375-X300-5CC,5SD1025-X50-3CCL,8SDD803-421 any many more and our customer representative will help you to get the exact part at the reasonable price. 

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Part No Description RFQ
5SD840-H10-3CC NA RFQ
3SD1795-60-3CC inventory r RFQ
3SD2375-X300-5CC NA RFQ
5SD1025-X50-3CCL NA RFQ
8SDD803-421 NA RFQ
MC803-X237-5AS filter RFQ
5SD872-H6-4CC NA RFQ
5SD1910-X20-3CC NA RFQ
TC23611194MM misc RFQ
722133-001-003 NA RFQ
395-000024-001 NA RFQ
6SD1575-U40-4CC NA RFQ
5SD829.5-H10-2CC NA RFQ
6SD770-14-4CC NA RFQ
XP395-000024-001 NA RFQ
075-313592-019/REV1A NA RFQ
5SD875-X5-3CC NA RFQ
075-313592-014 nn RFQ
HQ300-100-4AA used stock RFQ
FX630-13-4CC nn RFQ
PCS600150 NA RFQ
SM18807610AA misc RFQ
SSD1960-X60-5CC NA RFQ
18587 filt cer bp 2 RFQ
ME185-0017-01 NA RFQ
6SD434-18-2CC NA RFQ
075-313592-022 nn RFQ
0542-0773 NA RFQ
5SD1872-H8-3CC NA RFQ
XP395-000022-001 NA RFQ
5SD940-X26-3CC NA RFQ
5SD910.5-H9-4CC NA RFQ
315-6084-001 NA RFQ
0542-0729 NA RFQ
3SD2577-X50-5CC NA RFQ
075-313592-013 filt cer bp 1 RFQ
3SD808-811 NA RFQ
5SD829.5-H10-4CC NA RFQ
8500-153 NA RFQ
8797 NA RFQ
MS140-X20-5CC 140mhz RFQ
3SD249240-4CC NA RFQ
1017532-0001 NA RFQ
722111-001-003 NA RFQ
395-000022-001 NA RFQ
X3SD2375-X300-5CC NA RFQ
XP395-000020-001 NA RFQ
5SD829.5-H10-3CC NA RFQ
3SD2385-136-4CC oscillator RFQ
5SD803-353 NA RFQ
X4SD1090-U40-5CC NA RFQ
5SD0910.5-H9-2CC NA RFQ
5SD800-563 NA RFQ
395-000020-001 NA RFQ
X3SD2375X3005CC NA RFQ
6SD811082 oem stock, 3 days to us RFQ
MC1054-53-4MM crystal RFQ
MC140-X60-5MM misc RFQ
5SD770-18-3CC NA RFQ
5SD-11-X5-3CC NA RFQ
5SD957-H6-2CC NA RFQ
5S02036.7-H14-2CC NA RFQ
075-313592-019 NA RFQ
55D1960-X60-5CC NA RFQ
0542-0859 NA RFQ
5SD1090-W10-4CC NA RFQ
5SD840-H10-4CC NA RFQ
3SD1390-69-4CC NA RFQ
MS4.19-0.08-3SS NA RFQ
X4SD1958-U90-4CC NA RFQ
PSD-075-313592-025 NA RFQ
3SD1320-15-4CC NA RFQ
075-313592-024 NA RFQ
075-313592-025 NA RFQ
3SD808-842 NA RFQ
TC1065543MM misc RFQ
MS805-499 NA RFQ
3SD2260-100-3CC NA RFQ
5SD1910-X25-4CC NA RFQ
5SD1980-X20-3CC NA RFQ
TC2335-X320-4MM filter RFQ
5SD2036.7-X14-4CC NA RFQ
5SD1842.5-X75-5CC NA RFQ
4SD836-35-5CC NA RFQ
722103-001-00 NA RFQ
5S0929-X5-3CC NA RFQ
4SD1050-15-3CC NA RFQ
LHP-510-3AA filter RFQ
FX600567 NA RFQ
3SD22675X854CC NA RFQ
5SD2036.7-H14-3CC NA RFQ
LMS870-6CC inventory m RFQ
L01-0120 NA RFQ
XP395-000022-1 NA RFQ
MCX140-6-6MM misc RFQ
3SD2385-X80-4CC 2.4ghz RFQ
X6SD1960-H200-6CC inventory m RFQ
6SD1195-X50-5CC NA RFQ
8SD490-H10-4CC NA RFQ
X5SD836.5-X25-5CC NA RFQ
5SD881.5-X25-5CC filters RFQ
0542-0776 NA RFQ
X3SD1578-U65-6CC NA RFQ
395-000022-1 NA RFQ
3SD1265-15-4CC NA RFQ
8500-601 NA RFQ
45D2158-U100-4CC NA RFQ
5SD1910-X25-2CC NA RFQ
MS1770-X360-7CC NA RFQ
17328 filt cer bp 1 RFQ
4SD1050-20-3CC filter band pass cer smt t/r RFQ
3SD811083 oem stock, 3 days to us RFQ
XMS1200-H600-5CC NA RFQ
5SD874.5-H10- 3CC NA RFQ
MSD800-238 NA RFQ
4SD980-15-4CC NA RFQ
3SD1747.5-X75-3CC nn RFQ
18381 NA RFQ
5SD840-H10-2CC NA RFQ
3SD1910-90-3CC NA RFQ
3SD811082 oem stock, 3 days to us RFQ
MS800-60-5SS NA RFQ
075-313592-017 NA RFQ
5SD910.5-H9-3CC NA RFQ
HQ500-30-8AA NA RFQ
N8797 NA RFQ
5SD1880-X60-5CC NA RFQ
8500-126 NA RFQ
MS34-14-4-SS NA RFQ
3SD2375-90-3CC NA RFQ
395-000020-1 NA RFQ
3SD1795-U60-3CC NA RFQ
PSD-075-313592-025/R NA RFQ
XP395-000020-1 NA RFQ
STT075-313592-035-LF NA RFQ
8500-140 NA RFQ
5SD1910-X25-3CC NA RFQ
3SD1090-10-3CC NA RFQ
XLMS160-3CC 160mhz RFQ
4SD2332-5-X35-3CC NA RFQ
5SD0829.5-H10-3CC NA RFQ
5SD1910-X20-4CC NA RFQ
722054-001-000 NA RFQ