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Kandl Board Level Electronic Components

Browse the below part numbers including 3KCB10-735T55-1.0,3KCB20-259T50-1.8,2DR23-1660U60-1.8,2DR23-1270U60-1.6,2DR23-2488U60-1.8 by manufacturer Kandl. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of Kandl at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

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Part No Description RFQ
3KCB10-735T55-1.0 nr RFQ
3KCB20-259T50-1.8 filter,bp,259mhz,bw(3db)=50mhz,smd(tab) RFQ
2DR23-1660U60-1.8 filter,bp,fc=1660mhz,bw(1db)=60mhz,smd RFQ
2DR23-1270U60-1.6 filter,bp,1270mhz,bw(1db)=60mhz,smd(tab) RFQ
2DR23-2488U60-1.8 filter,bp,2488mhz,bw(1db)=60mhz,smd(tab) RFQ
3DL23-2920U60-1.8 filter,bp,2920mhz,bw(1db)=60mhz,smd(tab) RFQ
4DR33-63030-1.4 nn RFQ
2DR2X-1032U50 filter,bp,1032mhz,bw(1db)=50mhz,smd(tab) RFQ
5MMB5-56X63 NA RFQ
3DR23-1505U60-1.8 filter,bp,fc=1505mhz,bw(1db)=60mhz,smd RFQ
3DR25-1800U1001.8 NA RFQ
3DR23-1440H30-1.8 filter,bp,fc=1440mhz,bw(0.5db)=30mhz,smd RFQ
5DR23-1740T65 NA RFQ
491-00032 NA RFQ
4DL352115U7017 NA RFQ
4DR33-630T12-SP nn RFQ
SB24712 nn RFQ
3DR34-1009H7-1.6 filter,bp,1009mhz,bw(0.5db)=7mhz,smd RFQ
2DR231800U100-1.6 NA RFQ
4DR33-630T40-14 NA RFQ
5MB4-70X25 NA RFQ
X7MMB5-1535X1930-10 NA RFQ
4DR33-1800U100-1.6 NA RFQ
3DR34-700H12 NA RFQ
4DR35-836.5H26-1.6 NA RFQ
6DR34-881.5T35-1.6 NA RFQ
5DR34-1260H14-1.6 NA RFQ
564197SP2T-2025R NA RFQ
4DL351690U6017 NA RFQ
3LSMT-200U1500-P 200mhz RFQ
603763-10 NA RFQ
4DR33-630T40-1.4 nn RFQ
075-313540-001 nr RFQ
3KCB20-266T50-1.0 filter,bp,266mhz,bw(3db)=50mhz,smd(tab) RFQ
6DR34-1960T65-1.6 NA RFQ
2DR23-1494U60-1.6 filter,bp,1494mhz,bw(1db)=60mhz,smd(tab) RFQ
1007-22-9 SOLID u.l. style 1007 300v, 80 c, 22awg so RFQ
3DR23-1362U60-1.8 filter,bp,fc=1362mhz,bw(1db)=60mhz,smd RFQ
4DR35-881.5H26-1.8 NA RFQ
2DL23-2920U60-1.8 filter,bp,2920mhz,bw(1db)=60mhz,smd(tab) RFQ
PSD075-313412-004 nn RFQ
3DR23-1388H30-1.8 filter,bp,fc=1388mhz,bw(0.5db)=30mhz,smd RFQ
603763-06 NA RFQ
2DR23-2026U60-1.6 filter,bp,2026mhz,bw(1db)=60mhz,smd(tab) RFQ
3DR23-1445U60-1.8 filter,bp,fc=1445mhz,bw(1db)=60mhz,smd RFQ
3DR34-997H7-1.6 filter,bp,997mhz,bw(0.5db)=7mhz,smd RFQ
3KCB10-1144 nn RFQ
5DR35-1260H8-1.6 NA RFQ
2DR23-2250U60-1.6 filter,bp,2250mhz,bw(1db)=60mhz,smd(tab) RFQ
SB21212 nn RFQ
603763-05 NA RFQ