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Browse the below part numbers including IMSA-9832S-40Y932, 3100-12BCZD, IMSA-9850B-26Y900, IMSA-9637S-20Y900, K-26-C by manufacturer Ironwood Electronics. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of Ironwood Electronics at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

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Part No Description RFQ
IMSA-9832S-40Y932 NA RFQ
3100-12BCZD irr 3100-12bczd RFQ
IMSA-9850B-26Y900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-20Y900 NA RFQ
K-26-C touchscreen 26"" rs-232 22.60"" (574.00mm) - 12.68"" (322.00mm) rs-232 infrared 26"" (658.15mm) RFQ
6000-50-SS2 irr 6000-50-ss2 RFQ
1000-9-ST-PA irr 1000-9-st-pa RFQ
D2-S200-S08-2FIPS 8 gb - usb - external RFQ
IMSA-9631S-12Y909 NA RFQ
3100-68-SS2 irr 3100-68-ss2 RFQ
D2-D200-S08-2FIPS 8 gb - usb - external RFQ
K-26-U touchscreen 26"" usb 22.60"" (574.00mm) - 12.68"" (322.00mm) usb infrared 26"" (658.15mm) RFQ
1000-14-ST-ZD irr 1000-14-st-zd RFQ
E-104-C touchscreen 10.4"" rs-232 8.32"" (211.20mm) - 6.24"" (158.40mm) rs-232 infrared 10.4"" (264mm) RFQ
FH10A n_a RFQ
IMSA-9850S-16Y906 NA RFQ
1000-50-SS2 irr 1000-50-ss2 RFQ
IMSA-9851B-14Y902 NA RFQ
IMSA-9634S-45Y901 NA RFQ
E-65-U touchscreen 6.5"" usb 6.65"" (169mm) - 5.35"" (136mm) usb infrared 6.5"" (165.1mm) RFQ
IMSA-6153S-05Z900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9639S-50Y952 NA RFQ
E-64-C touchscreen 6.4"" rs-232 6.52"" (165.6mm) - 5.24"" (133mm) rs-232 infrared 6.4"" (162.56mm) RFQ
IMSA-9827B-120Y902 NA RFQ
K-21-C touchscreen 21"" rs-232 16.97"" (431.00mm) - 12.72"" (323.10mm) rs-232 infrared 21.2"" (538.74mm) RFQ
7200-0075-ST-ZD irr 7200-0075-st-zd RFQ
1000-0062-ST irr 1000-0062-st RFQ
IMSA-9637S-14Y905 NA RFQ
IMSA-9639S-25Y971 NA RFQ
IMSA-9639S-35Y952 NA RFQ
IMSA-6153S-15Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-6179S-414Y904 NA RFQ
K-104-C touchscreen 10.4"" rs-232 11.65"" (296mm) - 8.3"" (211mm) rs-232 infrared 10.4"" (264.16mm) RFQ
D2-S200-S02-3FIPS 2 gb - usb - external RFQ
IMSA-9631S-07Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9827B-120Y908 NA RFQ
7100-18-ST irr 7100-18-st RFQ
E-17-U touchscreen 17"" usb 13.39"" (340.0mm) - 10.71"" (272.0mm) usb infrared 17.1"" (435.4mm) RFQ
IMSA9210B-1-10P-T NA RFQ
IMSA-9681S-24Y904 NA RFQ
DF13-2S1.25 n_a RFQ
D2-S200-S04-2FIPS 4 gb - usb - external RFQ
IMSA-9634S-50Y901 NA RFQ
1000-0050-SS2 irr 1000-0050-ss2 RFQ
1200-12-STPA irr 1200-12-stpa RFQ
1000-12-SS2 irr 1000-12-ss2 RFQ
K-64-C touchscreen 6.4"" rs-232 7.83"" (198.8mm) - 5.45"" (138.4mm) rs-232 infrared 6.4"" (162.56mm) RFQ
7100-0050-ST-ZD irr 7100-0050-st-zd RFQ
IMSA-9850S-16Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9631S-09Y900 NA RFQ
D2-S200-S16-3FIPS 16 gb - usb - external RFQ
D2-S200-S01-3FIPS 1 gb - usb - external RFQ
IMSA-9637S-50Y900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9634S-40Y900 NA RFQ
K-84-U touchscreen 8.4"" usb 10.16"" (258mm) - 7.07"" (179.6mm) usb infrared 8.4"" (213.36mm) RFQ
K-17-U touchscreen 17"" usb side mt 13.29"" (337.60mm) - 10.63"" (270.10mm) usb infrared 17"" (432.35mm) RFQ
E-84-U touchscreen 8.4"" usb 6.76"" (171.60mm) - 5.06"" (128.60mm) usb infrared 8.4"" (214.44mm) RFQ
E-104-U touchscreen 10.4"" usb 8.32"" (211.20mm) - 6.24"" (158.40mm) usb infrared 10.4"" (264mm) RFQ
IMSA-9681S-22Y904 NA RFQ
D2-D200-S04-2FIPS 4 gb - usb - external RFQ
IMSA-6168S-614Y900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-50Y902 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-11Y908 NA RFQ
IMSA-9820S-30Y921 NA RFQ
K-65-C touchscreen 6.5"" rs-232 - - - rs-232 infrared 6.5"" (165.1mm) RFQ
1000-X43-ST-ZD irr 1000-x43-st-zd RFQ
3000-X150-ST-ZD irr 3000-x150-st-zd RFQ
D2-S200-S08-3FIPS 8 gb - usb - external RFQ
IMSA-9637S-40Y905 NA RFQ
IMSA-9831B-50Y930 NA RFQ
D2-D200-S16-3FIPS 16 gb - usb - external RFQ
IMSA-9637S-18Y900 NA RFQ
K-23-U touchscreen 23"" usb 19.78"" (502.40mm) - 11.01"" (279.70mm) usb infrared 22.7"" (575.01mm) RFQ
D2-S200-S01-2FIPS usb 2.0 - external RFQ
K-15-U touchscreen 15"" usb side mt 12.09"" (307.00mm) - 9.09"" (231.00mm) usb infrared 15.1"" (384.20mm) RFQ
D2-D200-S08-3FIPS 8 gb - usb - external RFQ
IMSA-9830S-60Y930 NA RFQ
IMSA-9890S-14Y903 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-20Y905 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-18Y905 NA RFQ
C4026 NA RFQ
K-21-U touchscreen 21"" usb 16.97"" (431.00mm) - 12.72"" (323.10mm) usb infrared 21.2"" (538.74mm) RFQ
IMSA-9671S-27Y902 NA RFQ
IMSA-6071B-08Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9832S-40Y930 NA RFQ
IMSA-6071B-16Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-11Y900 NA RFQ
1000-0012-SS2 irr 1000-0012-ss2 RFQ
3100-0037-SS2 irr 3100-0037-ss2 RFQ
E-65-C touchscreen 6.5"" rs-232 6.65"" (169mm) - 5.35"" (136mm) rs-232 infrared 6.5"" (165.1mm) RFQ
3000-X112-ST-ZD irr 3000-x112-st-zd RFQ
3000X162STZD irr 3000x162stzd RFQ
K-15-C touchscreen 15"" rs-232 side 12.09"" (307.00mm) - 9.09"" (231.00mm) rs-232 infrared 15.1"" (384.20mm) RFQ
IMSA-9631S-08Y900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9636S-28Y904 NA RFQ
1000-6-STCB-STK irr 1000-6-stcb-stacked RFQ
E-17-C touchscreen 17"" rs-232 13.39"" (340.0mm) - 10.71"" (272.0mm) rs-232 infrared 17.1"" (435.4mm) RFQ
AGK-3370-2P NA RFQ
3100-100-SS2 irr 3100-100-ss2 RFQ
3100-187 irr 3100-187 RFQ
IMSA-9637S-30Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9671S-33Y902 NA RFQ
IMSA-9850S-30Y901 NA RFQ
3100-50-SS2 irr 3100-50-ss2 RFQ
IMSA-9850S-28Y900 NA RFQ
1000-0018-SS2 irr 1000-0018-ss2 RFQ
IMSA-9820S-16Y910 NA RFQ
3000-X0043-SS2 irr 3000-x0043-ss2 internal RFQ
IMSA-9631S-14Y909 NA RFQ
XRC-317AS xrc-317as RFQ
D2-S200-S16-2FIPS usb 2.0 - external RFQ
IMSA-9850S-22Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9681S-18Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9820B-16Y910 NA RFQ
IMSA-9632S-27Y901 NA RFQ
3000-X75-ST-ZD irr 3000-x75-st-zd RFQ
IMSA-9637S-50Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-6071B-06Y901 NA RFQ
K-19-C touchscreen 19"" rs-232 side 14.77"" (375.20mm) - 11.82"" (300.20mm) rs-232 infrared 19"" (480.51mm) RFQ
IMSA-9681S-13Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9632S-09Y900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-20Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9831B-50Y950 NA RFQ
IMSA-9661S-24Y900 NA RFQ
D2-D200-S04-3FIPS 4 gb - usb - external RFQ
K-17-C touchscreen 17"" rs-232 side 13.29"" (337.60mm) - 10.63"" (270.10mm) rs-232 infrared 17"" (432.35mm) RFQ
E-12-C touchscreen 12.1"" rs-232 9.70"" (246.40mm) - 7.29"" (185.20mm) rs-232 infrared 21.1"" (535.94mm) RFQ
IMSA-9826B-50Y900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9681S-10Y904 NA RFQ
E-19-U touchscreen 19"" usb 14.88"" (378.0mm) - 11.93"" (303.0mm) usb infrared 19.1"" (484.5mm) RFQ
IMSA-9823B-30Y923 NA RFQ
K-23-C touchscreen 23"" rs-232 19.78"" (502.40mm) - 11.01"" (279.70mm) rs-232 infrared 22.7"" (575.01mm) RFQ
K-19-U touchscreen 19"" usb side mt 14.77"" (375.20mm) - 11.82"" (300.20mm) usb infrared 19"" (480.51mm) RFQ
D2-D200-S32-2FIPS 32 gb - usb - external RFQ
3000-X43-ST-PA irr 3000-x43-st-pa RFQ
D2-S200-S04-3FIPS 4 gb - usb - external RFQ
K-84-C touchscreen 8.4"" rs-232 10.16"" (258mm) - 7.07"" (179.6mm) rs-232 infrared 8.4"" (213.36mm) RFQ
E-12-H touchscreen 12.1"" usb 9.70"" (246.40mm) - 7.29"" (185.20mm) usb infrared 21.1"" (535.94mm) RFQ
IMSA-9681S-06Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9639S-40Y952 NA RFQ
LRC-LR2512-01-R200F NA RFQ
IMSA-9636S-22Y922 NA RFQ
IMSA-9855B-22Y900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9632S-23Y913 NA RFQ
IMSA-9671S-39Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9631S-50Y917 NA RFQ
IMSA-9636S-28Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9636S-16Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9631S-50Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-60Y900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9632S-28Y903 NA RFQ
E-84-C touchscreen 8.4"" rs-232 6.76"" (171.60mm) - 5.06"" (128.60mm) rs-232 infrared 8.4"" (214.44mm) RFQ
E-15-U touchscreen 15.1"" usb 12.05"" (306.0mm) - 7.99"" (203.0mm) usb infrared 15.1"" (382.8mm) RFQ
IMSA-9831B-40Y930 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-08Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-16Y900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9632S-12Y900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9632S-30Y901 NA RFQ
6100-31-SS2 irr 6100-31-ss2 RFQ
K-12-U touchscreen 12"" usb side 9.69"" (246.0mm) - 7.28"" (185mm) usb infrared 12.1"" (307.8mm) RFQ
E-19-C touchscreen 19"" rs-232 14.88"" (378.0mm) - 11.93"" (303.0mm) rs-232 infrared 19.1"" (484.5mm) RFQ
IMSA-9632S-16Y900 NA RFQ
1000-0015-BC irr 1000-0015-bc RFQ
IMSA-9632S-08Y910 NA RFQ
K-12-C touchscreen 12""rs-232 side 9.69"" (246.0mm) - 7.28"" (185mm) rs-232 infrared 12.1"" (307.8mm) RFQ
IMSA-9634S-40Y910 NA RFQ
IMSA-9850B-14Y900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-07Y905 NA RFQ
3100-31-SS2 irr 3100-31-ss2 retaining ring s/s RFQ
IMSA-9632S-08Y900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9681S-08Y904 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-35Y901 NA RFQ
D2-D200-S32-3FIPS 32 gb - usb - external RFQ
E-15-C touchscreen 15.1"" rs-232 12.05"" (306.0mm) - 7.99"" (203.0mm) rs-232 infrared 15.1"" (382.8mm) RFQ
1000-X43-SS2 irr 1000-x43-ss2 RFQ
K-104-U touchscreen 10.4"" usb 11.65"" (296mm) - 8.3"" (211mm) usb infrared 10.4"" (264.16mm) RFQ
D2-S200-S02-2FIPS 2 gb - usb - external RFQ
K-65-U touchscreen 6.5"" usb - - - usb infrared 6.5"" (165.1mm) RFQ
IMSA-9637S-45Y901 NA RFQ
1000-18PASTACK irr 1000-18pa stacked RFQ
FGC126-0401 NA RFQ
3001X0075STZD irr 3001x0075stzd RFQ
GS-3T02201J NA RFQ
IMSA-9852B-10Y900 NA RFQ
IMSA-9636S-11Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-24Y901 NA RFQ
IMSA-9820S-22Y923 NA RFQ
IMSA-9831B-40Y932 NA RFQ
IMSA-9820S-10Y913 NA RFQ
E-64-U touchscreen 6.4"" usb 6.52"" (165.6mm) - 5.24"" (133mm) usb infrared 6.4"" (162.56mm) RFQ
IMSA-9637S-10Y904 NA RFQ
IMSA-9637S-08Y905 NA RFQ
IMSA-9634S-60Y901 NA RFQ
K-64-U touchscreen 6.4"" usb 7.83"" (198.8mm) - 5.45"" (138.4mm) usb infrared 6.4"" (162.56mm) RFQ
IMSA-9637S-21Y900 NA RFQ