Int - Board Level Electronic Components

Browse the below part numbers including NG82358-25, PF38F3050L0ZTQ0, LXT905PC, RD28FSDC80, PIII733SL4CG by manufacturer Int. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of Int at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

Part No Description RFQ
NG82358-25 sz 400 RFQ
PF38F3050L0ZTQ0 pt reel pb-free RFQ
LXT905PC 500 reel RFQ
RD28FSDC80 cut tape RFQ
SLXT915QC.B3 804 factory pack RFQ
RD28F1604C3T90 t/r RFQ
RD28F3208C3T70 pt reel RFQ
SLXT361QE.A2 tray RFQ
N80286-8 plcc RFQ
N80C18616 plcc RFQ
NG80960KA16 pqfp RFQ
MBCS0452ME28F008SA1 simm RFQ
N27C210-150V10 plcc RFQ
PIII500SL35E cpu RFQ
PIII933SL4C9 cpu RFQ
NSK70704PE.C2 500 factory pack RFQ
N29C53AC t/r RFQ
JS28F320C3BD90 tray RFQ
S82353-SZ616 tray RFQ
RD38F4050L0ZTQ0 pt reel RFQ
KU82360 SLBI sx 564 RFQ
N28F020150 plcc RFQ
T28F160S3100 NA RFQ
KU82335 sx311 RFQ
S82451KX SU025 NA RFQ
RJ80536GE0462M sl7sp / tray RFQ
KU8249260SX867 pqfp RFQ
LXT361PEA2 plcc RFQ
S82454KX SU042 qfp RFQ
N80960SA10SW225 plcc RFQ
SA98715AECE pqfp RFQ
NG82358DTSZ688 pqfp RFQ
P80C88AL pdip RFQ
GE28FSDC46 cut tape RFQ
0BM00243302 NA RFQ
SB82371FBSZ997 pqfp RFQ
MBCS0995ME28F008SA1 simm RFQ
SB82437JXSU096 pqfp RFQ
SB21150BC pqfp RFQ
SA11021281EB pqfp RFQ
NQ80331M667 sl9b8 / 240 factory RFQ
RD38F1020C0ZTL0 cut tape RFQ
HBSK70740HE.A2 tray RFQ
P82542 pdip RFQ
N28F02090 plcc RFQ
KU82438FX sz965 RFQ
N87C511 plcc RFQ
N82593SX 500 reel RFQ
S80C32-24 tray RFQ
NG82357SZ398 pqfp RFQ
KU80386SXTA33 tray RFQ
SB82371FBSZ967 pqfp RFQ
PIII5005121002.0V cpu RFQ
SM732C2000A12E28F00 simm RFQ
IDT71024S20Y soj RFQ
LD2147H-3 NA RFQ
N28F01090V05 plcc RFQ
TB28F008SA100 t/r RFQ
SB82441FXSU053 pqfp RFQ
S82434NXSZ919 pqfp RFQ
N28F001BXT150 plcc RFQ
N80C88 t/r s54108 RFQ
N28F001BXB150 plcc RFQ
LXT9782HCC4 pqfp RFQ
RD38F1020C0ZTL 2k reel RFQ
SB82437MXSU069 pqfp RFQ
N27C64-1 plcc 1 shot RFQ
MPL1363RIT ind RFQ
RD38F1020C02TL0 NA RFQ
LXT907PC plcc RFQ
NG80960JT100 pqfp RFQ
KU8249166 pqfp RFQ
08621F1TD9F NA RFQ
SB82371SBSUO93 pqfp RFQ
SM732C1000B12E28F00 simm RFQ
PXA270C5C520 tray RFQ
RG82870P2 pt reel RFQ
SB82437FX66SZ999 pqfp RFQ
P8237A5 pdip RFQ
GE28F320C3BC90 2k reel RFQ
LXT971ALCA4 pqfp RFQ
N28F001BNT120 plcc RFQ
S82451GXSU055 pqfp RFQ
P51C64H-12 NA RFQ
N28F512120 plcc RFQ
LXT9785EHCA7 pqfp RFQ
PF38F4050L0TQ0 pt reel RFQ
SB82371SBSU052 pqfp RFQ
RD38F2030W0ZTQ1 2k reel RFQ
P2764A-25 tube RFQ
NG82355SZ575 pqfp RFQ
GW5116BI bga / tray RFQ
KU82706 sx136 RFQ
PH28F640C3TC80-QCUS cut tape strips RFQ
PIII733256133175V cpu RFQ
LXT975BHC pqfp RFQ
PA28F400BVB80 tube smt RFQ
MBCS132ME28F008SA12 simm RFQ
MXM016100M3X5TR cap RFQ
LXT915QCB3 pqfp RFQ
SB82437FX66SZ968 pqfp RFQ
N80C88AL t/r sx018 RFQ
PA28F800B5B70 tube RFQ
SB80486DX240SX809 pqfp RFQ
MBCS8F232M1E28F008S simm RFQ
SB82558B pqfp RFQ
LXT915QCC4 pqfp RFQ
P27C010-150V10 128kx8 dip tube RFQ
HBSK70744HE.B2 400 factory pack RFQ
GE28FSDC56 cut tape RFQ
LXT915QC.B3 tray RFQ
N82588 pt reel RFQ
SPD6720QCB pqfp RFQ
FW82371AB non factory reel RFQ
N28F020135V05 plcc RFQ
SB80486DX250SX920 pqfp RFQ
MBCS0965ME28F008SA1 simm RFQ
N28F020120 plcc RFQ
N8032AH t/r RFQ
SB82442FXSU054 pqfp RFQ
SB82558SL2LX pqfp RFQ
P5116S-10 NA RFQ
N28F010200 plcc RFQ
MBCS232ME28F016SA10 simm RFQ
SB82558BSL2P4 pqfp RFQ
S82352DT pqfp RFQ
NH82801E pt reel RFQ
P87S251SB16 NA RFQ
SB82437VXSU116 pqfp RFQ
KU80486SX25SX800 pqfp RFQ
JM3851023803BVA NA RFQ
N80C18612 plcc RFQ
SB82438JX pqfp RFQ
LXT9785EHCC2 pqfp RFQ
LXT974BHCA8 pqfp RFQ
MBCS132M1E28F008SA1 simm RFQ
N28F001BXB120 plcc RFQ
RC28F640J3A-120 pt reel RFQ
RC82545EM tray RFQ
RD38F3050L0ZTQ0 pt reel RFQ
P80C32 pdip RFQ
NLXT907PC.E2 tube RFQ
P8278 10 pc tube / pdip RFQ
SE440BX-2 retail box RFQ
N27C210-200V10 NA RFQ
SA1100 pqfp RFQ
N8295A-2 NA RFQ
N82930A3 q8107 RFQ
SB82371SBSU093 pqfp RFQ
08Q6L108D0 NA RFQ
LXT9763HCC4 pqfp RFQ
MBCS8F232MIE28F008S simm RFQ
GE28F160C3TC70 pt reel RFQ
N82077 plcc RFQ
SB82437FXSZ966 pqfp RFQ
S82459AB150 sl28v RFQ
N27C010-200V10 128kx8 plcc tube RFQ
SB83271SBSU093 pqfp RFQ
LXT9785EHCC3 pqfp RFQ
N8028612 plcc RFQ
PI8237A-5 NA RFQ
NG80386SX20 pqfp RFQ
S82434NXSZ928 pqfp RFQ
PEB20320HV22 pqfp RFQ
N80960SA20 plcc RFQ
NG80960KA20 pqfp RFQ
PH28F320W18BD60 pt reel RFQ
SB82371FBSZ964 pqfp RFQ
S82459AC 66 pc tray RFQ
NG80386SXLP-20 qfp RFQ
QS3VBH257S18 soic RFQ
SB82437VXSU085 pqfp RFQ
MBCS8F232ME28F008SA simm RFQ
S82438FXSZ965 pqfp RFQ
P8051AH prog RFQ
N80C186EA25 plcc RFQ
LXT361PE pt reel RFQ
NG80960JA25 pqfp RFQ
JM3851023805BVA mil RFQ
PEB20320HV34 pqfp RFQ
RC28F160C3TC70 tray RFQ
NG80386SX20CSTEP pqfp RFQ
N82C42PE plcc RFQ
N80960SA10 plcc RFQ
IRML5203TR diode RFQ
LXT970AQC pqfp RFQ
PII80522PX300512ECSL cpu RFQ
S82452GX su074 RFQ
ISL6612ACRZTS2568 lcc RFQ
MBCS132MIE28F008SA1 simm RFQ
INT5200A0 bga RFQ
P82C08-8 tube RFQ