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Ingenico Board Level Electronic Components

Request a quote for Ingenico part numbers IMP300-MBCS2572A,AC00616,296116381,SEN351026,ISC350-01P1845A any many more and our customer representative will help you to get the exact part at the reasonable price. 

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Part No Description RFQ
IMP300-MBCS2572A ismp multi-charge station -available RFQ
AC00616 rs232 w/integrated usb power p igtail (requires a power sup) - RFQ
296116381 usb for card reader - 16.40 ft - usb RFQ
SEN351026 static wedge stand -available RFQ
ISC350-01P1845A contactless 5.7: vga, 128mb ra m 128mb flash -available RFQ
296106335 ethernet cable for ipp320, ipp 350,isc250 -available RFQ
AC00453 20ft - black RFQ
ISC250-USSCN07A dell-cabela only-do not use -available RFQ
WASI015 f0325d189 RFQ
ISC480-11P2199A ext contactless, 7in mmedia, t ouch, sigcap, msr, sc, pciv4 -a RFQ
AFF-0039-GCF1501 aff-0039-gcf 1501 RFQ
179901469 power supply for ipp320/350, 1 20v,ac/8v dc -available RFQ
CAB350948B 4meter usb cable -available RFQ
PE00732 NA RFQ
AFF-0094 aff-0094 RFQ
192011597 power supply isc250 only -available RFQ
295008241 cable, rs-232 for isc350 (powe r supply must be ordered) -avai RFQ
188413214 isc480 power cord -available RFQ
296100039 usb cable for ipp3320,ipp350 a nd iss250 -available RFQ
6035-06082-0100 NA RFQ
BOK-L baracoda orkan - wireless barcode terminal / 1d linear barcode s RFQ
WASI015F0315D wasi015f0315d RFQ
SEN350764 isc350 stand,0-65 degree tilt heavy duty,swivel -available RFQ
296107316 cable, usb type a load cable f or isc250. -available RFQ
SEN351020 round metal stand base -available RFQ
BOX350769 glue pads for stand,use where can't use screws, on glasstop -a RFQ
296114303AB usb for pos device - 13.12 ft - powered usb RFQ
296114928 serial for card reader - 16.40 ft - serial RFQ
CAB350525 11- extension cable -available RFQ
EPICOR4MCABLE 296114303ab free for epicor sw ap out in existing boms -availa RFQ
296114811 cable,rs-232, 2m length for ip p3xx/isc2xx -available RFQ
EPICOR2MCABLE 296111170ab free for epicor sw ap out in existing boms -availa RFQ
BDF-L2 dfly2, 1d linear cmos wireless bluetooth RFQ
CAB0199 ethernet 10 ft cable -available RFQ
E-100-291-090-A2000 NA RFQ
AC00454 10ft RFQ
CAB326618A usb - 9.84 ft RFQ
296124995 isc250-350 right angle stylus pen-spares or replacements -avai RFQ
SEN350821 isc250 short stand 0-65 degree tilt (not locking) -available RFQ
BOK-FE baracoda orkan - wireless barcode terminal / 2d imager barcode s RFQ
295008212 powered usb 12v 3m cable -available RFQ
CAB350961 for charging station RFQ
BRR-L roadrunner brr-l, 1d barcode scanner, bluetooth class 1 (up to 1 RFQ
SEN350820 isc250 tall stand 0-90 degree tilt (not locking) -available RFQ
WASI012 smd 80p. RFQ
CAB350043A usb RFQ
296111170 2m usb cable for isc2xx ipp3xx -available RFQ
BIF-L baracoda ifly, wireless scanner for ios, 1d linear barcode scann RFQ
6035-06079-0100 12v dc RFQ
AC00446 rs232 serial cable with power pigtail. requires power supply - RFQ
296118442 battery pack for ismp -available RFQ
6580US0002 color display - 2 mb ram RFQ
296115032 ipp3xx cradle -available RFQ
296111170AB usb for pos device - 6.56 ft - usb RFQ
SEN350331G stylus pen (terminals come w a stylus, this is for spares -ava RFQ
295008233AB usb for pos device - usb RFQ
AC00524 db-9 serial - 10ft - black RFQ
GKS-100-291-090-A200 NA RFQ
SEN350765 isc350 stand,0-90 degree tilt hvy duty, swivel -available RFQ