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Icom Board Level Electronic Components

Request a quote for Icom part numbers 6130-01-041-4594,RC18,IC-M36 01,IC-M506 31,IC-M302 any many more and our customer representative will help you to get the exact part at the reasonable price. 

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Part No Description RFQ
6130-01-041-4594 NA RFQ
RC18 oem_ex.5 days RFQ
IC-M36 01 vhf-hh, 6/1w, 8hr batt, floats -available RFQ
IC-M506 31 m506 vhf w/ hailer, n2k, rear mic -available RFQ
IC-M302 oem_ex.5 days RFQ
IC-BP265 battery pack, 1900mah li-ion -available RFQ
IC-BP252 li-ion battery pack for m34/36 -available RFQ
UT-109 oem_ex.5 days RFQ
IC-M24 01 vhf-hh, 5/1watt, 10hr batt, float+flash -available RFQ
CR-293 in stk-1/box- RFQ
AD-98FSC in stk-1/bag- RFQ
U R2500 in stk-bag- RFQ
1110003091 oem_ex.5 days RFQ
IC-MB-69 flush mount bracket for m304/412/422 -available RFQ
IC-HM-195B command mic iv for m424/506, black -available RFQ
HM161 in stk-1/box- RFQ
IC-M412 11 vhf, basic, black -available RFQ
IC-M506 21 m506 vhf w/ hailer, ais, n2k -available RFQ
BP-240 oem_ex.5 days RFQ
MB-103 in stk-box- RFQ
IC-F12 in stk-1/box-1 RFQ
SP-27 in stk-1/bag- RFQ
AD-113E in stk-box- RFQ
IC-T90A oem_ex.5 days RFQ
BNCR162 in stk-bag- RFQ
IC-M506 01 m506 vhf w/ hailer -available RFQ
IC-F12S in stk-1/box-1 RFQ
IC-HM-157B 11 command mic ii for m422, black -available RFQ
BP-200L in stk-box- RFQ
OPC-1797 04 EXP-01 in stk-1/bag- RFQ
IC-M73 01 vhf-hh, 6/1 watt, basic version -available RFQ
IC-M400BB SW black box vhf w/ white commandmic iv -available RFQ
IC-M424 01 vhf, compact, w/hailer, black -available RFQ
IC-M412 12 vhf, basic, white -available RFQ
IC-M424 02 vhf, compact, w/hailer, white -available RFQ
8830001250 oem_ex.5 days RFQ
IC-UT-112 ut-112 voice scrambler w/ 32 codes -available RFQ
IC-AT-140 at-140 automatic antenna tuner -available RFQ
IC-MB-75 flush mount bracket for m504/604/802 -available RFQ
IC-M506 11 m506 vhf w/ hailer, n2k -available RFQ
IC-M400BB black box vhf w/ commandmic iv -available RFQ
HM131L in stk-1/box-1 RFQ
LC-F12 oem_ex.5 days RFQ
IC-M92D 01 vhf-hh, 5/1w, 8hr batt, w/ gps -available RFQ
IC-HM-157SW 12 command mic ii for m422, white -available RFQ
IC-MB-132 flush mount kit-stainless steel for m424 -available RFQ
IC-OPC1540 standard cable, command mic iii, 20' -available RFQ
AD-110 in stk-1/box- RFQ
IC-F24 oem_ex.5 days RFQ
IC-BP-227 li-ion battery pack, m88 -available RFQ
IC-OPC-1541 extension cable, command mic iii/iv, 20' -available RFQ
IC-MXA5000 01 mxa-5000, ais receiver, black box -available RFQ
FA-SC56VS oem_ex.5 days RFQ
BC-144 oem_ex.5 days RFQ
IC-M802 11 150w modular ssb radio, w/o tuner -available RFQ
IC-PCR1000 04 in stk-1/box- RFQ
OPC-966U oem_ex.5 days RFQ
BC-160 in stk-1/box- RFQ