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Globe Motors Board Level Electronic Components

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Part No Description RFQ
D47-B10B-04W49-00 fans/ dc fans RFQ
D47-B15A-04W3-100 fans RFQ
3A1621 NA RFQ
6105-01-116-3439 motor RFQ
25140/43A1793 motor RFQ
WFG24 fans RFQ
PFA4730 fan guard with filter. size 4. RFQ
D47-B15A-05T3-100 fans RFQ
12115/6803-0037-4 motor RFQ
D31-B10A-04W2-100 fans RFQ
70A241 motor RFQ
D36-B10A-05W2-100 fans RFQ
6105-00-727-5743 NA RFQ
25140/19A2804 NA RFQ
GPM92 fans RFQ
6105-00-833-7599 NA RFQ
D36-B10A-04W2-100 fans RFQ
D31-B10A-05W5-100 fans RFQ
WFG59 fans RFQ
D31-B10A-04W3-000 NA RFQ
PFG36 fans RFQ
19A513 NA RFQ
WFG47 fans RFQ
A47-B15A-15T2-100 fans RFQ
PFG16 fans RFQ
A47-D10A-15T3-000 fans RFQ
PFG31 fans RFQ
D36-B10A-04W3-100 fans RFQ
D31-B10A-05W3-100 fans RFQ
A31-B15A-15T3-000 fans RFQ
D47-B15A-04W2-100 fans RFQ
D16-B06A-04W3-000 NA RFQ
RPC12 fan power cord with right angl RFQ
D24-B10A-04W3-100 fans RFQ
100A733-3 motor RFQ
D59-B20A-05W4-000 fans RFQ
A31-B10A-15W3-000 fans RFQ
A24-B12A-15W3-000 fans RFQ
FPC12 fan power cord with 45 deg. an RFQ
39A107 ic RFQ
25140/83A885 motor RFQ
WFG31 fans RFQ
A47-B15A-23T2-100 fans RFQ
A31-D15A-15T1-000 fans RFQ
D24-B10A-05W3-100 fans RFQ
A47-B15A-15T3-100 oem _ex 5-7 days RFQ
230-0649-040 motor RFQ
D31-B10A-04W3-100 fans RFQ
A31-B15A-15T2-000 fans RFQ
4140-00-564-5980 NA RFQ
D31-B10A-05W2-100 fans RFQ
82557-653720 NA RFQ
18A390 NA RFQ
WFG36 fans RFQ
230-0662-020 ic RFQ
SS-7524-832 misc RFQ
D47-B10A-04W2-100 fans RFQ
230-0279-00 NA RFQ
A36-B10A-15T3-000 fans RFQ
230-0666-030 motor RFQ
SPC36 power cord with straight conn. RFQ
D47-B15A-04T3-100 fan, tubeaxial; 4.69 in.; 1.5 in.; 12 vdc; 108 cfm (min.); 43 db RFQ