Euroquartz - Board Level Electronic Components

Browse the below part numbers including 8.000MHZ HC494H30, 24.576MHZMJ30304012P, 14.31818MHZHC4930504, 16.000MHZ 49USMX30, MH32768C by manufacturer Euroquartz. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of Euroquartz at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

Part No Description RFQ
8.000MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 8.000mhz; frequency:8mhz; frequency tolerance: 30p RFQ
24.576MHZMJ30304012P 24,576000 mhz, quarz RFQ
14.31818MHZHC4930504 14,318180 mhz, quarz RFQ
16.000MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 16.000mhz; frequency:16mhz; frequency tolerance: 30ppm; RFQ
MH32768C crystal, 2x6mm, met, 32.768khz, 12.5; frequency:32.768khz; frequ RFQ
10.000MHZXO91050UITA 10,00000 mhz, hcmos 3,3v RFQ
7.3728MHZHC493050401 7,372800 mhz, quarz RFQ
91SMO-XO9105 SH51600 NA RFQ
8.000MHZHC4930504018 8,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
4.9152MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 4.9152mhz; frequency:4.9152mhz; frequency tolerance: 30 RFQ
12.000MHZ MJ30304 crystal, 3.2x5mm, cer, 12.000mhz; frequency:12mhz; frequency tol RFQ
20.000MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 20.000mhz; frequency:20mhz; frequency tolerance: 30ppm; RFQ
10.000MHZMQ30304012P 10,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
11.0592MHZMQ30304012 11,059200 mhz, quarz RFQ
24.576MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 24.576mhz; frequency:24.576mhz; frequency toleranc RFQ
50.000MHZ XO53050UIT osc, 3.2x5mm, smd, cer, 50.000mhz; frequency:50mhz; frequency st RFQ
1043635000 NA RFQ
24.000MHZXO91050UITA 24,00000 mhz, hcmos 3,3v RFQ
EQXO1100UC24.000MHZ 1100uc24.000mhz RFQ
10.000MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 10.000mhz; frequency:10mhz; frequency tolerance: 3 RFQ
32.000MHZXO53050UITA 32,00000 mhz, cmos 3,3v RFQ
4.194304MHZ49USMX305 4,194304 mhz, quarz RFQ
4.194304MHZHC494H305 4,194304 mhz, quarz RFQ
24.000MHZ MQ30304 crystal, 5x7mm, cer, 24.000mhz; frequency:24mhz; frequency toler RFQ
XT000257 NA RFQ
12.000MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 12.000mhz; frequency:12mhz; frequency tolerance: 3 RFQ
7.3728MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 7.3728mhz; frequency:7.3728mhz; frequency toleranc RFQ
18.432MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 18.432mhz; frequency:18.432mhz; frequency tolerance: 30 RFQ
16.000MHZMJ30304012P 16,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
20.000MHZHC494H30504 20,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
14.745600MHZHC494H30 14,745600 mhz, quarz RFQ
24.000MHZ XO53050UIT osc, 3.2x5mm, smd, cer, 24.000mhz; frequency:24mhz; frequency st RFQ
27.000MHZHC494H30504 27,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
4.9152MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 4.9152mhz; frequency:4.9152mhz; frequency toleranc RFQ
50.000MHZXO53050UITA 50,00000 mhz, cmos 3,3v RFQ
20.000MHZ MQ30304 crystal, 5x7mm, cer, 20.000mhz; frequency:20mhz; frequency toler RFQ
9.8304MHZ49USMX30504 9,830400 mhz, quarz RFQ
10.000MHZ MJ30304 crystal, 3.2x5mm, cer, 10.000mhz; frequency:10mhz; frequency tol RFQ
25.000MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 25.000mhz; frequency:25mhz; frequency tolerance: 30ppm; RFQ
20.000MHZ49USMX10204 20,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
3.57954MHZ HC494H3 crystal, tht, 3.579545mhz; frequency:3.579545mhz; frequency tole RFQ
25.000MHZXO53050UITA 25,00000 mhz, cmos 3,3v RFQ
20.000MHZ49USMX30504 20,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
10.000MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 10.000mhz; frequency:10mhz; frequency tolerance: 30ppm; RFQ
12.000MHZ XO91050UIT osc, 5x7mm, smd, cer, 12.000mhz; frequency:12mhz; frequency stab RFQ
24.576MHZ XO91050UIT osc, 5x7mm, smd, cer, 24.576mhz; frequency:24.576mhz; frequency RFQ
6.000MHZ 49USMX305 crystal, 6.000mhz; frequency:6mhz; frequency tolerance: 30ppm; l RFQ
24.576MHZ MJ30304 crystal, 3.2x5mm, cer, 24.576mhz; frequency:24.576mhz; frequency RFQ
14.7456MHZHC49305040 14,745600 mhz, quarz RFQ
25.000MHZ XO91025UCT oem _ex 5-7 days RFQ
12.000MHZ XO53050UIT osc, 3.2x5mm, smd, cer, 12.000mhz; frequency:12mhz; frequency st RFQ
1620000 NA RFQ
24.000MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 24.000mhz; frequency:24mhz; frequency tolerance: 30ppm; RFQ
14.7456MHZ49USMX3050 14,745600 mhz, quarz RFQ
32.000MHZ XO91050UIT osc, 5x7mm, smd, cer, 32.000mhz; frequency:32mhz; frequency stab RFQ
11.0592MHZHC494H3050 11,059200 mhz, quarz RFQ
20.000MHZMJ30304012P 20,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
28.63636MHZ_MT3050 NA RFQ
8.000MHZ 49USMX305 crystal, 8.000mhz; frequency:8mhz; frequency tolerance: 30ppm; l RFQ
25.000MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 25.000mhz; frequency:25mhz; frequency tolerance: 3 RFQ
4.19430MHZ HC494H3 crystal, tht, 4.194304mhz; frequency:4.194304mhz; frequency tole RFQ
4.000MHZ 49USMX305 crystal, 4.000mhz; frequency:4mhz; frequency tolerance: 30ppm; l RFQ
14.31818MHZXO53050UI 14,31818 mhz, cmos 3,3v RFQ
14.31818MHZ49USMX305 14,318180 mhz, quarz RFQ
4.000MHZHC4930504018 4,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
9.8304MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 9.8304mhz; frequency:9.8304mhz; frequency tolerance: 30 RFQ
PH32768A oem _ex 5-7 days RFQ
3.579545MHZ 49USMX3 crystal, 3.579545mhz; frequency:3.579545mhz; frequency tolerance RFQ
4.9152MHZ49USMX30504 4,915200 mhz, quarz RFQ
12.000MHZHC494H30504 12,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
12.000MHZMJ30304012P 12,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
24.576MHZXO91050UITA 24,57600 mhz, hcmos 3,3v RFQ
27.000MHZ49USMX30504 27,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
49U-7.3728MHZ NA RFQ
16.000MHZXO91050UITA 16,00000 mhz, hcmos 3,3v RFQ
24.000MHZHC493050401 24,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
48.000MHZ XO91050UIT osc, 5x7mm, smd, cer, 48.000mhz; frequency:48mhz; frequency stab RFQ
24.576MHZXO53050UITA 24,57600 mhz, cmos 3,3v RFQ
20.000MHZXO53050UITA 20,00000 mhz, cmos 3,3v RFQ
16.384MHZMJ30304012P 16,384000 mhz, quarz RFQ
12.000MHZXO53050UITA 12,00000 mhz, cmos 3,3v RFQ
11.0592MHZ MJ3030 crystal, 3.2x5mm, cer, 11.0592mhz; frequency:11.0592mhz; frequen RFQ
24.000MHZMQ30304012P 24,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
11.0592MHZ49USMX3050 11,059200 mhz, quarz RFQ
10.000MHZ49USMX30504 10,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
20.000MHZXO91050UITA 20,00000 mhz, hcmos 3,3v RFQ
10.000MHZ XO91050UIT osc, 5x7mm, smd, cer, 10.000mhz; frequency:10mhz; frequency stab RFQ
11.0592MHZ_49USMX30 NA RFQ
3.6864MHZHC493050401 3,686400 mhz, quarz RFQ
3.579545MHZ49USMX305 3,579545 mhz, quarz RFQ
V42310-Z110-A71-3 7760hz RFQ
9.8304MHZHC493050401 9,830400 mhz, quarz RFQ
16.000MHZ MJ30304 crystal, 3.2x5mm, cer, 16.000mhz; frequency:16mhz; frequency tol RFQ
9.8304MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 9.8304mhz; frequency:9.8304mhz; frequency toleranc RFQ
25.000MHZHC493050401 25,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
40.000MHZ XO53050UIT osc, 3.2x5mm, smd, cer, 40.000mhz; frequency:40mhz; frequency st RFQ
25.000MHZ XO53050UIT osc, 3.2x5mm, smd, cer, 25.000mhz; frequency:25mhz; frequency st RFQ
3.6864MHZ49USMX30504 3,686400 mhz, quarz RFQ
7.3728MHZ NA RFQ
24.576MHZMQ30304012P 24,576000 mhz, quarz RFQ
16.384MHZMQ30304012P 16,384000 mhz, quarz RFQ
MH32768L crystal, 2x6mm, met, 32.768khz, 6.0; frequency:32.768khz; freque RFQ
11.059MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 11.0592mhz; frequency:11.059mhz; frequency toleran RFQ
133.000MHZ XO91050UC NA RFQ
14.7456MHZ HC494H3 crystal, tht, 14.7456mhz; frequency:14.7456mhz; frequency tolera RFQ
24.576MHZHC494H30504 24,576000 mhz, quarz RFQ
6.000MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 6.000mhz; frequency:6mhz; frequency tolerance: 30p RFQ
14.31818MHZXO91050UI 14,31818 mhz, hcmos 3,3v RFQ
8.000MHZ49USMX305040 8,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
27.000MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 27.000mhz; frequency:27mhz; frequency tolerance: 3 RFQ
20.000MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 20.000mhz; frequency:20mhz; frequency tolerance: 3 RFQ
14.7456MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 14.7456mhz; frequency:14.7456mhz; frequency tolerance: RFQ
14.7456MHZXO53050UIT 14,74560 mhz, cmos 3,3v RFQ
4.194304MHZHC4930504 4,194304 mhz, quarz RFQ
4.000MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 4.000mhz; frequency:4mhz; frequency tolerance: 30p RFQ
16.000MHZMQ30304012P 16,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
18.432MHZMJ30304012P 18,432000 mhz, quarz RFQ
10.000MHZHC493050401 10,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
4.9152MHZHC493050401 4,915200 mhz, quarz RFQ
14.31818MHZMQ3030401 14,318180 mhz, quarz RFQ
PK20480Z reel RFQ
27.000MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 27.000mhz; frequency:27mhz; frequency tolerance: 30ppm; RFQ
8.000MHZXO53050UITA 8,00000 mhz, cmos 3,3v RFQ
24.576MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 24.576mhz; frequency:24.576mhz; frequency tolerance: 30 RFQ
6.000MHZ MQ303040 crystal, 5x7mm, cer, 6.000mhz; frequency:6mhz; frequency toleran RFQ
50.000MHZXO91050UITA 50,00000 mhz, hcmos 3,3v RFQ
18.432MHZMQ30304012P 18,432000 mhz, quarz RFQ
6.000MHZ49USMX305040 6,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
50.000MHZ XO91050UIT osc, 5x7mm, smd, cer, 50.000mhz; frequency:50mhz; frequency stab RFQ
25.000MHZMQ30304012P 25,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
11.0592MHZ MQ3030 crystal, 5x7mm, cer, 11.0592mhz; frequency:11.0592mhz; frequency RFQ
40.000MHZ XO91050UIT osc, 5x7mm, smd, cer, 40.000mhz; frequency:40mhz; frequency stab RFQ
18.432MHZHC493050401 18,432000 mhz, quarz RFQ
10.000MHZMJ/30/30/-4 NA RFQ
24.000MHZMJ30304012P 24,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
4.000MHZ49USMX305040 4,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
11.0592MHZHC49305040 11,059200 mhz, quarz RFQ
12.000MHZ MQ30304 crystal, 5x7mm, cer, 12.000mhz; frequency:12mhz; frequency toler RFQ
MH32768B crystal, 3x8mm, met, 32.768khz, 12.5; frequency:32.768khz; frequ RFQ
16.000MHZ XO91050UIT osc, 5x7mm, smd, cer, 16.000mhz; frequency:16mhz; frequency stab RFQ
25.000MHZ49USMX30504 25,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
12.000MHZMQ30304012P 12,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
20.000MHZ XO91050UIT osc, 5x7mm, smd, cer, 20.000mhz; frequency:20mhz; frequency stab RFQ
7.3728MHZ49USMX30504 7,372800 mhz, quarz RFQ
24.000MHZ XO91050UIT osc, 5x7mm, smd, cer, 24.000mhz; frequency:24mhz; frequency stab RFQ
20.000MHZ MJ30304 crystal, 3.2x5mm, cer, 20.000mhz; frequency:20mhz; frequency tol RFQ
40.000MHZXO91050UITA 40,00000 mhz, hcmos 3,3v RFQ
18.432MHZ49USMX30504 18,432000 mhz, quarz RFQ
27.000MHZHC493050401 27,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
24.000MHZ49USMX30504 24,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
6.000MHZHC4930504018 6,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
16.384MHZ49USMX30504 16,384000 mhz, quarz RFQ
24.000MHZHC494H30504 24,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
48.000MHZXO53050UITA 48,00000 mhz, cmos 3,3v RFQ
20.000MHZ XO53050UIT osc, 3.2x5mm, smd, cer, 20.000mhz; frequency:20mhz; frequency st RFQ
24.576MHZHC493050401 24,576000 mhz, quarz RFQ
6.000MHZMQ30304012PF 6,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
14.7456MHZXO91050UIT 14,74560 mhz, hcmos 3,3v RFQ
MK03686A 1643686X NA RFQ
PH32768X crystal, 3x8mm, plt, 32.768khz, 12.5; frequency:32.768khz; frequ RFQ
25.000MHZ_MT3050 NA RFQ
16.000MHZHC493050401 16,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
24.000MHZXO53050UITA 24,00000 mhz, cmos 3,3v RFQ
7.3728MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 7.3728mhz; frequency:7.3728mhz; frequency tolerance: 30 RFQ
9.8304MHZHC494H30504 9,830400 mhz, quarz RFQ
14.31818MHZHC494H305 14,318180 mhz, quarz RFQ
10.000MHZXO53050UITA 10,00000 mhz, cmos 3,3v RFQ
16.384MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 16.384mhz; frequency:16.384mhz; frequency tolerance: 30 RFQ
20.000MHZMQ30304012P 20,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
14.31818MHZMJ3030401 14,318180 mhz, quarz RFQ
4.194304MHZ 49USMX3 crystal, 4.194304mhz; frequency:4.194304mhz; frequency tolerance RFQ
6.000MHZHC494H305040 6,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
8.000MHZXO91050UITA 8,00000 mhz, hcmos 3,3v RFQ
12.000MHZXO91050UITA 12,00000 mhz, hcmos 3,3v RFQ
3.579545MHZHC494H305 3,579545 mhz, quarz RFQ
8.000MHZ MQ303040 crystal, 5x7mm, cer, 8.000mhz; frequency:8mhz; frequency toleran RFQ
24.000MHZ HC494H30 crystal, tht, 24.000mhz; frequency:24mhz; frequency tolerance: 3 RFQ
12.000MHZ49USMX30504 12,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
16.000MHZXO53050UITA 16,00000 mhz, cmos 3,3v RFQ
25.000MHZ MQ30304 crystal, 5x7mm, cer, 25.000mhz; frequency:25mhz; frequency toler RFQ
20.000MHZHC493050401 20,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
24.000MHZ MJ30304 crystal, 3.2x5mm, cer, 24.000mhz; frequency:24mhz; frequency tol RFQ
16.384MHZHC493050401 16,384000 mhz, quarz RFQ
25.000MHZ XO91050UIT osc, 5x7mm, smd, cer, 25.000mhz; frequency:25mhz; frequency stab RFQ
16.000MHZ MQ30304 crystal, 5x7mm, cer, 16.000mhz; frequency:16mhz; frequency toler RFQ
3.6864MHZ 49USMX30 crystal, 3.6864mhz; frequency:3.6864mhz; frequency tolerance: 30 RFQ
7.3728MHZHC494H30504 7,372800 mhz, quarz RFQ
10.000MHZ MQ30304 crystal, 5x7mm, cer, 10.000mhz; frequency:10mhz; frequency toler RFQ
24.576MHZ49USMX30504 24,576000 mhz, quarz RFQ
25.000MHZMJ30304012P 25,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
9UL7372800F20F3FH000 NA RFQ
16.000MHZ49USMX30504 16,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
25.000MHZ MJ30304 crystal, 3.2x5mm, cer, 25.000mhz; frequency:25mhz; frequency tol RFQ
3.579545MHZHC4930504 3,579545 mhz, quarz RFQ
8.000MHZMQ30304012PF 8,000000 mhz, quarz RFQ
16.384MHZHC494H30504 16,384000 mhz, quarz RFQ