Ctx - Board Level Electronic Components

Browse the below part numbers including CX70915, 16P40-061F, 46N00-0520 LSE, 16P40-020W, 47D10-0290 LSE by manufacturer Ctx. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of Ctx at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

Part No Description RFQ
CX70915 NA RFQ
16P40-061F NA RFQ
46N00-0520 LSE NA RFQ
16P40-020W NA RFQ
47D10-0290 LSE NA RFQ
5049451B2 NA RFQ
742C163330J NA RFQ
46L00-0460 LSE NA RFQ
16P40-065F NA RFQ
CTX501052LP coil RFQ
16P40-007W NA RFQ
16P40-021F NA RFQ
47S00-1210T NA RFQ
47S00-1210E LSE NA RFQ
CTX0113804 NA RFQ
CTX21C603 transformer RFQ
16P40-035F NA RFQ
TP4-1R0 inductor RFQ
47S00-1080LA NA RFQ
300-2 NA RFQ
47S00-1210L LSE NA RFQ
CTX16N20-004U NA RFQ
16P40-013W NA RFQ
MP2100 unk RFQ
47S00-1070H HJC NA RFQ
CTX110605-1 inductor RFQ
47S00-1170H (ER-35) NA RFQ
47D10-0010 LSE NA RFQ
16P40-032F ic RFQ
CTX 16P40-061F NA RFQ
16N20-004U **20pin dip RFQ
CTX0113844 NA RFQ
16P40-018W NA RFQ
16P40-033F **40p dip 9pcs/tube RFQ
CTX16P40-035F NA RFQ
47S00-1210L NA RFQ
C504945-1 NA RFQ
CTX01-16373 inductor, emi, common mode, 36 RFQ
16P40-031F ic RFQ
47J00-0101L LSE NA RFQ
16P42-015F NA RFQ
PV745 VER. 1.2 NA RFQ
CTX250-1-52 NA RFQ
TP4-220 ic RFQ
16N16-0028 NA RFQ
16P40-026F ic RFQ
TP1-1RO nn RFQ
46N00-0510 LSE NA RFQ
47S00-1030T NA RFQ
210605 transformer RFQ
CTX8192-8.1920MHZ NA RFQ
S792A lcd monitor RFQ
47D10-0010B LSE NA RFQ
16P40-067F NA RFQ
47F15-0020 LSE NA RFQ
CTX210605-1 NA RFQ
16P40-010W NA RFQ
CTX01-15091-R qhp711dn inductor, emi, common RFQ
16P40-019W NA RFQ
16P40-070F NA RFQ
CTX16P40-021F NA RFQ
CD-56S ctx products cd-56s 56 speed cd-rom drive RFQ
16P40-049F ic RFQ
CTX01-14676 NA RFQ
47D10-0270 LSE NA RFQ