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C L Board Level Electronic Components

Browse the below part numbers including CZ20C154M,CW20C271K,C43C394M,CZ20C473M,C40C181J by manufacturer C L. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of C L at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

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Part No Description RFQ
CZ20C154M .15mf z5u 50v 20% .1l.s. RFQ
CW20C271K 270pf x7r 50v 10% .2ls RFQ
C43C394M .39mf z5u 50v 20% RFQ
C40C181J 180pf npo 50v 5% RFQ
C40C331J 330pf npo 50v 5% RFQ
DD-221 220pf 1000v 10% .25ls RFQ
DD302 .003mf z5u 1kv 20% .25l.s. RFQ
C40C222J 2200pf npo 50v 5% RFQ
CZ15C103Z .01mf z5u 50v +80-20 .1l.s. RFQ
C43C224Z .22mf z5u 50v +80-20 RFQ
C41C563K .056mf x7r 50v 10% RFQ
C41C472K 4700pf x7r 50v 10% RFQ
DD-390 39pf s2l 1kv 10% .25l.s. RFQ
C43C103M .01mf z5u 50v 20% RFQ
DD-250 25pf sl 1kv 10% .25l.s. RFQ
DD-251 250pf z5f 1kv 10% .25l.s. RFQ
C40C330K 33pf npo 50v 10% RFQ
M3900301-2543 5.6uf 35v 10% b-case RFQ
DD-560K 56pf s3n 1kv 10% .25l.s RFQ
DD560 56pf x5e 1kv 10% .25ls RFQ
DD30-501 500pf z5u 3kv 20% .25l.s. RFQ
UK16-104 .1mf 16v 20% .375ls RFQ
C40C680J 68pf npo 50v 5% RFQ
CN15A330K 33pf npo 100v 10% .1l.s. RFQ
CN20C821J 820pf npo 50v 5% .1l.s. RFQ
DD-3R3 3.3pf s2l 1kv .25l.s. RFQ
CN20A471K 470pf npo 100v 10% .1l.s. RFQ
DD-821 820pf z5f 1000v 10% .25l.s. RFQ
C43C474M .47mf z5u 50v 20% RFQ
301053 3 prong RFQ
C41A681K 680pf x7r 100v 10% RFQ
UK25-503 .05mf 25v 10% RFQ
M3900301-2346 m39003/01-2346j tin 892bf 9038mh RFQ
C41C103K .01mf x7r 50v 10% RFQ
CKR05BX272KR 2700pf 100v 10% .01fr RFQ
DD180K 18pf npo 100v 10% .25ls RFQ
CZ80C224MM .22mf z5u 50v 20% RFQ
C40C101J 100pf cog 50v 5% RFQ
C41C223K .022mf x7r 50v 10% RFQ
C40C103J .01mf npo 50v 5% RFQ
CN15C181J 180pf npo 50v 5% .1l.s. RFQ
C43C104M .1mf z5u 50v 20% RFQ
CW15C182K 1800pf x7r 50v 10% .15x.15 .1ls RFQ
DTZ-3R3 929pf coj .5pf .25l.s. RFQ
DD180M 18pf 100v RFQ
XXDD-221 220pf z5f 1kv 10% .25l.s. RFQ
CW15C471K 470pf x7r 50v 10% .1ls RFQ
C41A681M 680pf x7r 100v 20% RFQ