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Barker Microfarads Inc Board Level Electronic Components

Browse the below part numbers including 678D127M025CC4,M39018/03-1262M,672D476H040CD5C,M39018/01-1166M,800P356H44P30A4XS by manufacturer Barker Microfarads Inc. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of Barker Microfarads Inc at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

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Part No Description RFQ
678D127M025CC4 radialytic rabro RFQ
M39018/03-1262M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
672D476H040CD5C 47uf 40v 10x16 105-c rad RFQ
M39018/01-1166M mil-39018 capac., fixed, electr.27uf RFQ
800P356H44P30A4XS ac motor run RFQ
30D158M020EH2A capacitor aluminum electrolytic RFQ
M39018/01-0726 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
601D757F050HLI axialytic rabro RFQ
601D397F200JP2 390uf 200v 26x68 105-c axi RFQ
M39018/03-1220M lytics-mil RFQ
M39018/01-0727 39018 lytic axial RFQ
672D337H025DT5C radialytic rabro RFQ
M39018/03-1235M axialytic rabro RFQ
284062-0008F packaging tray RFQ
M39018/07-0271M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
11466420 600d396d200dx5ad928 aluminum electro (600d928) RFQ
30DT156M075 axialytic rabro RFQ
M39018/01-1071M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
CC408577175 capacitor - radial 15uf 20% .25v pb free RFQ
601D108G020FP1 axialytic rabro RFQ
30D4277 axialytic rabro RFQ
600D136F200DG4 13uf 200v 9.53x34.93 axi RFQ
672D227F040EK5D 220uf 40v 16x25 105-c rad RFQ
M39018/07-0104M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
100120-1 capacitor-500d108m035gh5a alum electrolytic RFQ
601D407G075GT3 400uf 75v 20x95 105-c axi RFQ
109M010EU2BG radialytic rabro RFQ
600D186F150DG4 18uf 150v 9.53x35 axi RFQ
600D475G060DD4 capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
M39018/01-0793 axialytic rabro RFQ
500D477M050FK2 axialytic rabro RFQ
D35553 case size 7 x 18. hermeticaly RFQ
678D477M040EK3D radialytic rabro RFQ
105RD404 capacitor 174443-03 RFQ
600D157G015DD4 150uf 15v 9.53x23.81 axi RFQ
M39018/03-1210M lytics-mil military aluminum electrolytic RFQ
678D108M016EK5D radialytic rabro RFQ
500D108M035GH5A capacitor aluminum electrolytic RFQ
601D258G010GL1 capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
40D1547 NA RFQ
M39018/03-0629 lytics-mil RFQ
600D157G050DL5 150uf 50v 9.53x55.56 axi RFQ
M39018/03-1242P axialytic rabro RFQ
601D108G030FT2 1000uf 30v 16x95 105-c axi RFQ
601D293 320uf 250v 25.4x92.08 105-c axi RFQ
S906-10122-026 capacitor 510dx227m050dg5o RFQ
M39018/01-1043P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-0668 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-0738 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-1338M axialytic rabro RFQ
600D107F075DL5 100uf 75v 9.53x55.56 axi RFQ
M39018/01-1070M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-1035M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-0651 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
672D476F025CC5D lyt rd #377 672d476f025cc5ds 47uf 25v -10+50% 10x13(rohs RFQ
M39018/03-1211M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
30D226M063CB6A axialytic rabro RFQ
30D1802 aluminum electro RFQ
30D106M075C6ACP49 axialytic rabro RFQ
601D228F040HS2 capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
30D506G010CB6A capacitor capacitor RFQ
M39018/01-0474 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-1271M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-1218M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
30D2968 capacitor RFQ
053D330F450HJ0BD438 cp lt ax #377 053d330f450hj0bd438 33uf 450v -10+50% flsh RFQ
600D447G020DL4 alum electrolytic capacitor RFQ
M39018/01-1136P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-1383P axialytic rabro RFQ
500D186M450GK2A 18uf 450v 16x44.5 85-c axi RFQ
M39018/01-1001P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/07-0303M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/07-0236M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-1245M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
600D156F250DJ4 15uf 250v 9.53x41.3 axi RFQ
M39018/01-0740 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
053D301F250JP6BD267 cap lyt ax #377 053d301f250jp6bd267 300uf 250v -10+50% RFQ
M39018/01-0724 capacitor military RFQ
403919236 NA RFQ
510DX476M063CC2D 47uf 63v 10x13 125-c rad RFQ
092A161B250DE8X NA RFQ
M39018/03-0650 lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
50-G7029-03 NA RFQ
M39018/03-1249M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-0740 lytics-millitary aluminum RFQ
511D475M200CD4C aluminum electrolytic high tem RFQ
M39018/03-0747 axialytic rabro RFQ
M39018/01-1025P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
672D276H100DM5C capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
600D542 capacitor aluminum electrolytic RFQ
500D225M250CC2A capacitor aluminum electrolytic RFQ
601D997 capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
M39018/01-0660 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-1142M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-1148P mil aluminum rw184-0480-500 RFQ
9ML402579-00 alum electro 601d207f200jj2 RFQ
500D106M450EH2A capacitor RFQ
678D128M016DM4D radialytic rabro RFQ
672D1081 100uf 15v 10x16 105-c rad RFQ
M39018/03-0718 lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
500D505M300DD3A NA RFQ
KS20423L22 aluminum electrolytic 33uf 100 RFQ
M39018/07-0320M capacitor RFQ
678D227A035GK4D radialytic rabro RFQ
M39018/03-1273M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-1253M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
600D187G010DD5 inventory r RFQ
672D337F100FRHJ NA RFQ
M39018/01-0720 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-1274M mil alumimum RFQ
674062 0011C tray capacitor RFQ
KSI16390 LIST35 150U NA RFQ
M39018/01-0737 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
30D435 axialytic rabro RFQ
600D108F007DJ4 capacitor aluminum electrolytic RFQ
M39018/01-0729 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
600D566F050DD4 56uf 50v 9.53x23.8 axi RFQ
53D581 capacitor aluminum electrolytic RFQ
M39018/01-1015P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-1049P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-0670 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-1231M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-1150M mil alumium rw184-0480-500 RFQ
672D034A2 capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
M39018/01-1051M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-1125M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-1168P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-1036P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
39D107G025EE6 100uf 25v 13x29 85-c axi RFQ
53D103G016HL6 axialytic rabro RFQ
39D158G040HP6 axialytic rabro RFQ
M39018/03-1074M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
600D588 aluminum electrolytic RFQ
678D688M6R3FV4F capacitor axial 6800uf RFQ
601D197F150FT1 axialytic rabro RFQ
600D217G040DL4 axialytic rabro RFQ
53D400F350JE6 axial mylar RFQ
105RD607 capacitor capacitor electrolytic RFQ
672D277H040EK5C capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
9ML401492-00 601d108g040jj2bs RFQ
600D226F150DJ5 axialytic rabro RFQ
S906-10122-030 511d336m100cd5d RFQ
672D686H060DM5C 68uf 60v 12.5x26.5 105 c rad aluminum electrolytics RFQ
M39018/01-1129M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-1172M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
672D187H050DS5J radialytic rabro RFQ
M39018/01-1165M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
500D686M025CB2AD capacitor aluminum electrolytic RFQ
53D501F250JT6 axialytic rabro RFQ
M39018/07-0267M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
601D298 601d168h060jt1bd298 RFQ
M39018/03-1263M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-1039P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-1105M capacitor RFQ
M39018/01-0725-BMI capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-0636 axialytic rabro RFQ
500D206M250EF2A axialytic rabro RFQ
053D101Q450JT0BD439A cap lyt ax #377 053d101q450jt0bd439a 100uf 450v -0+50% RFQ
630D625M200CC3A NA RFQ
M39018/01-1127P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
601D1382 capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
601D108G040JJ2BS capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
34D479 aluminum electro RFQ
672D686H025CD5C 68uf 25v 10x16 105 c rad aluminum electrolytics RFQ
105RD601 capacitor RFQ
M39018/01-1121M capacitor military aluminum mil-39018 RFQ
KS16390 NA RFQ
600D107D050DJ5 axialytic rabro RFQ
M39018/03-0751 lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
678D127M025CC4D radialytic rabro RFQ
601D897 capacitor,fixed,electrolytic-dielectric RFQ
30D805G025BA2 capacitor RFQ
672D827H015DS5J capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
672D1062 capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
M39018/02-0734 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
672D157H6R3CD5C 150uf 6.3v 10x16 105-c rad RFQ
89021-106 capacitor alum electrolytic RFQ
40D806G020DD5A aluminum electrolytic RFQ
M39018/01-1030P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-1239M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-1225M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
630D475M200CC3A NA RFQ
M39018/01-1159P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
30D337M015DH2A axialytic rabro RFQ
39D257G075JE6 250uf 75v 25.7x29 85-c axi RFQ
M39018/03-0739 lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-0673 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
040D157F063DH2AD1547 NA RFQ
M39018/03-0734 lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
600D287G040DX4 280uf 40v 9.53x68.26 axi RFQ
672D760 capacitor RFQ
M39018/03-1152M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
M39018/03-1213M lytics-mil military aluminum RFQ
M39018/01-1147M mil capacitor RFQ
678D827M063FV4D NA RFQ
601D128G040GT2 1200uf 40v 20x95 105-c axi RFQ
604D532G020JP7 5300uf 20v 25.4x66.7 105-c axi RFQ
601D946 capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
M39018/01-1137P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
511D476F050CD4C capacitor aluminum electrolytic RFQ
678D827M063FV5D 820uf 63v 18x40 105-c rad RFQ
M39018/01-0767 capacitor military aluminum RFQ
40D363 capacitor, fixed elec RFQ
600D476F060DE4 47uf 60v 9.53x28.6 axi RFQ
M39018/03-0732 axialytic rabro RFQ
M39018/01-1032M capacitor military aluminum RFQ
601D188F050GP1 axial alum electrolytic RFQ
672D337F025DT5C capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
722D158F075JT7CN tubular radial capacitor RFQ
600D226F150DJ4 22uf 150v 9.53x41.3 axi RFQ
601D1208 capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
M39018/01-1009P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
600D106F250DG4 NA RFQ
600D126G075KD5 capacitor aluminum electrolytic RFQ
672D336F100DM5J capacitor RFQ
757D151 capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
672D686H060DM3G NA RFQ
601D566F200FL7 capacitor aluminum electrolytics RFQ
M39018/03-0798 axialytic rabro RFQ
600D40373 aluminum electrolytic RFQ
30D405G025BA2 30 d aluminum electrolytic RFQ
672D566H040CG5C 672d 56uf 40vdc RFQ
40D106G025BB6A axialytic rabro RFQ
678D303 capacitor - axial 430uf +50-2 - pb free RFQ
M39018/01-1072P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
30D156G025BA6A capacitor capacitor lectrolytic RFQ
600D607G020DX4 600uf 20v 9.53x68.26 axi RFQ
M39018/03-1241P capacitor military aluminum RFQ
405217357 capacitor 672dx 430uf 63vdc 105 degrees celcius RFQ
672D186H040BB5CD radialytic rabro RFQ