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Barrel Accessories Electrical Connector Parts Catalog

Looking for Barrel Accessories parts? ASAP Distribution provides all parts of Barrel Accessories including M1002, 2-5MM-NUT-E, 49205, 520X, 2C1072 by Switchcraft Inc, Cui Inc, Schurter manufacturer. Search our database to get the exact part you need.

Manufacturer's List for Barrel Accessories

Part Number's List for Barrel Accessories

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
M1002 switchcraft inc handle for .173 mini phone plug connector accessories handle RFQ
2-5MM-NUT-E cui inc replacement 2.5mm nut replacement 2.5mm nut RFQ
49205 switchcraft inc phone connectors dummy plug phone connectors dummy plug RFQ
520X switchcraft inc connector accessories jack cover navy gray conn cover jack navy gray RFQ
2C1072 switchcraft inc jack cover for 2cond plugs dc power connectors jack cover RFQ
P2439 switchcraft inc nut hex nickel-plated brass connector accessories hex nut brass nickel plated RFQ
MJ-3502-NUT cui inc replacement nut for mj-3502 RFQ
PJ-005X-HDW cui inc replace nut&washer for pj-005a/b RFQ
4804-0002 schurter sleeve 5.59mm elephant grey connector accessories grommet elephant gray RFQ
SJ5-43502PM-NUT cui inc replacement nut for sj5-43502pm RFQ
K176 switchcraft inc sleeve trmnl for 3501fpx 1=100pc RFQ
PJ-011X-NUT cui inc replacement nut for pj-011a/b RFQ
S3067 switchcraft inc conn jack 2-3cond shield handle conn jack 2-3cond shield handle RFQ
3-5MM-NUT-E cui inc replacement 3.5mm nut RFQ

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