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Nand Flash Computer Memory Parts Sourcing

Browse the Power Accessories parts such as K9K1208U0A-YCB0000, K9F8G08U0M-PCB0000, TC58V16BFTEL, JS29F32G08AAMDB, HY27UF081G2M-SPCB etc. below. We provide parts from the top manufacturers such as Samsung, Toshiba Memory, Intel Corporation, Hynix Memory, Sandisk. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, sources high quality, reliable parts.

Manufacturer's List for Nand Flash

Part Number's List for Nand Flash

Part No Manufacturer RFQ
K9K1208U0A-YCB0000 samsung RFQ
K9F8G08U0M-PCB0000 samsung RFQ
TC58V16BFTEL toshiba memory RFQ
JS29F32G08AAMDB intel corporation RFQ
HY27UF081G2M-SPCB hynix memory RFQ
K9KAG08U0M-PCB0 samsung RFQ
JS29F16G08CAMB2 intel corporation RFQ
K9K4G08U0B-PIB0 samsung RFQ
K9F1G08U0E-PCB0 samsung RFQ
K9WAGZ8U5M-HCK0 samsung RFQ
SDTNQCAMA-008G sandisk RFQ
TC58NVG0S3BTG00 toshiba memory RFQ
HY27UT084G2M-CBK hynix memory RFQ
FBNM40A8GK3W2-AF spectek RFQ
TC58NVG2S3BFT00 toshiba memory RFQ
TC58DVM92A2FT00BBH toshiba memory RFQ
K9F5608U0B-PIB0 samsung RFQ
TH58DVG5S0ETA20 toshiba memory RFQ
K9K8G08U0M-PIB0 samsung RFQ
PF29F64G08LCME1 intel corporation RFQ
HY27UF081G2M-FPIB hynix memory RFQ
K9F6408U0B-YCB0000 samsung RFQ
FBNM40A35K3WG-AF spectek RFQ
TC58NVG5D4CTG00 toshiba memory RFQ
TC58NVG1S3EBAI5 toshiba memory RFQ
TH58NVG4S0DTA00 toshiba memory RFQ
JS29F4G08AANB1 intel corporation RFQ
K9K4G08U0B-PCB0 samsung RFQ
K9F1G08UOM-VIB0T samsung RFQ
HY27UG088G5B-TPCB hynix memory RFQ
TC58NVG4T2FTA00 toshiba memory RFQ
K9K1G08U0A-PIB0 samsung RFQ
HY27UA081G2M-TEB hynix memory RFQ
K9ACGD8U0M-W000 samsung RFQ
FBML63A51K3WG-AL spectek RFQ
K9HCGZ8U1M-PCK0 samsung RFQ
K9F4G08W0A-TCB0 samsung RFQ
H27UCG8T2ADA-BC hynix memory RFQ
H27UBG8T2CTR-BC hynix memory RFQ
HY27UU088G5M-TPCB hynix memory RFQ
FBNM40A4GK3WG-AF spectek RFQ
K9K2G08U0C-YCB0 samsung RFQ
K9ABGDBU0B-W000000 samsung RFQ
K9F1208R0C-PIB0 samsung RFQ
K9F1G08U0M-YIB0 samsung RFQ
MT29F256G08CMCABH2-12IT:A micron technology RFQ
K9K2G08U0M-YIB0 samsung RFQ
K9F1G08U0M-YCB0T samsung RFQ
MT29F64G08EBAAAB74A3WC1 micron technology RFQ
K9HCG08U1D-PCB0 samsung RFQ
K9WAG08U0A-PCB0 samsung RFQ
SDIN5D1-4G-L sandisk RFQ
TC58NVG5D2HTA08 toshiba memory RFQ
K9F4G08U0B-PIB0 samsung RFQ
HY27US08561M-TPIB hynix memory RFQ
HY27US08561A-TCB hynix memory RFQ
K9WBG08U1M-PIB0 samsung RFQ
PF29F32B16NCME1 intel corporation RFQ
K9F5608U0C-FIB0 samsung RFQ
MT29F32G08CBACAWP-Z:C micron technology RFQ
TC58NVG4D4CTG00 toshiba memory RFQ
K9F1G08U0A-VIB0 samsung RFQ
JS29F16B08JCNE1 intel corporation RFQ
JS29F04G08AANC1 intel corporation RFQ
JS29F64G08CAMD1 intel corporation RFQ
MT29F32G08CBABAWP-IT:B micron technology RFQ
HY27UG088G5M-TPCB hynix memory RFQ
HY27UH08AG6M-TPCB hynix memory RFQ
K9WAG08U1M-PCK0 samsung RFQ
H27U1G8F2BTR-BC hynix memory RFQ
TH58TEG7DCJTA20 toshiba memory RFQ
K9F2808U0C-YIB0 samsung RFQ
K9K4G08U0M-PCB0T00 samsung RFQ
Spectek spectek RFQ
HY27US08121M-VCB hynix memory RFQ
K9T1G08U0M-PCB0 samsung RFQ
MT29F8G08MAAWP:B micron technology RFQ
H27U4G8T2BTR-BC hynix memory RFQ
H27UCG8V5ATR-BC hynix memory RFQ
H27U1G8F2BTR-BI hynix memory RFQ
JS29F32G08SAM1 intel corporation RFQ
HY27UF081G2A-TPIB hynix memory RFQ
K9F6408U0B-TCB0000 samsung RFQ
K9ABG08U0B-SCB0 samsung RFQ
K9LBG08U0M-PIB0 samsung RFQ
TC58NVG0S3BFT00BAJ toshiba memory RFQ
K9K1G08U0A-YCB0 samsung RFQ
H27U1G8F2BFR-BI hynix memory RFQ
K9K1208D0C-DIB0000 samsung RFQ
HY27UF088G5M-TPCB hynix memory RFQ
K9F2808U0D-PCB0 samsung RFQ
HY27UF08121A-TPCB hynix memory RFQ
FBNL63A51K3WG-AT spectek RFQ
MT29F32G08CBACAL73A3C1 micron technology RFQ
TH58NVG7T2GTA20 toshiba memory RFQ
K9F2808U0B-TCB0 samsung RFQ
K9K1G08U0A-PCB0 samsung RFQ
NAND4GW3B2DN6E st microelectronics RFQ