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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
A015-7 NA skin (see b356 1 Avl RFQ
A015-18 NA panel belly see a794 2 Avl RFQ
A015-12 NA strip see b356 2 Avl RFQ
A014-17 NA lndg gear assy. float Avl RFQ
A013-3 NA t.r. bellcrank assy Avl RFQ
A012-2 NA cyclic pivot assy. Avl RFQ
A010-2 NA fuel tank assy main Avl RFQ
A007-3 NA fan shaft and bearing Avl RFQ
A006-3 NA tube-assy Avl RFQ
A006-1 NA mrgb and mast assy. (s Avl RFQ
A005-2 NA blade and spindle assy Avl RFQ
A005-1 NA main rotor assembly Avl RFQ
A003-3BR NA insulation brown Avl RFQ
A003-2BR NA insulation brown Avl RFQ
A003-15BR NA insulation brown Avl RFQ
A003-14 VELOUR NA seat back assy., rh, v Avl RFQ
A003-14 LEATHER NA seat back assy., rh, l Avl RFQ
A003-13L NA seat back assy lh vel Avl RFQ
A003-11 NA insulation Avl RFQ
A-4138B NA bearing (!) Avl RFQ
98335A044 NA hair pin cotter Avl RFQ
9302-9D NA mount: Avl RFQ
8685S NA reducer imron Avl RFQ
8313 NA gasket vacuum pump Avl RFQ
8121-S-H-Z-G-E NA switch w/8018 and 7025 Avl RFQ
76220 NA stud 1 2 20x10 45 64 Avl RFQ
76121 NA shaft, tachometer Avl RFQ
75061 NA bolt-connecting rod>> Avl RFQ
74887 NA spacer Avl RFQ
74360 NA flange, intake pipe Avl RFQ
7401-0076 NA gauge, tension Avl RFQ
72075 NA seal, through studs Avl RFQ
71610 NA hook, intercylinder ba Avl RFQ
7105-S-Y-Z-Q-E NA switch + Avl RFQ
70484 NA screen, oil suction Avl RFQ
7000-1-10 NA gasket,paper Avl RFQ
69551 NA gasket, prop gov cover Avl RFQ
648-0039-001 NA inclinometer Avl RFQ
62817 NA screen, oil pressure Avl RFQ
6241-G NA valve extension (see t Avl RFQ
61381 NA tube, oil suction Avl RFQ
61358 NA plug 1 1 2 hex x 1 1 4 Avl RFQ
61183 NA gasket, accessory adap Avl RFQ
60430 NA pad, cover Avl RFQ
603-7440-403 NA screw .55 Avl RFQ
5346K41 NA brass hose nipple Avl RFQ
52070 NA set screw + Avl RFQ
52-028-125-1500 NA roll pin (b350 2 Avl RFQ
51168 NA lubricant, 8 oz can Avl RFQ
5049K1 NA needle cock Avl RFQ
4000-10 NA e.l.t Avl RFQ
3939S NA surface cleaner Avl RFQ
3900-05-1GK NA paint, hybrid flat bla Avl RFQ
38D-17 NA stud >> Avl RFQ
389S NA accelerator imron Avl RFQ
383-B NA nut 3 8 24 plain Avl RFQ
3779T83 NA ring Avl RFQ
35984300933502 NA warning light yellow s Avl RFQ
35984300931502 NA warning light, red (se Avl RFQ
3480S NA clear imron low haps Avl RFQ
31CD-17 NA stud >> Avl RFQ
31C-12-P03 NA stud 5 16 18x1 1 2 lon Avl RFQ
307FC NA outside air temp. gaug Avl RFQ
2ADP4-2 NA handle !!! Avl RFQ
2705-02-04 NA adapter 4wgtx s Avl RFQ
25C-21-P03 NA stud >> Avl RFQ
21-100094 NA sensor block assembly, Avl RFQ
206153-1 NA receptacle ! Avl RFQ
206150-1 NA plug (!) Avl RFQ
1N4005 NA diode (1n4005g Avl RFQ
1960 NA bead chain see 00194 Avl RFQ
18M19389 NA bearing crnkshft 18m26 Avl RFQ
18D23135-M06 NA bearing,crkshft,thn wa Avl RFQ
18D19394-M06 NA bearing crankshaft Avl RFQ
17C19386 NA cap, valve rotator Avl RFQ
1613 NA paint, s/c black Avl RFQ
15F19957-34 NA rod assy, push Avl RFQ
15F19957-11 NA pushrod: Avl RFQ
15B26066 NA plunger assy hyd lifte Avl RFQ
155020U NA fuse holder 01550020zx Avl RFQ
149-12HT/H NA starter: 12v Avl RFQ
134-32 NA txv a c thermostatic v Avl RFQ
133-00398-0003 NA switch + Avl RFQ
1327-82 NA ant300 antenna Avl RFQ
1102 NA plug, 1/8 27 npt, alle Avl RFQ
1058 NA gasket (see a689 7 Avl RFQ
103SR13A-14 NA position sender 103sr1 Avl RFQ
1028-B NA ball, 11/16 dia oil pr Avl RFQ
1004635 NA washer @ Avl RFQ
1000424 NA washer @ Avl RFQ
10-400507 NA contact assy, tach Avl RFQ
10-382584 NA contact assy, retard Avl RFQ
07DU08 NA bearing (!) Avl RFQ
060-00015-0000 NA kg102a gyro mount-kcs5 Avl RFQ
05K23102 NA crankshaft kit, o-360 Avl RFQ
05K19423-S NA oil pump impeller kit Avl RFQ
030-01046-0000 NA contact, pin Avl RFQ
02-0350283-09 NA light head, white Avl RFQ
010-10038-01 NA data card for gps, int Avl RFQ
010-00174-01 NA antenna (see 010 00174 Avl RFQ