Mooney Aircraft - Aviation Parts Catalog by page 9

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
630057-013 NA filler-shroud assy Avl RFQ
630057-009 NA flange shroud assy Avl RFQ
630057-005 NA inlet shroud assy Avl RFQ
630057-000 NA shroud assy muffle Avl RFQ
630055-505 NA retainer; Avl RFQ
630053-513 NA header: Avl RFQ
630053-511 NA header assy - engine e Avl RFQ
630053-013 NA 630053 013 tube Avl RFQ
630053-009 NA 630053 009 tube header Avl RFQ
630046-002 NA 630046-002 shell Avl RFQ
630045-902 NA tube muffler assy Avl RFQ
630045-035 NA tube assy muffler Avl RFQ
630045-007 NA collar muffler Avl RFQ
630045-003 NA tube muffler Avl RFQ
630041-505 NA hanger: Avl RFQ
630041-503 NA hanger: Avl RFQ
630041-035 NA plate + Avl RFQ
630041-027 NA hanger: Avl RFQ
630041-025 NA clamp assy exhaust Avl RFQ
630041-019 NA clamp (!) Avl RFQ
630041-009 NA bracket Avl RFQ
630041-003 NA clamp (!) Avl RFQ
630041-001 NA hanger: Avl RFQ
630025-9003 NA shroud assy - upper Avl RFQ
630025-003 NA skin lower shroud Avl RFQ
630025-001 NA skin shroud assy Avl RFQ
630021-003 NA clamp (!) Avl RFQ
630001-007 NA clamp (!) Avl RFQ
624794 NA 310119 011 spring cabi Avl RFQ
6246-0179 NA oil temp. gauge Avl RFQ
6246-0166 NA gauge: Avl RFQ
6246-0057 NA l. fuel gauge Avl RFQ
6246-00344 NA cly temp gauge Avl RFQ
6246-00128 NA r. fuel gauge Avl RFQ
6246-00123 NA ammeter Avl RFQ
620070-001 NA oil drain valve Avl RFQ
620066-9501 NA oil system m model Avl RFQ
620066-019 NA hose oil vent Avl RFQ
620065-503 NA oil separator Avl RFQ
620065-501 NA separator oil Avl RFQ
620065-021 NA tube oil separator Avl RFQ
620065-015 NA tube oil separator Avl RFQ
620065-013 NA top oil separator Avl RFQ
620062-007 NA tube breather up Avl RFQ
620062-005 NA tube Avl RFQ
620062-003 NA tube Avl RFQ
620060-9501 NA tank assy-engine oil Avl RFQ
620058-001 NA oil cooler Avl RFQ
620055-005 NA tube vacuum syst Avl RFQ
620055-003 NA tube breather Avl RFQ
620054-501 NA stiffener assy oil Avl RFQ
620053-501 NA stiffener assy oil Avl RFQ
620051-001 NA seal oil radiator Avl RFQ
620050-001 NA plate seal attach Avl RFQ
620049-001 NA duct r h side oil Avl RFQ
620048-001 NA duct l/h side oil Avl RFQ
620047-001 NA duct top oil radi Avl RFQ
620045-904 NA bracket support oi Avl RFQ
620045-903 NA bracket support oi Avl RFQ
620045-001 NA support side oil r Avl RFQ
620043-003 NA bracket-oil radiat Avl RFQ
620041-503 NA bracket Avl RFQ
620013-007 NA tube Avl RFQ
620008-000 NA fitting: Avl RFQ
620007-001 NA elbow modified oil Avl RFQ
61F974 NA alco dpdt switch Avl RFQ
61F862 NA alco dpdt switch newar Avl RFQ
6111-D17 NA manifold pressure guag Avl RFQ
610297-001 NA mooney p/n 610297 001 Avl RFQ
610289-001 NA fuel selector valve Avl RFQ
610288-501 NA support, Avl RFQ
610288-001 NA doubler: Avl RFQ
610286-501 NA line Avl RFQ
610284-003 NA $box Avl RFQ
610278-001 NA handle-assy Avl RFQ
610270-001 NA washer @ Avl RFQ
610269-001 NA fitting: Avl RFQ
610266-001 NA fitting-fuel syste Avl RFQ
610261-001 NA gasket fuel outlet Avl RFQ
610260-017 NA bracket: fuel pump Avl RFQ
610260-015 NA bracket: fuel pump Avl RFQ
610260-001 NA bracket: fuel pump Avl RFQ
610258-005 NA trim-pan fuel drai Avl RFQ
610258-003 NA trim pan Avl RFQ
610256-041 NA line Avl RFQ
610256-025 NA line Avl RFQ
610243-001 NA transmitter: Avl RFQ
610242-003 NA transmitter: Avl RFQ
610231-503 NA fuel line Avl RFQ
610208-001 NA mounting: plate Avl RFQ
610198-501 NA tube assy. fuel Avl RFQ
610197-507 NA tube, fuel drain Avl RFQ
610197-505 NA tube, fuel drain Avl RFQ
610197-503 NA tube, fuel drain Avl RFQ
610195-025 NA fuel line assy Avl RFQ
610195-009 NA fuel line assy. (3/8 ) Avl RFQ
610185-501 NA fuel cap & adapter ass Avl RFQ
610181-005 NA half ring Avl RFQ
610168-001 NA transmitter: Avl RFQ
610162-501 NA indicator visual f Avl RFQ