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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
2617004 NA tube,adjuster Avl RFQ
2-101-302-01 NA decal, Avl RFQ
2067631-5151 NA unit Avl RFQ
007-06076-0002 NA diode switching a1 Avl RFQ
007-00631-0000 NA xstr rf mm8006 Avl RFQ
2594848-901 NA module: Avl RFQ
047-04187-0001 NA dial Avl RFQ
006-08122-0004 NA equip list price Avl RFQ
13907501-0000 NA res chip Avl RFQ
00705046-0001 NA diode (!) Avl RFQ
7026927-266 NA switch + Avl RFQ
FG150J13 NA unit Avl RFQ
JG908A18 NA indicatr Avl RFQ
2-043-081-04 NA vane: Avl RFQ
2602554 NA plate + Avl RFQ
153-017311-01 NA satcom aero c transcei Avl RFQ
4053516-905 NA eca Avl RFQ
130-00224-0024 NA use 131-00224-0023 Avl RFQ
99867-6 3120-00-551-5845 bearing,washer,thrust Avl RFQ
620-00002-0010 NA sb 14141 0321 1 Avl RFQ
088-02362-0006 NA kcu 568 key Avl RFQ
1993230-2 NA resistor: Avl RFQ
10078955-120 NA adiru Avl RFQ
10074955-104 NA ..connector Avl RFQ
HG1075AB02 NA inertial ref unit Avl RFQ
2718106 NA harness assy actuator Avl RFQ
7007700-414 NA indicator radar p 880 Avl RFQ
337708-58 NA resistor: Avl RFQ
155-02031-0024 NA jumper cable 8c Avl RFQ
3612060-0701 NA magnetron Avl RFQ
7008503-902 NA plate + Avl RFQ
7021570-102 NA label, Avl RFQ
1-070-103-01 NA liner () Avl RFQ
010-00056-0002 NA jack: Avl RFQ
065-0069-05 NA flight computer Avl RFQ
088-00754-0014 NA use 088-00754-0004 Avl RFQ
MS51527B8S NA elbow (!) Avl RFQ
Z1992873-1 NA support, Avl RFQ
205-00505-0011 NA r b 050 03143 0000 Avl RFQ
037-00072-0000 NA dsply 553 Avl RFQ
109016-13-1 NA valve: Avl RFQ
071-01477-0009 NA unit Avl RFQ
7021872-101 NA microckt. Avl RFQ
RCR05G201JM NA resistor: Avl RFQ
105-00046-0008 NA cap my Avl RFQ
1007650-5 NA ..connector Avl RFQ
7017150-901 NA cca Avl RFQ
FG120P13 NA unit Avl RFQ
1-300-251-02 NA heater assembly Avl RFQ
4031947-901 NA roll Avl RFQ
006-08291-0003 NA brochure unicom Avl RFQ
005-02204-0062 NA crystal Avl RFQ
00700409-0003 NA transstr Avl RFQ
7026201-803 NA vdr: mode a/2, std fre Avl RFQ
26009021-107 NA cca Avl RFQ
7015930-121 NA capacitor: Avl RFQ
75076-26 NA atomizer: Avl RFQ
4035100-1 NA cam>> Avl RFQ
007-04013-0002 NA dio1v0smv1106 Avl RFQ
13100623-0013 NA resistor: Avl RFQ
4005941-206 NA resistor: Avl RFQ
7024083-940 NA aca Avl RFQ
7004003-18 NA bolt, Avl RFQ
050-01305-0000 NA inst kit ky 195b Avl RFQ
632884-430 NA resistor: Avl RFQ
009-05347-0000 NA board print circ Avl RFQ
136-02103-0072 NA resistor: Avl RFQ
965-0976-020-217-217 NA enhanced ground prox Avl RFQ
006-05589-0000 NA ktr 993 m/m Avl RFQ
4002493-902 NA card Avl RFQ
2-161-044-03 NA pin, Avl RFQ
7000066-12 NA clamp (!) Avl RFQ
613322-7 NA capacitor: Avl RFQ
005-02072-0018 NA transformer Avl RFQ
964-0450-XXX NA program module (flash) Avl RFQ
445567 NA NA Avl RFQ
STD3019E139 NA packing... Avl RFQ
130-00821-0013 NA use 131 00821 0013 Avl RFQ
090-00101-0000 NA handle !!! Avl RFQ
3715897-501 NA eca Avl RFQ
12251274-0059 NA ic Avl RFQ
153-018639-20 NA use 015-00275-0001 Avl RFQ
4001977-0651 NA rdr 1500b radar contro Avl RFQ
20007706-0041 NA see cond repl sect Avl RFQ
7011345-923 NA instrument remote cont Avl RFQ
130-05162-0023 NA resistor: Avl RFQ
097-00214-0008 NA cap al 1000uf 10v Avl RFQ
096-01013-0000 NA capacitr Avl RFQ
4061876-460 NA ic Avl RFQ
600-09137-0001 NA ib 137 rev Avl RFQ
2583429 NA eca Avl RFQ
2593597-901 NA lead: Avl RFQ
057-05944-0029 NA label, Avl RFQ
4013878-902 NA flag asy Avl RFQ
RC07GF432J NA resistor: Avl RFQ
10033969-101 NA nameplate Avl RFQ
320-00001-6213 NA nmu gns-x 429 seri Avl RFQ
7500136-25 NA microckt. Avl RFQ
4006559-82 NA resistor: Avl RFQ