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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
17257-1A NA unknown Avl RFQ
4016516-911 NA NA Avl RFQ
7020415-120 NA microckt. Avl RFQ
07106003-0000 NA wrench Avl RFQ
20006064-0001 NA trans-ay Avl RFQ
047-04782-0000 NA use 047 04782 0002 Avl RFQ
120-02127-0002 NA see cond repl sect Avl RFQ
2-063-091-02 NA pin,dowel Avl RFQ
26016610-201 NA valve: Avl RFQ
009-05421-0000 NA use 200 00726 0002 Avl RFQ
61NT1-1 NA NA Avl RFQ
4-301-099-07 NA temp compensator Avl RFQ
7012225-106 NA eprom Avl RFQ
2-063-188-02 NA washer @ Avl RFQ
092-00052-0002 NA nut @ Avl RFQ
1151934-0704 NA panel: Avl RFQ
033-23106-0003 NA clip + Avl RFQ
200-07530-0000 NA vn 411 mod gs rcvr Avl RFQ
0455-66 NA screw !! Avl RFQ
122-00235-0000 NA ic Avl RFQ
M83248-1-035 NA packing , preformed Avl RFQ
2034407-0001 NA springs Avl RFQ
4014968-4 NA flex cabl Avl RFQ
752840-9 NA knob + Avl RFQ
1-160-126-01 NA spring (!) Avl RFQ
320-00001-6787 NA resistor: Avl RFQ
2603797 NA spacer Avl RFQ
005-02096-0016 NA cap + Avl RFQ
7018690 NA heatsink Avl RFQ
2556570 NA gear, Avl RFQ
4026413-904 NA card Avl RFQ
7023860-904 NA cca Avl RFQ
4033024-26 NA potentiom Avl RFQ
2500169-528 NA resistor: Avl RFQ
142PC15D NA NA Avl RFQ
3860367-1 3110-01-194-2302 bearing roller cylindr Avl RFQ
126248 NA indicato Avl RFQ
392678-1-1 NA valve: Avl RFQ
7015090-7 NA switch + Avl RFQ
13300560-0010 NA res Avl RFQ
2504709-48 NA coil Avl RFQ
7019360-70 NA microckt. Avl RFQ
7011992-901 NA cca Avl RFQ
019-07190-0000 NA xfmr flyback Avl RFQ
7008471-144 NA controller, radar, p 4 Avl RFQ
320-00004-1034 NA r/b 0071 Avl RFQ
448483-2 NA screw !! Avl RFQ
2-101-347-09 NA ~shim Avl RFQ
7516100-19037 NA sdu Avl RFQ
320-00003-0517 NA gns-x/es-203 Avl RFQ
2602542 NA washer @ Avl RFQ
08906123-0005 NA screw !! Avl RFQ
005-03246-0015 NA knob + Avl RFQ
4-191-100-03 NA flexible mnfld fuel Avl RFQ
006-08538-0001 NA pg-cc2024/ck2029 Avl RFQ
4009663-338 NA ic Avl RFQ
2500411-380 NA resistor: Avl RFQ
4021777 NA knob + Avl RFQ
SY9730578-850 NA 50cc btl Avl RFQ
320-00004-2431 NA assembly Avl RFQ
7018958-150 NA fuse (!) Avl RFQ
20008529-0000 NA tpu66a t/b switch Avl RFQ
26014510-201 NA cca Avl RFQ
632603-86 NA ..connector Avl RFQ
071-06027-0000 NA use 005 02012 0012 Avl RFQ
7024075-901 NA screw !! Avl RFQ
006-10599-0001 NA im kln 94 Avl RFQ
951055-7 NA cap + Avl RFQ
7000845-901 NA mask asy Avl RFQ
2-141-277-03 NA ~shim Avl RFQ
4037236-1 NA resolver Avl RFQ
320-00000-5714 NA balanced mixer Avl RFQ
AN505-6-5 NA screws, Avl RFQ
3661232-2 5120-01-348-5687 inserter, bearing and Avl RFQ
12003117-0002 NA kda1100b Avl RFQ
5930-01-050-4640 NA NA Avl RFQ
2088156-0007 NA use 007 06047 0001 Avl RFQ
4004090-729 NA resistor: Avl RFQ
047-10941-0003 NA plate + Avl RFQ
10024201-101 NA gearshaft: Avl RFQ
26010059-102 NA ..connector Avl RFQ
117900 NA washer @ Avl RFQ
15502778-0001 NA cable ay Avl RFQ
4012406 NA heatsink Avl RFQ
2591603-903 NA module: Avl RFQ
7022700-901 NA switch as Avl RFQ
066-03034-0002 NA repeater indicator Avl RFQ
4034585-902 NA term boar Avl RFQ
MI585061-1 NA antenna: Avl RFQ
106-04183-0057 NA cap ch 18kx7r/100v Avl RFQ
1784389 NA indicato Avl RFQ
4022700 NA module: Avl RFQ
7003312-45 NA diode (!) Avl RFQ
7013086-207 NA eprom Avl RFQ
1711770-107 NA bearing (!) Avl RFQ
968214-11 NA valve: Avl RFQ
4004554 NA spring (!) Avl RFQ
071-01217-0001 NA kda 692 Avl RFQ